Top Sites to Get sure Rich Clients for Yahoo or Marketing

How to Leverage Yahoo to Find Qualified Clients

Finding qualified clients through Yahoo can be a great way to increase your business’s reach and expand your client base. Yahoo offers a variety of services that can help you target and reach potential customers who meet your qualifications. Here are some tips on how to leverage Yahoo to find qualified clients.

  1. Use Yahoo Ads. Yahoo Ads is a great way to reach qualified clients who are interested in what you have to offer. With this service, you can create custom ads and target potential customers based on their interests, location, and other criteria. You can also track your ad performance and adjust your campaigns to ensure you’re reaching the right people.
  2. Leverage Yahoo Search Marketing. Yahoo Search Marketing is a great tool for finding qualified customers. This service allows you to create ads that will appear in search results when people search for specific keywords related to your business. You can target potential customers based on their location, interests, and other criteria.
  3. Utilize Yahoo Groups. Yahoo Groups is a great way to connect with potential customers. You can join existing groups or create your own and search for qualified clients who are interested in what you have to offer. You can also post ads in the group and engage with the members to build relationships and find qualified leads.
  4. Use Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is an online community where people can ask questions and get answers from other members. This can be a great way to find out what potential customers are looking for and engage with them to build relationships. You can also post ads and promote your business on the site.

Using these tips, you can effectively leverage Yahoo to find qualified clients for your business. With the right strategy and tools, you can reach potential customers and increase your reach and customer base.

Top websites and platforms for getting a rich client for Yahoo

  1. Finding rich sugar mummies
  2. Video applications to chat with rich clients
  3. Craiglist platforms for rich clients

5 Essential Tips for Generating Leads Through Yahoo’s Top Sites

1. Optimize Your Site for Search Engines – Make sure to incorporate keywords and phrases that are popularly searched on Yahoo and other search engines. This will help your website rank higher in search results, making it more visible to potential leads.

  1. Use Paid Advertising – Yahoo’s Top Sites offer a variety of paid advertising options, so be sure to take advantage of these paid opportunities to increase your visibility.
  2. Leverage Social Media – Use social media to promote your website on Yahoo’s Top Sites and interact with potential leads.
  3. Make Sure Your Content is Relevant – Make sure your website content is relevant to the topics that Yahoo’s Top Sites cover. This will help you draw in more leads and increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.
  4. Monitor Your Results – Keep track of your results on Yahoo’s Top Sites by tracking the number of leads generated, the number of visits to your website, and other metrics. This will help you determine which strategies are the most effective for generating leads.

How To Get Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough Results And Numbers

It seems impossible but it actually is,  there are places where you’ll get winning numbers and results for Baba Ijebu Lotto.
If humans have learned something it is never to feel that something is impossible, that is how one person got his hands on two keys, before you know it he became a one-time millionaire.
So things can only be difficult, not impossible.
Though you still need to be careful so as not to become a victim,  where your money might be scammed from you, so don’t be desperate and trust no one.

What is Baba Ijebu paying me my dough?

The words Baba and Ijebu are Yoruba words one of the 3 main ethnic groups in Nigeria, Baba means Father, Oga, or boss, Ijebu is a name of a town in Ogun state Southwest Nigeria.
Together it became known as a platform that is structured in such a way people invest a little money and may get returns double or triple the amount they invested.
People also can lose their money too. It is similar to forex trading and this online trading where the risk of losing is high.
But if one wins he or she can become a millionaire overnight.
Baba Ijebu pays me my dough is entirely offline. It is available in many African countries.

Can I really make money with Baba Ijebu?

The answer is yes. You can definitely make money with this program. Is like networking like Tasly, Edmark, etc. The difference here is you stand a chance of earning real money without referring anybody.
You can also lose all your money, so you need to be careful.

