5 Easy Steps To Obtain Medical Report For NYSC

National Youth Service Corps, has mandated all prospective NYSC members to get their Medical Report. This is to prevent further lose of lives, after the Scheme lost quite a number of graduates across many Orientation camps and PPAs.

5 Easy Steps To Obtain Medical Report For NYSC

There are a lot of scammers that may give you fake Medical result, which will be to your own detriment as you may not know the true state of your health, the organizers may think that you’re fully fit, your posting may then be based on that.

This is why you need to get your Medical report properly. Always go to any Government owned hospital. While there ensure the tests are carried out. Don’t pay to falsify the data or buy fake medical report. Don’t take chances with your health.
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Steps To Obtain Medical Report for NYSC

1. Go to the nearby Hospital (Government preferably)

2. Pay and open a file if it’s your first time

3. Submit your specimen at the Lab for the necessary tests

4. meet the Doctor for other test

5. Collect your test result.


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