List Of Top Broadcasting Schools In Nigeria

If you want to be an on-air personality, you'll have to undergo OAP training, if you want to work in other areas of broadcasting both in radio and television, areas like sound, advertising, production editing, reporting etc, you also need training. '
List Of Top Broadcasting Schools In Nigeria
Apart from perhaps the University the best way to make your dream come true in working in the broadcasting industry in Nigeria is to attend specialized training, at the end you'll receive a certificate.

Even if you are a University or Polytechnic graduate, you'll still need this type of training if you wish to go far.
There are various schools you
can enroll to further your career, so we are to look into the top broadcasting school in the country.

1. FRCN Training School 

The  FRCN training school is the flagship school in the country for broadcasters, it was established to train writers/editors, newscasters, producers etc.

It is owned by the Federal government of Nigeria, who are responsible for training and employment, o yes a graduate of FRCN training school has a higher chance of getting a Federal job in any FRCN radio station across the country.
Address is Oladipo Bateye Rd, Ikeja GRA, LagosWebsite: Check for the national broadcasting academy.

2. The Broadcasting academy
The Broadcasting academy offer weekend courses too, about 5-7 weeks training on Saturdays and 3 days, 5 days and 2 weeks short courses block in a monthly and quarterly frequency. 

Prerequisites: NONE - All their courses are offered in partnership with Radio Worldwide Leeds, UK, International Communication Institute (ICTI) UK, WITS University Radio Academy South Africa, ED TV Dstv 190, Cape Town.

3. Bowill Media Training Institute
They offer courses on the following fields 
- Sound Engineering- Presentation- DJ Academy- Cinematography- Video Editing and - Graphics and Web Design

Telephone: 01-8175910, 08190563983, 08068393319, 08108442875 (tell them you saw this info

Email: and

Others are 

4. MX Film & Multimedia Academy

Courses are 
1.  Film & TV Production (3 months) diploma
2. 3D Visualization & Animation (3 months) diploma 
3. Advanced Film Making With 3D Animation & Visual Effects
(5 months) diploma
4. Advanced Film Making With Aerial Cinematography (4
months) diploma
5. Drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot Certification Programme 

Website or call 234-8088372145. (mention as your source) 

As with everything that involves money do not pay to anyone or organization until you are sure,  one way to do that is to visit their physical address. Ensure you do your due diligence. 

How To Join Satanism And Become Rich

Apart from Illuminati, there are other avenues people join to seemingly make money, one of such is an organization known as Satanism.

Satanism which has a church named church of Satan is an evil cruel organization in the mold of Illuminati. Some say they are eviler than the Illuminati order. Others say their members can't be easily identified, unlike the order secret organizations.
How To Join Satanism And Become Rich

At first Satanism and all it associates was thought to be one of those conspiracy theorists, people didn't believe nor thought much of it at first, but gradually people started becoming more aware. 

Some evidence has emerged from this group, evidence to suggest that Satanism is real after all. There have been documented stories of real-life people that claimed to be members, this one's sort of confessed when they became overwhelmed by what they've done. 

Whether they were truly in it, is what I'm not sure of, but what I know is one of the members leaked how one can join up if any person wishes to.

But he gave a fair warning though to be precise here is the requirement you are expected to meet 

- Be prepared to do a lot of sacrifices, even with loved or close ones.

- Expect to die after a given period of years

- Denounce your membership of any other secret organization

It sounds bleak, doesn't it? Well, it could be a conspiracy theory or it could be true.

To join up register here.

9ja Music Artist Sky B Where is he

From the rave making Sky Bto Resonance AKA Chinwe Ike with their lee lee track down to the more recent Wakumzy, and Blackface formerly of the Plantashun boys which included the award winning Turface and the great vocalist Faze.