How to get keys and winning numbers

In other to get keys and winning numbers you have to be part of communities, These groups or communities get these keys and numbers straight from a reliable source, even direct from the company itself.
Note: This group offers to sell these keys, but if you don’t want to take chances, stick with the groups that give you winning numbers free as a trial before you decide to purchase.

Here are the sites and communities

1. Baba Ijebu: This is their Facebook community where you’ll get to meet like-mind ones.  Apart from the results and winning numbers that are being posted from time to time,  members often do give out their winning numbers to other members mostly free,  but some might request payment.
2. Baba Ijebu Pay me my cash: This is a closed group on Facebook where the members give winning numbers and results weekly or at least once a month.  Send them a group request and pray you’re accepted. If you’re then be prepared to contribute.
3. Baba Ijebu Winning Numbers! This FB group had the highest concentration of Baba ijebu members in Nigeria and Africa.  You know only get to see big stakes that have made it big, you’ll see people that are just starting.
Just like the name, this is a multipurpose group that especially caters to Ghanaians. You get to meet members that are willing to help you with either the results or the running number combination.
Though many of the real ones are done for a fee.
There you have it,  if there are others places we might have missed please endeavor to point them out to us.

List of Unofficial Sanctions on Nigeria

Theobarth grant disbursement Latest

The Russia Ukraine war is on, and the Russia has been sanctioned by USA and other countries of the world, officially Russia is under strict sanctions. Right here in Nigeria, the country has lots of sanctions, which you might not notice, hence its unofficial.

1. Nigerians can’t use PayPal.

2. Nigerians can only access $20 a month (international spending limits pity)

3. Nigeria isn’t allowed to buy certain military equipments.

4. Nigerians no longer have access to send money abroad via MoneyGram or Western Union.

5. Nigerians can’t trade crypto legally.

6. Nigeria will never get license from IAEA to explore nuclear power plants.

7. Nigerian banks largely will not allow Direct Currency Conversion for international ATM/ web purchases.

8. Nigerians will never see KFC or McDonald’s set up shop in their local neighborhoods.

9. Nigerians will always seek the face of Britain before she elects political leaders to her highest offices.

10. Nigeria cannot sell her oil to nations the US forbids her from selling to.

List of All Nigeria’s Leaders Past and Present

This is a list of all Nigerian president, Governor general and head of state, starting from the time Nigeria was created by Lord Lugard.

This list includes colonial’s leaders, civilian leaders and military leaders too.

1. Lord Frederick Lugard – 1st Governor-General of Nigeria (1914 – 1919)

2. Sir. Hugh Clifford – 2nd Governor-General of Nigeria (1914 – 1925)

3. Sir. Graham Thompson – 3rd Governor General of Nigeria (1925 – 1931)

4. Sir. Donald Cameron – 4th Governor General of Nigeria (1931 – 1935)

5. Sir Bernard Bourdillon 5th Governor General of Nigeria (1935 – 1943)

6. Sir Arthur Richards – 6th Governor-General (1943 – 1948)

7. Sir John Macpherson – 7th Governor-General (1948 – 1954)

8. Sir James Robertson – 8th Governor-General (1954-1960)

9. Rt Hon Dr.Nnanmdi Azikiwe – President and Head of State (1960-1966)

10. Alhaji (Sir) Abubakar Tafawa Balewa – Prime Minister and Head of Government (1960 – 1966)

11. Major General J.T.U Aguiyi Ironsi – Head of State (January 15,1966 – July 29, 1966)

12. General Yakubu Gowon – Head of State (July 29, 1966 – July 29, 1975)

13. General Murtala Ramat Mohammed – Head of State (July 29, 1966 – February 13, 1976)

14. General Olusegun Obasanjo – Head of State (February 13, 1976 – October 1, 1979)

15. Alhaji Shehu Aliyu Usman Shagari – President (October 1, 1979 – December 31, 1983)

16. Major General Muhammadu Buhari – Head of State (December 31, 1983 – August 27, 1985)

17. General Ibrahim B. Babangida – President (August 27, 1985 – August 25, 1993)

18. Chief Ernest Shonekan – Head of State (August 25, 1994 – November 17, 1993)

19. General Sani Abacha – Head of State (November 17, 1993 – June 8, 1998)

20. Gen. A.A Abubakar – Head of State (June 8, 1998 – May 29, 1999)

21. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo – President (May 29, 1999 – 29 May 2007)

