6 Simple Steps To Obtain Certificate Of Occupancy In Oyo State Nigeria

Valid C. of O. Gives you statutory right of occupancy on the possessor and this entitles the owner right to use the land for a period of 99 years after which the C. of O. can be renewed or the land revert back to the government.

1. Obtain application form from Lands Department of the State.

The following documents are to be provided along with the application form;

a. Deed of Conveyance
b. One Recent Passport photograph
c. Three years tax clearance
d. Survey Plan
e. Evidence of payment for Application Form
f. Evidence of payment for Publication (Advert)
g. Evidence of payment for Charting of the survey plan

Next step;
i. Physical Inspection by the Lands Department.
11. If all listed above satisfies the requirement of the lands department, the Lands Department prepares the Certificate of Occupancy in the name of the applicant and the purpose for which the application is made.

iii. The prepared Certificate of Occupancy is then forwarded to the Governor or the designated officer for signing.

iv Once signed, the land is then entered into the intelligence sheet to be charted to prevent re-issuing of C of O to another applicant within the stipulated period of 99 years.

v. Proceed to final Stamp Duties payment

vi. Finally, Collect your valid C of O.

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