Top Shocking Illuminati Schools In Kenya

There are schools in Kenya that by action and evidence shows that they have something to do with the order, these schools are actually said to be breeding groups for different things the Illuminati does.
Top Illuminati Schools In Kenya

They say Illuminati wants to get everything, this is why they are everywhere, in politics, business, academia even in churches, just name them you can find them everywhere in the country.

So let's see the top schools in Kenya that belongs to the Illuminati order. Note that we are not completely sure as in 100 percent sure, but then nothing in this world is absolutely sure except perhaps change.

Though some manage to come out, case in point is the one that has to do with rapè case, where a female student was forced, rumor has it the guilty male that did that dastardly act works as a teacher, where he is told that he will be given promotion.

1. Homa Bay High School 

A school that is rumored to be dedicated to the order, growing student to take up roles in order.
At every initiation student are picked based on some secret criteria, which is not made public, it is said that they are used in some minor roles in their temple and if one qualifies he or she may become a high ranking member.

The school is not scandal-free as the recent one that happened was shocking, students that are supposed to be school engaging in orgies. 

2. Alliance High school 

The rumor is quite strong about this school, it is said that the Order wants to use some of its students for sacrifice. They influence is so strong in this school that some student does sleep on graves of dead people.

We don't really know why the should do that but what we know is that this one has been confirmed, students of this school do sleep on graves.

3. Koelel Boys High School 

One of the top Illuminati influenced schools in the country, it is alleged that this school is directly owned by the order through a proxy. 

A school where many of their students are masters of deceit, it even reached the extent where they wore skirts, turning themselves to be girls just to enter Gilgil Girls Secondary school. To what purpose we do not know.

4. Moi Girls School, Nairobi 

This school is based in Nairobi, they've been known to hide many of the things that they don't want the public to know. Some people have it that the school management covers up some certain things.

The above are just some of the leading indirect school influenced by the order, they influence a lot of school around the world placing their members as top officials in most school they control.

Latestnaigist is not saying that the above schools mentioned in this article are 100percent from or for the Illuminati. But then a popular Kenyan proverb has it that anywhere a child is crying and pointing something must be there, either his or her father or mother. They have been a lot of people pointing at those schools, some of these people are seemingly from Illuminati now reformed born again, they've been making confession and fingering some of the above schools.

How To Join Satanism And Become Rich

Apart from Illuminati, there are other avenues people join to seemingly make money, one of such is an organization known as Satanism.

Satanism which has a church named church of Satan is an evil cruel organization in the mold of Illuminati. Some say they are eviler than the Illuminati order. Others say their members can't be easily identified, unlike the order secret organizations.
How To Join Satanism And Become Rich

At first Satanism and all it associates was thought to be one of those conspiracy theorists, people didn't believe nor thought much of it at first, but gradually people started becoming more aware. 

Some evidence has emerged from this group, evidence to suggest that Satanism is real after all. There have been documented stories of real-life people that claimed to be members, this one's sort of confessed when they became overwhelmed by what they've done. 

Whether they were truly in it, is what I'm not sure of, but what I know is one of the members leaked how one can join up if any person wishes to.

But he gave a fair warning though to be precise here is the requirement you are expected to meet 

- Be prepared to do a lot of sacrifices, even with loved or close ones.

- Expect to die after a given period of years

- Denounce your membership of any other secret organization

It sounds bleak, doesn't it? Well, it could be a conspiracy theory or it could be true.

To join up register here.

Names Of All Top Secret Cults In Nigeria

Names Of All Top Secret Cults In Nigeria

There are cults in Nigeria, secret cults that abounds, there are cults in Primary schools, secondary schools, and of course the higher institutes, the Universities, Polytechnics, and college of education.

Each is school whatever the level has its own cult, especially primary and secondary schools, the cults in this schools are L.G.A and state based, so they operate on this level.

For the sake of accuracy I will not mention the cults that are in Primary and Secondary schools, because they are many and does not cut across many Nigerian schools.

So our focus will be on Naija higher institutions. The cults existing there are popular and unlike its lesser counterparts, they cut across many Nigerian Tertiary Institute.

1. Pyrate confranternity AKA Sea Dogs

The Pyrate confraternity is arguably the first secret cult in the Nigerain University system. The mother of all cults as it were.