22. Umaru Musa Yar’adua – President (29 May 2007 – 5 May 2010)

23. Goodluck Jonathan – President (9 Feb 2010 – 29 May 2015. Acting for Yar’Adua to 5 May 2010)

24. Muhammadu Buhari – President (29 May 2015 – till date)

List Of Achievements and Awards Of DCP Abba Kyari

DCP Abba Kyari’s top Awards

FBI vs Nigerian police, well it doesn’t matter now here is a list of Abba Kyari’s top awards and arrest. For the Nigerian government.

1. Triple IGP Commendation Medal for courage 2012, 2013, 2014.

2. Triple Lagos State Governor’s award for Gallantry, Leadership and Service excellence 2011, 2012, 2013.

3. Lagos State Commissioner of Police Commendation Award for courage 2011
Best Anti-Crime Police Officer in West Africa from Security Watch Africa.

4. Star Award from CRAN 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017, 2018, 2019.

5. Star Award for Outstanding Gallantry In Africa 2018 by Security watch Africa.

6. Africa’s Best Detective Of the Year 2018.

7. The best Police officer of the Decade Award

8. 2018 HERO of the year Award by Silverbird Group.

DCP Abba Kyari’s high profile arrests

9. Presidential medal for courage from President Mohammadu Buhari on 1/4/2016.

1• Arrest of Nigeria’s most notorious Kidnap kingpin Billionaire Kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwaumadike Aka Evans in Lagos State and his Gangmembers, now Under Prosecution.

2• Arrest of the killers of former Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Air Marshal Alex Badeh ‘rtd’ along Keffi-Gitata Kaduna Road, Under Prosecution

3• Arrest of the most wanted Boko-Haram Commander Umar Abdulmalik and Eight (

 of his Terrorists gang members, Under Investigations

4• Arrest of Twenty-two (22) Boko-Haram Terrorist gang members responsible for the kidnap of the Chibok School Girls in 2014 and also responsible for series of suicide bombings/several attacks and ambush against Security Agents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States. Now Under Prosecution.

5• Captured the Most Deadly Kidnapper in the History of Nigeria, Henry Chibueze Aka “Vampire” in Owerri, Imo State and his gangmembers, Under Prosecution

6• Arrest of the Deadly Offa Bank robbers that invaded Offa Town, Kwara State and robbed five commercial Banks, the gang also murdered over Thirty-one (31) innocent Nigerians Making it the deadliest Bank Robbery in the History Of Nigeria. Under Prosecution.

7• Arrest of kidnappers who kidnapped a serving Assistant Comptroller of Customs In Portharcourt, Under Prosecution.

8• Arrest of a syndicate of kidnappers, armed bandits and their sponsors in Zamfara State, after the gang had kidnapped the twin sisters before their wedding, under Prosecution

9• Arrest of Osama and gang of deadly armed robbers and murderers who escaped from lawful custody at the detention Facility of SARS Lokoja, Kogi State.

9b, Also Arrest Of the GOD father/Grand Commander of Criminals in Kogi State, Notorious Assassin, Armed robber and Kidnapper Zakari Yau Of Kogi State. He has over 200 Armed youth under his Control including the Osama Mentioned above. Under Prosecution.

10• Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap/murder of Mr. John Iheanacho a staff of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/President of Eastern Zone Investment Cooperative Society Ltd, in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Under Prosecution.

