How To Join Illuminati In Uganda No Fees Required


The Illuminati in Uganda is a very secret organization, they are not yet open,  that is there Operations are done indirectly, that is why is is somehow difficult to become a member of one.

How To Join Illuminati In Uganda No Fees Required
Right no one knows there headquarters in Uganda, as they are keeping everything secret.

Recruitment are done by Pastors or Preachers and then through there special agents,  they call them lone star. So if you want to become a member of the Illuminati order in Uganda, you should look towards your Pastors or religious leaders.

Though not all pastors and religious leaders are members of the order, but large of the part of the successful ones are. Is not that difficult to Identify a Pastor who is member as there activities shows were there allegiance lie.

But if for some reason you don't seem to get in contact with this Pastors for recruitment, then follow this steps.

1. Decide : You've decided that you want to join,  another decision you'll be faced is what aspect or what industry you want to rep. Is it entertainment, engineering, politics, etc.

2. Be Prepared : Yes be prepared to do anything for them,  including sacrificing your mother.

3. Behave Illuminati : The lone stars which are the agent responsible for recruitment, don't go about looking for who to join, no you come to them before they come to you.  How? You behave like a member always. Do what they like especially  in public.

4. Study and use their signs: Yes it is important you study and use there signs, it is understandable that you're not a member and yes you may not know their secret signs.  Just study the ones you know. Also use them, especially in public this is important.

5. Finally be patient. You need to be patient, just do what you have to do then leave the rest,  for there agent in Uganda. If they deem you worthy you'll be picked. But rest assured that they will see your efforts.

update : A new facebook group have just been launched for people who are interested in joining the order, you'll have a better chance of being spotted here is the group Yet To Be Illuminati

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