9ja Music Artist Sky B Where is he

Nothing has been heard of this great 9ja musicians since their last albums, are they sleeping? Or is the competition too much for them? I mean with the likes of Whizkid, Banky, and even the more recent Splendid the "Aboki shine my shoe" crowner and other junior 9ja music artist per-say.

lets see how this three or four 9ja musicians made it to the limelight before vanishing into darkness.
Read What makes music a hit


1. Artist : Sky "B"
Album : Pray For Me
Country : Nigeria
Genre : Hip Hop/ R&B
1. Pray For Me
2. Keep It So
3. You Break My Heart
4. You Promise Not To Go
5. Am Calling
6. Here I Am
7. I’m Calling [ Remix]

Sky B. This 9ja guy made name for his self in 2007 with his debut album "Pray For Me" which sold nearly 1 miliion CD copies minus pirated copies, what really made that album tick was the hit track "I"m Calling" which made 9ja especially the Eastern part of Nigeria sit up! And go "gaga". The other tracks where hits also, some done with slow emotion laden beats and some done with what was considered party beats back then, although compared to now, those party beats are outdated can't match the current one produced now.

Based in Portharcourt Nigeria's Sky B was famous for how he mixes great vocals with local flavour producing a genre of Hip hop which we havn't seen of recent.

Not even the likes of Baby oku crooner Flavour and 9ice can match him on that, the guy was so talented that people started grading him on par with the likes of P.square and 2face(both of them seniors).

Year 2008 Sky B was tipped to become a long time member of Nigeria's music industry, as bright and young as he is many expected him to become one of the pillars of 9ja music, as he was in the same form with Alingo crowners the group known as P.square, Ihe na eme artist 2face and the 9ja beef master Ruggedman not forgetting Idris. For a promising talent who burst into limelight to vanish like that is beyond comprehension, how many current Naija artist made it into limelight on their first try? Only two I know of Timaya and Sky B, Timaya with his first Album, that hit 1 million copies sold since then he havn't looked back.

Sky B six years counting

Is now six years since Sky B vanished from Nigeria's music science, like a whirl wind, he vanished into thin air. While Sky B went into self-exile, P.square, 2face, D'banj and others has risen, they are growing from strength to strength, in six years P.square has produced over 2 dozens of solos, a handful of collabos, many awards, has signed record contracts with foreign record label, became ambassadors to many organizations particulary Globacom.

2face on the other hand is not left out, 2face is an example of a succesfull music artist, has won many awards, has collaborated with top International music artist, has won many Children (if you consider that an achievement) has finally settled down.

The koko master himself D'banj is not left out, in six years he has his own record label, collabos with many local and International artist, many awards.

In six years many new artist have entered 9ja music industry, during that period we have seen muscians like Flavour N'bania, KC, Wandy cole, African rapper no.1 M.I, Iceprince, Olamide, Nato C, Omawumi, Stomrex to name a few.

Producers has risen to the challenge and has produced excellent beats, in many cases it is the beats that makes a song sell, if you doubt me listen to Iyanya's "Kukere". In six years party beats has evolved to a new level no longer what is used to be, the senior artist has also adapted like P.square first 100 percent party beat produced "Alingo".

Back to the matter where is Sky B

Everything has changed, the beats, the artist So Sky B has vanished, is he sleeping? Is the competition too much for him? Is he dead? Sky B where are you?. I'll try and find out even if it entails going to PH.

If you are interested to know where Resonance chiweike crowners are right now read what happened to Nigerias music group Resonance?

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List Of Some Popular Igbo Musicians In Nigeria

Igbo kwenu! Kwenu!! Kwenuzuonu o!!!

List Of Some Popular Igbo Musicians In Nigeria
Ibos in Nigeria are known mainly for their prowess- they hold sway in the business sector, trading both petty commodities and big commodities, many of whom have their own companies scattered all around the world one example is Orji Uzor Kalu and Slok holdings. They've come to be known as business tycoons,

Membership of Cults what is involved

Membership of Cults what is involved

If the activities are like the dynamics/power-house of cultism, the organizational structure is the architecture of cultism.