11• Arrest of suspect responsible for the murder of Lieutenant Abubakar Yahaya Yusuf a serving Naval Officer and his girlfriend Miss. Lorraine Onye in Rivers State, Under Prosecution

12• Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap of two South African Citizens in Kaduna State, Under Prosecution

13• Arrest of the Terrorist responsible for the bombing of Kuje and Nyanya towns of Abuja and recovery of primed bombs in the FCT, Under Prosecution.

14• Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap of two Americans and two Canadians in Kaduna State, Under Prosecution

15•Arrest Of a Notorious Criminal who threaten to Kill the Former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar and his Family. Under Prosecution

16• Arrest of the kidnappers of elder statesman Chief Olu Falae in Ondo State, Sentenced to Life imprisonment by Ondo State High Court.

17• Arrest of gang of deadly killers responsible for the killing of several innocent persons in Benue State and recovery of their operational weapons, under Prosecution.

18• Arrest of notorious arms dealer who specializes in selling arms to armed robbers, kidnappers and Politicians in South-West/recovery of over Fifty arms and thousands of life ammunitions, Under Prosecution.

19• Arrest of the most notorious armed robber in the South-West, Abiodun Egunjobi Aka “Godogodo” in Ibadan, Oyo State, he was responsible for the death of over Five hundred (500) innocent Nigerians & Police Officers, Under Prosecution.

20• Arrest of the Kidnappers of the Turkish School Girls in Ogun and Lagos States, under Prosecution.

21• Arrest of the kidnappers/murderers of Barrister Sherif Yazid along Abuja-Kaduna Express road, under Prosecution

22• Arrest of most the notorious kidnapping kingpin in Kogi State Halti Bello and twenty of his gang members, the gang had been terrorizing Kogi State and its environ for many years, who also kidnapped and murdered one Istifanus Gurama a senior staff of Dangote group, Under Prosecution

23• Arrest of more than Twenty 20) different gangs of kidnappers totaling over Three hundred (300) kidnappers and recovery of over Two hundred (200) AK47 rifles and other dangerous weapons used in terrorizing Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Highways, Under Prosecution.

24• Arrest of kidnappers/murderers of the Production Manager of Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Limited Mr. Ubani Onyema ‘m’ 64 years old, in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Under Prosecution

25• Arrest of the most Notorious assassin in the South-west Ade Lawyer and his gang responsible for series of killings in various parts of Lagos State and South-western Nigeria, Under Prosecution

26• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Isheri Landlords in Lagos State, Under Prosecution

27• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Eighty (80) years old Chief Felix Ogbona in Aba, Abia State, under Prosecution

28• Arrest of assassins and masterminds who gruesomely murdered Mr. Uba Emmanuel aka Onwa in Festac Town, Lagos State, Under Prosecution

29• Arrest of kidnappers of Dr. Alex Pepple in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, under Prosecution

30• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Ikorodu School Girls in Lagos State, under Prosecution

31• Arrest of the Kidnappers of CBN Governor’s wife in Delta State, Under Prosecution

32• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Ambassador Bagudu Hirse in Kaduna State, Under Prosecution

33• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Serrie Leonian Deputy High Commissioner in Kaduna State, Under Prosecution

34• Arrest of the Kidnappers of former Minister of Finance Okonjo Iweala’s Mother in Delta State, Under Prosecution

35• Arrest of Niger-Delta militants planning to bomb 3rd Mainland bridge/recovery of arms and explosives in Lagos State, Under Prosecution

36• Arrest of Niger Delta militants/notorious Kidnappers and recovery of GPMG, Ak 47 rifles and military grenades in Port-harcourt, Rivers State, Under Prosecution.

37• Arrest of notorious gang who planned to Kidnap Nigerian billionaire
Femi Otedola in Lagos State, under Prosecution

38• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Oniba of Iba a first class King in Lagos State, Sentenced to Death by Hanging by the Lagos State High Court.

