List of Ashawo Joints And Address In Lagos State

These are the names of and addresses of Ashawo joints and Quarters in Lagos

Nigeria, you need to be aware of these places, because in life ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse. If you are new in Lagos you should be aware of these places so that you may not unknowingly fall victim to any of these establishment.

This way  if you are going there, you are going there knowing fully well what you are entering there to do. Not that you mistakenly entered or you don’t know the purposesof that place.

It will also help guide you to choose in choosing where you or your family will reside, this way you know your kids and family are safe from things that are out of your control.

Ashawo joints in Lagos
There are various Ashawo joints in Lagos, too many to keep count, but these ones are the happening ones. Lagos being a commercial city attracts all manners of people, many people from different backgrounds and different countries.You have people from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria in large numbers working and doing business in Lagos, people from the Northern parts of the country especially Kano, Jigawa to others from the middle belt states like Benue, Taraba, and Kogi. We also have Easterners people from Abia, Imo and Akwa Ibom, down to Westerners from Oyo, Osun, etc.

Lagos is just a mini Nigeria and such you are sure to see different girls in such joints. Lagos also attracts both males or females from other countries of the world, including many African countries.

Top Ashawo joints in Lagos

These joints can be found both in Lagos island and Lagos mainland, but they are more in Lagos mainland.

This is so because in this business thatthat call Lagos Island home, have its own joints, there own joint is mobile, it doesn’t have a permanent office, it can move from place to place, this type of joint is usually very expensive.

They operate through calls and text. If you need their services you have to call them.

The joints and their addresses proper:

  • Isaac John Street Ikeja
  • Rita Lori Hotel  ,Surulere
  • Peka Pub On Opebi Road, Ikeja
  • Jolly Friends Pub Ajao Street Off Adeniyi Jones , Ikeja
  • Kuramo Beach Vi
  • Mayson Hotel Aka Ile Ashawo Bolade Bustop Oshodi.
  • Channel 5, Egbeda Lagos
  • Morison House, Ajah
  • Ashawo Complex Ojo Road ( Agboju ) Opp Festac Second Gate
  • Ikenga Girls ,ijesha Surulere


  • Happy Day Hotels ( Coker Road Surulere, Ijesha, ijora Road Near Orile Police Station, Ojo Road, Kirikiri, otto Road Ajengule, Festac, Apapa,)
  • Ashy Heaven Apapa Along Eleganza Plaza.
  • Peoples Club Near Randle Ijaye
  • Aso Rock Amukoko Ajengule.
  • Lori Lori Lagos Island.

The above are some joints not all the joints in Lagos Nigeria, because if you start mentioning all the joints control  can be found in Lagos, latestnaijagist .com wouldn’t finish all of them. Many are springing up daily so it is kind of hard to keep count.

All in all always make sure you play safe, in whatever you are doing including visiting these places, that is if you must visit. Otherwise, stick to one person.

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