So, who is the member's cults in Africa especially Nigeria? Who can become members? Any student who is not physically disabled or born-again Christian is qualified to be a member. Variously called civilians, Jews, lubbers and many nicknames every student is a target for recruitment. It has been said, however, that secret cults target the children of the wealthy, the professionals and highly-placed official in the society. It is surmised that the family name and influence would be used to protect a scion from dragging their name to the gutters.

Moreover, such members will be able to produce the "Lalas" or "fingers for chopping turbo". This is true but quite often members come from poor families especially those with an urge for upward mobility. Because of an inner urge to subvert, the cults target intelligent young people as if determined to lure them away from concentrating on academics.

An example of influence-peddling could be garnered from the following report:
"From- B.E Romania

On Feb 13, 1990, there was a musical show at the school auditorium. During the course of the show, a canister of tear gas was thrown into the auditorium by some boys who are members of the Viking Confraternity. Consequently, their names were given to the Chief Security Officer by students and the Security started investigating the incident.

On Feb. 21, 1990, a lord, Tiger Tanaka, was attacked by some members of the Vikings Confraternity across the school gate.

Apparently, the security investigated the attack. The Viking boys lied and accused the Sea Lord of attacking them. A was set up and certain lords were invited including Acid De Dagger, Jaguar de Nana, Dirty Koroko, Simple De Komplex, Virgin de Breaker, Tiger Tanaka, and others, the report continues
"On April 12, 1990, expulsion letters were handed out to the lords that appeared. The lords consulted some lawyers Obunsen, R.I Esq and Nwakanwa, B. Esq. on this issue of expulsion and proceedings against the school were started. Dirty Konoko's father had earlier on met the head of the pane, a Professor who is a friend of his."

Finally, the cult lords won and the expulsion was quashed. "Alora/GE, right now everything is under".
Surely, the membership of Dirty Konoko proved most helpful in rescuing the operations of Vikings and Buccaneers in Abia State University, Uturu, in 1990. The use of influential people, parents, uncles, patrons and suck-like to buffer the cults is a most interesting phenomenon. It is as if these young people explo4t the inner contradiction of the social system to subvert it. Since the culture of the "Big Man" engages in influence peddling, corrupt value system as the touchstone of their anti-structure expression. Adults are manipulated to call black, white and vice versa.

Thus, the Chairman of a Panel, a University Law Professor subverts the decisions of his Panel. Quite often, they target students who are politically conscientized or under the tutelage of left-wing academics people who are angry with the system and who would yield easily to subversive rhetoric and practice.
Moreover, it is known that the children of the wealthy are prone to be indisciplined and keen on escapades.

Membership in the new cults is no longer based on good academic standing. The Jaw-Jaw (interview) exercise is used to gather extracurricular information on the corruptible social network of individual, experience in delinquency and any other resources which could be used, for instance, experience in occultism and herbal medicine. A "civilian" is someone who intends to join the subversive squad.
This article is part of series of posts on cults in Nigerian University System

How to Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

Some bullies want to provoke you just to see how you'll react. How then, can you beat a bully without using your fists?
How to Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

1.TAKE A LIGHTHEARTED APPROACH. If a taunt is simply an attempt at humor, try to laugh it off instead of getting offended. "Sometimes it's just a matter of not taking aggressive statements so seriously, "says a student named Jack. If a bully sees that his words have little effect,he
may stop the harassment.

2. BE MILD. A kind reply is what the bully least expects,and it
can defuse a tense situation.True,keeping coolheaded when under attack takes self-control. But it's always the better course. Mildness is a sign of strength. The mild person isn't easily thrown off balance, while the bully is often insecure, frustrated, or even desperate.

3.PROTECT YOURSELF. If a situation seems out of control, you may need to
find an escape route.So if violence appears imminent, walk or run away
.If escape is impossible, you may need to ward off violence the best way you can.

The bottom line?
A Bully can't win if you refuse to play his game. So don't get sucked into the flames of his anger. Instead, take control of the situation by employing the above suggestions.
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Thanks to young people ask book by
You do don't want this? You just want to beat those bullies up regardless of your age you can do that read how to beat a bully with your fist
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