39• Arrest of kidnappers of Hon. Sani Bello member of House of Reps/representing Mashi Federal Constituency of Katsina State (now late), Under Prosecution

40• Arrest of the Armed Robbers/Militants who attacked and robbed Lekki, Ikorodu, Festac and Agbara Banks in Ogun and Lagos State, under Prosecution

41• Arrest of the Kidnappers of the three (3) Orekoya’s Children in Lagos State, under Prosecution

42• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Former Chairman of Ejigbo LGA in Lagos State, under Prosecution

43• Arrest of Killers of Oyo State member of House of Assembly in Oyo State, under Prosecution

44• Arrest of the kidnappers and Killers of Reverend father Adeyi in Otukpo Benue State, Sentenced to Death by Benue State High Court.

45• Arrest of Kidnappers of Alhaji Salami and many other victims in Abuja, under Prosecution

45b: Arrest Of 5 Kidnappers Of Channel Television Staff In Abuja. Under investigation.

46• Arrest of the kidnappers of two (2) ABTI American University of Nigeria Female Students in Abuja, under Prosecution

47• Arrest of the attackers of Nimbo Community in Enugu State which resulted to Many deaths. Under Prosecution

48• Rescue Of Magajin Garin Daura from Kidnappers in Kano State and Arrest Of 13 of the Kidnappers/Terrorist , Under Investigation

49• Arrest Of a Notorious Southwest Kidnap Kingpin Abubakar Mohd Aka Buba and his Gangmembers In Oyo State. Under investigation

50• Arrest Of the deadliest Kidnapper in the Southwest Abdullahi Abubakar aka Osama and his Group In Ekiti State. Under investigation

51•Arrest Of Adamu Umoru aka Dabo and Group. He is one of the Kingpins Of Abuja-Kaduna expressway Kidnappers Responsible for Kidnapping Dr Mahmoud Chairman UBEC, Killing his Driver and also Many Other Kidnappings and Killings Along the Expressway. Under Investigation

52• Arrest Of Usman Mohd and Group Of Kidnappers Responsible for kidnapping the Son Of the immediate Past Minister Of Health In Oyo State and Many Other kidnappings in the Southwest. Under investigation

53• Arrest Of Tony Raphael aka Chairman and his group, He is a Kidnap Kingpin Terrorizing Rivers State. Under investigation

54• Arrest Of Abdullahi Sani and his Group Responsible for the Kidnapping Of the Mother in-law Of Governor Masari Of Katsina State. Under investigation

55• Arrest Of Notorious Kidnapper Isa Abdullahi aka Biyi and his Gang Responsible for Several Kidnappings and Killing In Katsina State. Under investigation

56• Arrest Of Gbenga Ojomo the Most Notorious Illegal Arms and Ammunition Smuggler in Nigeria, Responsible for Smuggling Thousands Of Rifles and Ammunition from Libya and Burkina Faso to Nigeria. Over 50 Rifles and thousands of Ammunition recovered from him and his group. Under investigation

57• Arrest Of Sunday Abel aka School boy and his Deadly Gang Of Kidnappers Terrorizing the Southeast. Responsible for Kidnapping and Killing Of a Serving American Soldier on vacation In IMO State and Many other Kidnappings and Killings in the Southeast. Under investigation

58• Arrest Of Cajetan Otti and Group Of Notorious kidnappers Terrorizing Abia State and Recovery Of Several Rifles. Under investigation

59• Arrest Of Divine Nmeni and his gang of Notorious Kidnappers who were Responsible for several Kidnappings and Rapes In Rivers State. Under Prosecution

60• Re-Arrest Of Notorious Taraba State Kidnap Kingpin Hamisu Bala Wadume and Recovery Of Several Rifles after he was Rescued and released from IRT hands 2 weeks earlier. Under Prosecution.

61• Arrest of Kidnappers responsible for Kidnapping 4 Turkish Expatriates In Kwara State and eventual Successful Rescue of the Victims and Arrest Of the kidnappers/Recovery Of their Arms. Under investigation.

