Membership of Cults what is involved

Membership of Cults what is involved

If the activities are like the dynamics/power-house of cultism, the organizational structure is the architecture of cultism.

So, who is the member's cults in Africa especially Nigeria? Who can become members? Any student who is not physically disabled or born-again Christian is qualified to be a member. Variously called civilians, Jews, lubbers and many nicknames every student is a target for recruitment. It has been said, however, that secret cults target the children of the wealthy, the professionals and highly-placed official in the society. It is surmised that the family name and influence would be used to protect a scion from dragging their name to the gutters.

Moreover, such members will be able to produce the "Lalas" or "fingers for chopping turbo". This is true but quite often members come from poor families especially those with an urge for upward mobility. Because of an inner urge to subvert, the cults target intelligent young people as if determined to lure them away from concentrating on academics.

An example of influence-peddling could be garnered from the following report:
"From- B.E Romania

On Feb 13, 1990, there was a musical show at the school auditorium. During the course of the show, a canister of tear gas was thrown into the auditorium by some boys who are members of the Viking Confraternity. Consequently, their names were given to the Chief Security Officer by students and the Security started investigating the incident.

On Feb. 21, 1990, a lord, Tiger Tanaka, was attacked by some members of the Vikings Confraternity across the school gate.

Apparently, the security investigated the attack. The Viking boys lied and accused the Sea Lord of attacking them. A was set up and certain lords were invited including Acid De Dagger, Jaguar de Nana, Dirty Koroko, Simple De Komplex, Virgin de Breaker, Tiger Tanaka, and others, the report continues
"On April 12, 1990, expulsion letters were handed out to the lords that appeared. The lords consulted some lawyers Obunsen, R.I Esq and Nwakanwa, B. Esq. on this issue of expulsion and proceedings against the school were started. Dirty Konoko's father had earlier on met the head of the pane, a Professor who is a friend of his."

Finally, the cult lords won and the expulsion was quashed. "Alora/GE, right now everything is under".
Surely, the membership of Dirty Konoko proved most helpful in rescuing the operations of Vikings and Buccaneers in Abia State University, Uturu, in 1990. The use of influential people, parents, uncles, patrons and suck-like to buffer the cults is a most interesting phenomenon. It is as if these young people explo4t the inner contradiction of the social system to subvert it. Since the culture of the "Big Man" engages in influence peddling, corrupt value system as the touchstone of their anti-structure expression. Adults are manipulated to call black, white and vice versa.

Thus, the Chairman of a Panel, a University Law Professor subverts the decisions of his Panel. Quite often, they target students who are politically conscientized or under the tutelage of left-wing academics people who are angry with the system and who would yield easily to subversive rhetoric and practice.
Moreover, it is known that the children of the wealthy are prone to be indisciplined and keen on escapades.

Membership in the new cults is no longer based on good academic standing. The Jaw-Jaw (interview) exercise is used to gather extracurricular information on the corruptible social network of individual, experience in delinquency and any other resources which could be used, for instance, experience in occultism and herbal medicine. A "civilian" is someone who intends to join the subversive squad.
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How to Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

Some bullies want to provoke you just to see how you'll react. How then, can you beat a bully without using your fists?
How to Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

1.TAKE A LIGHTHEARTED APPROACH. If a taunt is simply an attempt at humor, try to laugh it off instead of getting offended. "Sometimes it's just a matter of not taking aggressive statements so seriously, "says a student named Jack. If a bully sees that his words have little effect,he
may stop the harassment.

2. BE MILD. A kind reply is what the bully least expects,and it
can defuse a tense situation.True,keeping coolheaded when under attack takes self-control. But it's always the better course. Mildness is a sign of strength. The mild person isn't easily thrown off balance, while the bully is often insecure, frustrated, or even desperate.

3.PROTECT YOURSELF. If a situation seems out of control, you may need to
find an escape route.So if violence appears imminent, walk or run away
.If escape is impossible, you may need to ward off violence the best way you can.

The bottom line?
A Bully can't win if you refuse to play his game. So don't get sucked into the flames of his anger. Instead, take control of the situation by employing the above suggestions.
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You do don't want this? You just want to beat those bullies up regardless of your age you can do that read how to beat a bully with your fist
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Directory of all JAMB Syllabus featured on this site

Directory of all JAMB Syllabus featured on this site
As JAMB is now around the corner and every JAMB candidates are now tense, and anticipating the exam here are the list of topics you as a JAMB candidate should look out for why? Because it's the key to your success! Few minutes spent reading them in an undertone translates to success! 1. suggested texts for JAMB on government

 2. JAMB Syllabus for Government

3. Jamb syllabus for use of english

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Best Paid Online Writing Sites For Students

