Camera Laye the life Story of one of Africa's great Author


Laye Camera Africa's great One of Africa's great Author Camera Laye was born in 1924, into a Muslim family at Kouraussa in Guinea where he had his early education. Kouraussa is a small traditional town at the source of the Niger in the expansive plain of Upper Guinea.

He grew up among his people who believed in the tradition of magic and the supernatural. His people also believed in the commmunal network of relationships. His parents were highly respected in the community for their supernatural powers.

As a child, Laye first went to a Koranic school, and later to a Government primary school. This mixture of educational systems and the strong family backgrounds exposed him to many facts of life. Later, he left his home to attend a technical college in Conakry, the capital of Guinea. From there, he won a scholarship to study in France. He had to leave for France against the wish of his mother to train as an engineer in Argenteui near Paris. But, while there he had a constant feeling of nostalgia that lead him to write novels.

When he ran out funds in France, he worked as a mechanic with the Simca Car company and attended evening classes at the Conservatory Of Arts and Craft.
Laye later returned to Guinea in 1956, and worked as an engineer, and later in 1958, when Guinea attained independence, he became a politician and was appointed as Director of the Ministry of Information in Conakry. He eventually went on exile in Senegal with Marie his girl friend and has worked as a research fellow in Islamic Studies at Dakar University. Camera Laye wrote many novels which includes The African Child, The Radiance of the King, Dramouss as the continuation of The African Child except that it carries social comments. He has also written many short stories.

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