9 Qualities A Good School Teacher Must Have

9 Qualities A Good School Teacher Must Have

A good primary school teacher should possess the following qualities:

1. Basic knowledge of the subject matter

Subject matter or content is the teachable aspect of a subject which the teacher intends to deliver to his students within the lesson duration. It should be well known by the teacher for him to give his students the right information. This makes his students to have confidence in him.

2. Effective Communication Skills.

Communication is the process of passing information to someone who responds to it. If the teacher has good communication skills his student can understand the information he gives them

3. Effective Techniques of Instruction

Techniques of instruction are ways or methods of instruction. There’re so many techniques of instruction such as questioning, discussion, hand gesture, illustration and others.
A good teacher should be exposed to a variety of techniques so as to know how best to impart knowledge to his students.

4. Effective Class Control and Management Skills

This is the teacher’s ability to use his professional skills to bring his class students together for effective participation in the lesson. He becomes aware of his students individual differences and attends to them

5. Friendliness, Humour and Open mindedness

This means that the teacher should be able to cause amusement among his students and feel free with them. This makes for effective teaching and learning.

6. Appearance, Poise and Confidence

He should be good looking especially by the way he or she dresses up and shaves or makes his or her hair. The teacher should be balanced and trust himself that he knows what he is doing.

7. Creativity

He should be imaginative, that’s have a mental picture or image of events, students’ problems, feelings, aspirations, etc.
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The teacher should also have this other qualities
8 Ethusiasm. Imagination
9. Tolerance of Stress

Note. This qualities applies to both male and female teachers

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