15 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria And School Fees

Quality Education in Nigeria can be gotten, especially when it comes to Secondary schools, but they’ll come at a cost, yes because in Naija nothing good comes cheap.

We are going to see the top Secondary schools in Nigeria and the amount of Naira paid as school fees 15 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nipper year, (that is 1st, 2nd and 3rd terms). Although most or all on this list can be considered expensive, especially when you compare them with average school fees of the Nigerian child.

 This list is in descending order, that is from the least expensive to the most expensive.

15. Lead British International School, Abuja – N1.5 million per annum
14. Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja – N1.6 million per annum
13. International Community School, Abuja – N1.9 million per annum 13. Dowen College – N2 million per annum.

12. Chrisland College, Ikeja – N2 million per annum
 11. Atlantic Hall, Epe, Lagos – N2.27 million per annum
10. Corona Secondary School, Agbara – N2.55 million per annum
9. Hillcrest School, Jos – N2.65 million per annum

 8. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja – N2.8 million per annum 7. Meadow Hall, Lagos – N3 million per annum
 6. Greensprings School – N3.185 million per annum
 5. Whiteplains British School, Abuja – N3.6 million per annum
 4. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta – N3.7 million per annum
 3. Lekki British International High School, Lagos – N4 million per annum
 2. British International School, Lagos – N4.48 million per annum
1. Grange School, Lagos – N4.5 million per annum

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