Top Illuminati Members In Uganda


Who would have taught Uganda has more Illuminati members than other East African countries. So we talked to a top Ugandan Illuminati ex member who happens to have been a very top person in Ugandan politics.

He is now no longer an Illuminati member, but a dedicated servant of God, according to him. As a seemingly true Christian he have decided to confess by naming the top shots in Ugandan Illuminati.

1. Pastor Wilson Bugembep
 Wilson is in the mold of TB Joshua of Nigeria, a man that his church attracts local and international goers. He lives a lavish lifestyle which is not typical with people in the Illuminati.

2. Ivan Ssemwanga
Recently he acquired a Lamborghini and several fuel guzzlers. He even owns a college in South Africa. He doesn't have a specific real job, but he has money, being one of the richest Ugandan celebs is no small thing. To think that he is still a junior member of the order.

3. Jose Chameleon.
Jose might have made it to this list through some very wrong means but, at times the end justifies the means. Illuminati gave him their blessing this made him to be a successful drug dealer, he was known as a drug dealer, later Jose started  singing with the blessings of the order. His song mama mia was quite a breakthrough into making him a popular international singer.

4. Sudhir Ruparelia
In 2012 when forbes listed him as one of the richest Ugandan 5, people where not surprised after all here is a man that is swimming in cash, he owns a lot of things, and according to our informant he is required by the Illuminati order to sacrifice five year old boys every day.

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5 . Patrick Bitature
Patrick Bitature is so rich in the Ugandan society that he not only built a mansion for himself, but built one for his dog, including fitting air condition into this dog kernel. Our informant said he is not clear about what the order required him to do, but rumor have it that he is sleeping with that dog in exchange for money.

6. Charles Mbire
Millionaire officially, but a billionaire in the Illuminati order, he is stepping up to be the leader of this order in the country. With their election at hand.


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