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functions and qualities of a good school teacher

Teaching is a notable profession. It can be quite interesting and challenging to a well prepared teacher. Certain qualities are essential to become a successful teacher. Such qualities include patience with people, ability to understand and accept others as they are, good human relationship, ability to lead and guide others, sound physical and mental health, creativity and a good knowledge of the subject being taught.

Who Then is a Teacher?

Teaching is imparting knowledge which is the basic duty of a teacher. Thus, a teacher is one who assist learners in the process of knowledge acquisition. There are many ways of imparting knowledge such as observation, lecturing, project work, modelling etc. All these processes aid teaching. Teaching has two main responsibilities, which are the organization of learning materials for the learner and the provision of a suitable environment.

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The followings are some top basic requirements of a good teacher.
1. Adequate professional preparation- This implies that the teacher must possess a body of professional knowledge got through training from either a Teacher Training College, a College of Education or the faculty of Education of a University.
2. Ability to face challenges- The teacher must be prepared to face the various challenges that come his/her way in the teaching profession.
3. Interest in people especially children and interest in job- He must be genuinely interested in people and especially his students to be able to help and motivate them to learn. His interest in the teaching job will enable him to adequately prepare his lessons, vary his teaching methods as well as employ the services of some experts in other fields related to his subject to make learning easier for students. A teacher serves in "Loco parentis" to his/her students that is as parents.

In addition to this three top basic requirement teachers also need to develop and cultivate major skills in teaching, this skills are:
A. Intellectual skills- A high level of intelligence is required of a good teacher to be successful either as a classroom teacher, a coach, an administrator or even an organising secretary.
B. Leadership Skills- Good leadership is an essential factor in successful teaching, a good teacher should possess good sense of judgement, be able to reason logically and be able to enjoy the co-operation the people he is working with. This can be achieved only if he or she is cheerful, friendly and firm in making decisions without appearing to be bossy.
C. Social Traits- Teaching is a profession that involves a lot of interation with people. The teacher must maintain a good rapport with the public, i.e he or she must be a good mixer, as a public figure, he must be cheerful, friendl, sympathetic tolerant and dependablf. Must have self confidence, show understanding, co-operate with others, be firm and forceful about his convictions. Should show enthusiasm in his work and be ready to lead always by showing good example.

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