How To Get Real Baba Ijebu Lotto Keys

People have been hitting it big with  Baba Ijebu, they keep winning big money after another. Others keep wondering how this is possible because this one has pass luckiness, you can't be lucky all time when it comes to Baba Ijebu, this has made some people to erroneously conclude that they are fetish, or such ones are involved in native medicine.

Well what you have to know is this guy is, I mean people who have constantly won big cash are privileged to have gotten what we call 'keys' this keys just like a normal key is the main thing to unlock hundred, millions and even billions of Naira, the total money you win depends on the amount you play with.

Unlike our normal keys, the Baba Ijebu lotto keys are just a combination of numbers that when played on a particular period of time before the key expire, makes you money.

How do this keys work?

Is simple really, the keys are combinations of numbers with an expiring date. This means you have to play it before it expires. 

Some of this keys were prepared by the company itself as a manual to monitor and even minimize the number of winners. The company wants you to think that they select random numbers, it is not so the numbers are fixed.

The number is there just go to the person, that means the machine and tell him or her to print them out, then wait for the result.

There are various ways to get this keys

- Through the company

- Through careful record keeping 

- Through a website

1. Through the company: Majority of the senior staff in Baba Ijebu company knows where the keys are. If you have them as a friend or relative you can ask them. 

Company's policy does not allow them to play so some of them to give out this keys to their relatives if he wins the money is shared.

2. Careful record keeping: Yes, since this numbers are not random, if you study winning numbers over a particular period of time usually 3 months, you'll find a pattern, that pattern is the winning numbers. 

This usually last for three more months, so you have 3 more months of winning.

3. Through website: There is a website that gives out this keys, it is freemium, that is free for the first key, then pay if you want another.

I had to take down the link, they are no longer accepting new users for now. When they start link may be back.

Top Illuminati Members In Uganda

Who would have taught Uganda has more Illuminati members than other East African countries. So we talked to a top Ugandan Illuminati ex-member who happens to have been a very top person in Ugandan politics.

He is now no longer an Illuminati member, but a dedicated servant of God, according to him. As a seemingly true Christian, he has decided to confess by naming the top shots in Ugandan Illuminati.

1. Pastor Wilson Bugembep
 Wilson is in the mold of TB Joshua of Nigeria, a man that his church attracts local and international goers. He lives a lavish lifestyle which is not typical of people in the Illuminati.

2. Ivan Ssemwanga
Recently he acquired a Lamborghini and several fuel guzzlers. He even owns a college in South Africa. He doesn't have a specific real job, but he has money, being one of the richest Ugandan celebs is no small thing. To think that he is still a junior member of the order.

3. Jose Chameleon.
Jose might have made it to this list through some very wrong means but, at times the end justifies the means. Illuminati gave him their blessing this made him be a successful drug dealer, he was known as a drug dealer, later Jose started singing with the blessings of the order. His song mama mia was quite a breakthrough in making him a popular international singer.

4. Sudhir Ruparelia
In 2012 when Forbes listed him as one of the richest Ugandan 5, people, where not surprised after all here, is a man that is swimming in cash, he owns a lot of things, and according to our informant, he is required by the Illuminati order to sacrifice five-year-old boys every day.

See How To Join Illuminati in Uganda Free

5. Patrick Bitature
Patrick Bitature is so rich in the Ugandan society that he not only built a mansion for himself but built one for his dog, including fitting air condition into this dog kernel. Our informant said he is not clear about what the order required him to do, but rumor has it that he is sleeping with that dog in exchange for money.

6. Charles Mbire
Millionaire officially, but a billionaire in the Illuminati order, he is stepping up to be the leader of this order in the country. With their election at hand.

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Names Of Illuminati Pastors And Bishops In Kenya

Whether you like it or not Illuminati have come to stay in Africa, and for Kenyans their men of God are leading the charge,

Illuminati have been given back to them and they've been given back to the order, at least they were.

Ever wondered why a person you know very, who doesn't have a rented home in Nairobi, perhaps very poor, suddenly becomes a pastor or bishop and start banking the money, if you ask them they will say God, perhaps it is the Illuminati god that called them.

1. Bishop Thomas Wahome  The boss of Helicopter of Christ Church, is not saying the truth, the Illuminati order told him to lie to his congregation that had been granted access to the God’s Book of Life, so he began to charge his followers large sums of money to tell them whether their names are writing there or not.

2. Pastor Michael Njoroge

he is the owner of Fire Gospel Ministry, he joined the Illuminati before he became famous, but things came to a head start when he failed to sacrifice his family member, as they allowed things to happen to him including being exposed by a call girl he slept with and that issue of fake testimonies.