62• Arrest Of 13 members of a Notorious Child stealing and Selling Syndicate operating in the North, South South and South east and Recovery of 6 Stolen Children and eventual handed over of the Children to their Real Parents. Investigation continues as Many Children are yet to be recovered.

63• Arrest Of Notorious and Deadly Abuja-Kaduna Kidnapping Kingpin Umar Abdullahi aka Ore in Kujama LGA Kaduna state and his gang of 13 kidnappers. He was responsible for Several killings and kidnappings along Abuja-kaduna express including the killing of Barr Yazid Sheriff in 2017 among many others.

64• Arrest Of Godwin Akura and his gang who specialized in Robbing innocent Citizens at ATM Points and Recovery Of Over 200 ATM cards belonging to different Victims from the Suspects. Under investigation

65• Arrest Of Nwafor Chibueze and Gang Of 8 deadly Armed robbers who specialized in Robbing Expensive Cars and using Jammers to disable tracking devices in the cars before conveying the Cars to Niger Republic through Katsina State. Under investigation

66• Arrest Of Godspower Amadi and gang of 11 Notorious Kidnappers Terrorizing Portharcourt-Owerri Express Way. Under investigation.

67• Arrest Of Unrepentant Ex-Convict and Deadly Kidnap Kingpin Usman Mohammed aka Dogo who was Charged to Court several times and released, Responsible for heading the last 3 kidnappings Along Abuja-kaduna Express Way. Confessed to have killed over 50 innocent Citizens.

68• Arrest Garba Yau and His Gang Of deadly kidnappers Terrorizing Southwestern Nigeria Responsible for KIDNAPPING Pastor Segun Adeyanju In Ogbomosho OYO State and many other victims across the Southwest.

69• Arrest of Haruna Saidu and Syndicate of illegal Arm Dealers and Recovery Of 11 AK47 Rifles and thousands of Ammunition. They Supply AK47 Rifles to Kidnappers and Bandits In Katsina, Kaduna, Zamafara and Sokoto States. Under investigation.

70• Arrest Of 14 deadly Kidnappers Terrorizing Adamawa and Taraba States and Recovery Of Several Ak47 Rifles, Other weapons, Charms and Ammunition.

71• Arrest Of Abdullahi Mohammed 32yrs and his 12 Notorious Gang Of Kidnappers Terrorizing Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Expressway. Several Rifles recovered. Under investigation

71• Arrest Of Munkailu Liman 32yrs and his Gang Of Deadly kidnappers Responsible for the Attack, Killings and kidnappings along Kaduna-Zaria Expressway on the 14/1/2020 Where the Emir Of Potiskum Narrowly escaped as some of his aides were killed. Under investigation

72• Arrest Of Abdulazeez Amao 53yrs and Okechukwu Nwadiogbu 46yrs Notorious Illegal Arms dealer who bring Rifles and Ammunition from Libya to Nigeria and sell to Kidnappers and Bandits. Under investigation.

73• Arrest Of Nwazuo Izima aka XX 33yrs and 16 of his Gangmembers who are Notorious Kidnappers Terrorizing innocent Citizens in Abia, IMO and Enugu States. Several Rifles and Victims Vehicles recovered from the gang. Under investigation.

74• Arrest Of Adetayo Adediran 38yrs and his Gang Of 7 kidnappers Responsible for KIDNAPPING and Killing a Chinese Citizen Mr Defa Song on 17/2/2020 In OGUN State. Under investigation.

75• Arrest Of Onyedikachi Francis 26yrs and gang of 8 kidnappers including a Woman Amarachi Udensi 33yrs Responsible for Several Kidnappings in Imo and Abia States. Under investigation.

76• Arrest Of Ishak Khalid 30yrs and 13 Members Of Deadly Ansaru Terrorist group Responsible for Several Kidnappings Of Expatriates and High Profile Citizens across the North Western States Of Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Sokoto and Zamfara States. Under investigation.