It's objectives thus "against moribund convention, tribalism, for humanistic ideas and comradeship and chivalry" they insisted on an African content in a White-oriented Campus. But this halycon days soon passed by when the Buccaneers splited from them.

2. Buccaneers Confraternity AKA  National Associations of Sea Lords

Founded by Bolaji Carew the dead man who is at the same time alive, the Buccaneers came to be very powerful and become the main rival to their mother Pyrate Confraternity (they splittered from them)

3. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity
 (also known as the National Association of Air Lords) was formed in the University of Ibadan in  1965. 

4. The Neo-Black Movement of Africa(also called Black Axe) emerged from the University of  Beninin Edo State.

The following were founded in Calabar Cross River in 1983 under the name Eternal Fraternal Order of the Legion Consortium 

5. Klan Konfraternity

6. Supreme Vikings Confraternity (the Adventurers or, alternately, the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria)

7. Family Confraternity 
(the Campus Mafia or the Mafia) Founded in Abia state University, ABSUU. The Mafians modeled itself after the Italian Mafia.

8. The Brotherhood of the Blood (also known as Two-Two (Black Beret)), another confraternity, was founded at Enugu State University of Science and Technology ESUT.

9. Victor Charlie Boys 
This cult was established by one  Augustine Ahiazu when he was vice-chancellor of the Rivers  State University of Science and Technology

Other cult groups in Nigeria are 

10. Second Son of Satan (SSS)
11. Night Cadet
12. Sonmen 
13. Mgba Mgba Brothers
14. Temple of Eden 
15. Trojan 
16. Horse Jurists 

Names Of All Top Secret Cults In Nigeria

17. White Bishops
18. Gentlemen Clubs, 
19. Fame, 
20. Executioners 
21. Dreaded Friend of Friends 
22. Eagle Club 
23. Black Scorpion 
24. Red Sea Horse 
25. Fraternity of Friends
26. Outlaws
27. Klansmen Konfraternity
28. Icelanders

Women cults groups

29. Black Brazier (Bra Bra) 
30. Viqueens
31. Daughters of Jezebel
32. the Damsel.

The New Nigerian Railway Train Service Prices And Schedule

The New Nigerian  Railway Train Service Prices And Schedule

Passenger Train Schedule The following passenger train services are currently running across the Country.

Lagos - Ilorin (Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays) Departs Iddo 09.00hrs Arrives Ilorin 18.34hrs of the same day.

 Ilorin - Lagos (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays) Departs Ilorin 11.00hrs of Wednesday Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs of the same day.

  Departs Ilorin 09.00hrs on Saturdays and Sundays Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs.

 Lagos - Kano (Every Friday) Departs Iddo 12.00hrs Arrives Kano 17.01hrs on Saturday.

How To Easily Join Illuminati in Nigeria

The Illuminati in Nigeria has come to stay, though it is still at infancy, despite all the hyping that members and even non members have made about it. 
With what they have on ground, it is nothing as new members are still needed. They need new members that they will make rich and famous.

You can become one.

If you have been looking for how to join the Illuminati Order in Nigeria here is your golden opportunity.
If you expect to be a member, you are expected to work for it,  you must be ruthless, heartless and above all things submissive, this includes obedience to whatever you are told to do.
In Illuminati there is no difference from the normal ritual you know in Nigeria today, except perhaps the international scope to it. Illuminati is international, all other organized Satanic powers pale to this organization in comparison.

You can watch the video below to see live example.

Must have this qualities

• Ruthless : You need this, without this you can't execute what will be required, as some may involve killing love ones.

• Heartless : No need to elaborate, when one is heartless he is capable of anything.

• Submissive: AKA obedience, this includes obeying all instructions regardless of the consequence.
Note: This qualities are in no order, also you need them all.

Here is how to join the Illuminati proper.

There is no physical location made available to the public, where you can walk in register and be certified as a member. However the Order has their way of recruitment, you don't necessarily come to them, they come to you. Forget the people saying Lagos, Abuja, Enugu or Kano.

But before they do, you have to posses the above qualities, in addition you have learn and use their public symbols. The Other wants people who will be committed to them. Once one of their numerous agents spots you doing this,  you will be assessed and then invited if found worthy.

While doing that you can join this FB group, to increase your chances of being spotted.

Disclaimer: is not encouraging people to join the Order as this may result in disastrous consequences. We only share information.

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