Are you a student? Are you still in University? Do you wish one day to become a great Author, like Nigeria's Chinua Achebe, or America's Tom Clancy while still on campus? Or you just want to make some money while still in school. If you can write, this paid online writing sites will pay you to write for them.
Best Paid Online Writing Sites For Students

How does it work

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Benefits To You As A Student

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Hot African Girls Selling Their Bodies on Social Networks

hot African girls on social network

If you are familiar with social networks and you also use them, then you must have noticed something, something disturbing and alarming for some, and lucrative for others, what is that?
In Africa, there are many people when you talk about people you'll talk about gender which we know are male and female. Females some though, are turning themselves into hot girls and social hawkers, to them and to some people what makes this African girls hot is-prostitution

2go, Whatsapp, Facebook, are some of the gateways for social networking prostitution--African hot girls gateways

This is not a stay at home type nor is it a call girl form, it's neither formal nor is it informal, it is "social network" business. Many girls now use social networks like 2go, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and others to chat with males, not just a typical normal chat this chat is done like a trade, she'll agree to chat with you for a fee, what type of chat do women offer men at the end he will pay for it?

Read 16 years from now no more Lagos as other major cities cease to exists

"Prostitutiön is the business or practice of providing sèxual services to another person in exchange for monetary payment or other considerations. The person who receives payment for such services is called a prostitutè and is a kind of a worker, and the person who receives such services is known by a multitude of terms."--9jacampus
Is simple what goes on, on chat gateways like 2go and Facebook is what I call social network sèx, many African's are involved not just Europeans or Americans, this is African women, African girls parading themselves as hot girls.

The hot girls are something else

Give a 16 year old wayward at heart girl a phone that has GPRS, the next thing you'll know she is on 2go, Whatsapp or Facebook, when she runs out of airtime, you'll see her sell her unclad pics for some airtime. That's the scenario, women and girls from 16 to 30 years are in this business, it even goes beyond selling pictures to selling their full videos!

Break Down Of Social Network business

Capital to start/must have. None just their GPRS enabled phones, being female is a must. Registration in one or more social network is needed
How much do they make? These girls make up to 7000 Nigerian Naira a day (convert to Dollars 160 to $1 then convert back to your countries currency) a monthly income of 210,000! That's a lot, they earn a lot. Just like every business it depends, some can make more while others can make less, but earning is guaranteed.

How they work it's no mystery, they register on social networks, upload a cute profile pic, and male friends start sending friend requests. Once the guys are hooked they'll ask them to pay, once they pay pics and videos will be exchanged usually for network airtimes which can be sold to vendors for cash.

I wrote a post some time ago, where I mentioned some names of this Social network hot girls, not only their names but their contacts and ages if you'll like to read it here is the link exposed hot girls
The girls make money off the boys, while the boys make nothing! Should I call that foolishness, yet we talk of gender inequality, we talk about women to men should be 50, 50. Guys wake up if everything is business then try your own
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Note:I'm just not joking I exposed this girl so that they can stop! Haba this has gone to much.
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Before Nollywood | History of Theatre, Drama In Nigeria

history of Nollywood nigeria

Nigeria, being a multi-religious and traditional society, have different festival ceremonies across the country. It is therefore not unlikely that the origin of Nigerian drama and filmmaking lies in the very many different traditional and religious festivals, functions and rituals that are found in practically all the Nigerian cultures.

These rituals continued to be acted out and improvement was made on them in terms of costumes, mode, and elaborateness, until the coming of immigrants or missionaries. The first set of immigrants into Nigeria constituted the nuclei of Nigerian educated middle class. It was this class of Nigerians that imported the western European forms of drama, which became the basic framework of the Nigerian drama and the Nollywood.

The Roman Catholic church is credited to have pioneered the promotion of dramatic production in Nigerian. As important as these contributions were, however, it did not lead to the beginning of a truly modern Nigerian drama. Though the impetus to the development of a Nigerian contemporary drama came through their efforts.

It was as a result of the call by indigenous people and subsequently the establishment of independent African churches; where traditional music and language are freely used that led to the birth of Nigerian drama cum Nollywood. It was, therefore, not surprising that the first examples of a truly Nigerian drama came from these African churches example Hubert Ogunde. With only 18 Nigerian Naira as his total savings after eight years in the police force, Hubert Ogunde is credited to have inaugurated the African Music Research Party. Thus he started the advent of modern professional theatre groups spread around the country.

The development of drama in Nigeria got a boost when in 1957 drama was introduced as a course at the university college Ibadan now the University of Ibadan. Since then other institutions have followed suit. 1960 was also a landmark in the development of drama in Nigeria. This is because that was the year Wole Soyinka founded "The 1960 masks" which later led to the establishment of other theatre groups like "the Eastern Nigerian theatre group" of John Ekwere.