77• Arrest Of Bashiri Musa 35yrs and gang of Deadly Kidnappers and Hired Assassins Terrorizing Kaduna State. They confessed to Several Assasinations and Kidnappers in Kaduna State. Under investigation.

78• Arrest Of Kelvin Uzor and his Gang Responsible for KIDNAPPING and Gruesome Ritual killings/Dismembering of two 7yr old Identical Twins in Delta State. Under investigation

79• Arrest Of a Very Deadly Kidnapper Abubakar Usman aka Small Peppe 32yrs and his Gang Terrorizing Delta and EDO States. He was on the most wanted list for more than 5yrs. Several Rifles, Ammunition and Charms Recovered. Under Investigation.

80• Arrest Of the Most Deadliest Kidnapper In Northern Nigeria Mustapha Mohammed 30yrs and his Gang Responsible for
A)Kidnapping the Catholic Seminarians in Kaduna State and killing of Seminarian Micheal Nnadi,
B, The Kidnapping Of Dr Philip Ataga’s wife and 2 Daughters then Killing his Wife who Heroically refused to be raped before Releasing the 2 Daughters after collecting Ransom
C)kidnapping 6 Students and 2 teachers of Engravers College in Kaduna State among many other kidnappings and killings. Under investigation.”

Top Industrial Zones and Parks in Kano State

According to official government records Kano State a state in the Northern part of Nigeria is dotted with several industrial parks and zones. These are

Industrial estate and companies in Kano State

1. Challawa Industrial Estate that houses.

Companies are

Rice Mills, Beverages, Jute Bags Manufacturing, Plastic Products manufacturing, wool, fabrics and footwears

2. Sharada Industrial Estate, Phases 1, 2 and 3 dealing with


Hides and Skin, Textile mills, Foundry and steel rolling mills, Vegetable oil Mills, Plastic pipe extruding plants, Afro sacks plants, etc.

3. Bompai Industrial Estate accommodating


Flour mills, Mattress production, Animal feeds plant, etc.

Igbo tribe facts: Top Igbo Clans In Nigeria

Abia state

Ngwa clan

The Ngwa tribe is the largest tribe in South-eastern Nigeria. It is believed that the word “Ngwa” is coined from the word “Ngwa Ngwa” which means quickly.

The Ngwas can be found in an area that shares boundaries with Owerri and Mbaise on the west, Ikot-Ekpene and Abak on the east, Ukwa on the south, and Umuahia on the north.

This tribe is settled in an area in old Aba. They have a population of about a million people and occupy an area of 2,300km square. The people of Ngwa are majorly farmers. A very few women from this tribe take part in Akwete cloth weaving.

It is believed that the Ngwa people are cannibals. Although a lot of people are yet to drop such belief, there are no proofs. The Ngwa people feed on “Akpu” (processed cassava) and Ukazi soup. They are predominantly Christians and dress like other Igbo tribes. The women tie two wrappers on blouses while the men tie wrappers and put on regular shirts.

Ohafia clan

Ohafia is a local government area in Abia state, it is also one of the tribes in this state. The Ohafia people were known to be mighty warriors in pre-colonial days. Their history is one identity that they seem to be very proud of. Up till today, they still have the warrior’s cap and young men from this tribe still wear it around.

People in Ohafia speak Igbo. They are predominantly farmers and Christians.

Their mode of dressing is not so different from that of other Igbo tribes. Their men tie wrappers under a traditionally made top. This attire is incomplete without a cap. Ohafia women tie two wrappers on a blouse.

In the past, Ohafia men were known to be mercenaries of war. However, in more recent times, the farm and trade. Also, processed Cassava and soup are known to be the major food of people from this region.

Abiriba clan

Abiriba is one of the tribes in Abia state. It is located in Ohafia local government area. Just like the Ohafia tribe, people from Abiriba were known to be warriors in ancient times. Upon arriving in the area which they now occupy, the war skills of this tribe facilitated their settlement.

