Aliko Dangote Secret Family And Children Revealed

The richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote might not be all saint as some people might believe. They say if a rich man tell you what he went through before getting rich you’ll bow and change your mind about not being rich. I’m not talking about preferring being poor, I mean being rich like that of  Mr Aliko Dangote.

Any one who comes close to being rich like Dangote may not be clean, talk more of Dangote. That is what many believe.

This might be true considering many report DAF (Daily African Tips) is getting. Among this many report one stood out.

Mr Aliko Dangote has a secret family, a hidden family with up to two children. This is in addition to the ones we know. That is Zainab Dangote, Halima Dangote, Fatima Dangote, Salma Dangote. That is four children.

Aliko Dangote Secret Family And Children Revealed
is there another?

But the Hidden ones? Yes ones it might be actually more than one, rumors have it that he weds wives and build families in every major city he has his business on. They call it Business strategy, a strategy to get the government to favor their businesses, perhaps giving them citizenship which opens a whole new possibilities, including rights that that Citizens have, tax reduction, granting of Federal contract.

Aliko Dangote Secret Family And Children Revealed
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So this rumors may actually be true Alhaji Aliko Dangote may have a wife and children in Paris others in London, New York, Accra, Pretoria, Cairo (this is actually were he schooled, his home second only to Nigeria.) Conakry, Nairobi etc. We actually have the names of some of his purported wives, daughters and sons, but we can’t publish them as we don’t have the authority.

On the other hand this reports might be false. Whether it is false or true we know that he has a family right here in Nigeria, and he can marry more than one wife courtesy of his religion Muslim.

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