3. Prophet Victor Kanyari  of 310 infamy - Prophet Victor owns Salvation Healing Ministry, a church that seemingly heals people. When he did everything Illuminati asked him to do what, but he failed, hence he was punished in various ways notable among them is the making of his miracles look fake, as people charged for healings failed to heal.

4. Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a
he runs of Neno Evangelism Centre in Kenya - He joined the Illuminati in prison, when he was doing time in Shimo la Tewa Prison in Mombasa. After which he came out to start performing miracles.

5. Bishop Gilbert Deya– He is a Kenyan UK-based preacher, he wads empowered by the Illuminati to with the ability to make infertile women pregnant.

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Famous Illuminiti Members In Kenya Gospel Music

1. Bahati 

Image result for Bahati

If you're in the know you might have heard, what Bahati did in the past,  well some may say that that is the past,  they are bygone. Others may say that those scandals weren't proven, that there is no 100 percent prove of that. An African proverb says "were ever a child is crying and pointing to there is something important there, either there is the father, mother or a relative.  The fact is this scandals that seem bizarre for Bahati to engage in is a exactly the type of activities the Illuminati are known for.

2. Willy Paul

Image result for Willy Paul

No doubt one of the youngest gospel artist in Kenya, he is also one of the richest. He started, without any Illuminati input,  but later had to join the Illuminati, because he wants to get more sales and enjoy more fame.
His Journey with the order seemingly started when he went to US,  there he signed a lot of deals. Then coming back home his character changed completely, he seemingly switched allegiance from God to Satan.  Here is what a fan said.

Agnes Aggy wrote to this raising concern over his latest behaviors and requested as to probe deeper, "Nairobi Exposed i don't know if you've noticed this but Willy Paul has been consumed by Satan and now worshiping him and his wealth. Since he went to US, he changed his name and now flashing jewelry all around not that I'm jealous but i feel this is not the real him but Satan at work " 

3. Boss MOG

Image result for Boss MOG
MOG with the famous Illuminati sign.

He was in the Illuminati order before he was able to blow,  blow as in become popular in Kenya,  it is said that Boss MOG did not finish all required sacrifice given to him by the Order. That was why he took so long for him to become A Star.  The Boss has been involved in a lot of scandals among which is the one that involves him soliciting to sleep with married ladies.

4. Jimmy Gait

Image result for Jimmy Gait

Jimmy has known no peace ever since he decided to withdraw his membership from the Order. Ever since it has been from one scandal to another.  The one that really raised a lot of eyebrows, is his last solo, where it was alleged that the Illuminati told him to sing it.

Note: This article has not been confirmed 100%, but like they say by their fruits you shall know then.

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Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth

Some call him the Gucci master, others know him as the Naja big boy. Hushpuppi is not just all about Gucci cloths, slippers, bags and other accessories.

Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth

Mr Hush  has an amazing small collection of cars,. that are worth hundreds of millions of Naira.

Let us see this amazing cars, their names model and price in US Dollars and Naira.

1. Maserati Quattroporte GTS 4dr Sdn Quattroporte S Q4 2014 model

Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth

Price This car is worth $102,500, that is about Thirty-Five Million, Eight Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand Naira

Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth

Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth

  2. Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge

Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth

Price is  $400,000, that is around One hundred forty million, Naira

Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth
Check out the interior of this amazing machine.

Revealed Top Hushpuppi Cars And Worth

Exchange rate used: 350 Naira.

The Current State Of John Lenon's Children

The Current State Of John Lenon's Children

John Lennon had two sons, they are Julian and Sean, lets see what this two half brothers have been up to lately....

Julian Lennon.

Born: April 8, 1963
The Current State Of John Lenon's Children
Julian ended up following in his father’s footsteps, becoming a pop star with 1984’s platinum-selling ‘Valotte’ album. Although his subsequent recordings haven’t matched that success, Julian has continued to release records, collaborating on a single with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler in 2013.

He also has put his creativity to use in other ways, including a 2010 exhibition of his photography and a book detailing his collection of Beatles memorabilia. In 2009, Julian founded the environmental/humanitarian charity the White Feather Foundation, named after something his father once told him.

Sean Lennon.

Born: Oct. 9, 1975

The Current State Of John Lenon's Children
Sean, was born on his father’s 35th birthday. After his second son’s birth, John took a break from music to stay at home. Sean inspired Lennon to write the song ‘Beautiful Boy,’ which appeared on the 1980 comeback album ‘Double Fantasy’ (released just before John’s murder).

Like his parents, Sean became a musician, writing with Lenny Kravitz and joining Cibo Matto before getting signed to the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal record label. He’s released a few solo albums over the years, recorded a handful of film soundtracks and collaborated with a number of musicians, including his mother, the Flaming Lips, the Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. and Mark Ronson.

A few years back, he and his model girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl formed the avant-garde folk group the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, releasing their first full-length album, ‘Midnight Sun,’ in 2014.