The Abiribas share some similarities to some non-Igbo tribes in Cross Rivers state. Myth has it that they migrated from somewhere in Cross Rivers and then settled in Abia.

People from Abiriba have plantain porridge as a staple and dress like other Igbo tribes. Their men put on shirts on wrappers, while the women wear two wrappers over a blouse.

They are mostly farmers. Also, Christianity is the dominant religion of this tribe.

Aro clan

The Aros is a tribe that can be found in the modern-day Arochukwu Local government areas. They are people of mixed origin, dialect, and culture. They bear a lot of similarities with a non-Igbo tribe called Ibibio. Although they speak the Igbo language, their dialect is a little difficult to understand by the average Igbo. The Aros has a very rich cultural heritage. They are known for their Ekpe society, a cult group that was very dominant in pre-independence Aro.
Present-day Aros are predominantly Christians and farmers. They are known for wearing George and feed on processed cassava and soup that is very rich in fish and assorted bush meats.

Ohuhu clan

Ohuhu is a tribe located in present-day Umuahia North LGA. It is believed that the people of Ohuhu did not migrate from anywhere. Supporting this claim is the presence of abandoned settlements. However, there is another claim that states that the people of Ohuhu migrated from different parts of Imo such as Nekede and Obowo.

The people of Ohuhu do not possess a very rich cultural heritage, they are predominantly traders and Christians. This tribe is not different from other Igbo tribes in its mode of dressing as well as its food.

Ibeku clan

Occupies the same Umuahia North local government in Abia state.

Anambra state

Entire Anambra state and beyond are under NRI clans except for Onitsha which migrates from Obi-aruku clans to NRI clans.

Obosi lands belong to NRI clans, while Obosi is one that welcomes Onitsha Aloni and gave him a large space to live.
Ogbaru, Ndoni, and his brothers belong to Obi-aruku clans, today Ogbaru is in Anambra state while Ndoni is in Rivers state.

Imo State

Mbaise clan.

Mbaise is the geopolitical amalgamation of five originally independent clans namely; Abgaja, Ahiara, Ekwereazu, Ezinihitte, and Oke-Uvuru, located between latitude 5 to 60 North and Longitude 7 to 7.50 East and covering a mass area of about 500 square kilometers. Mbaise culture is rich in music and Igbo dance. Music is played on the wood xylophone, hand piano, long-short, and slit drums, pots, gongs, bamboo horn, and calabash. There are dances for childbirth, marriage, funerals, communal labor, and other social occasions.

Owerri clan

This is the Igbo clan that’s located right in Imo State capital. They are known for their love of entertainment and merriment. With a popular soup known as ofe Owerri.

Enugu State

Many people in Enugu State are from Nri, they share the same ancestry with the great Nri clans except Nsukka, which is its own clan and has its own local government.

Ebony state

Abakaliki clan

You will see many sub-Igbo groups and clans in Ebony state but the major one is Abakaliki.

Delta state

Anioma (Delta north)

The anioma Igbo clan can be found in Delta north senatorial zone.

Rivers State



Obigbo clans

Ikwere clans( Not all Ikwere identify as Igbo some don’t even though Ikwere son is the vice president ohaneze ndi Igbo group)

Others are

Igbanke in Edo state

Igbo small clans in Benue

Igbo small clans in Akwa igbom.

How to get clients on Instagram for Yahoo

Instagram is the real deal, you don’t even have to be that bothered about blocking your account as you can create upto 5 account with one ip, that is one phone or laptop.

Yes, you can do whatever you need to do with those profiles, including pitching your business with it. Here are the various steps to follow in other to get sure rich client on Instagram.

How to get rich Instagram client

First make sure you’ve loaded your Instagram profile really well. Upload a minimum of 14 pictures showing different places or situations, and if possible some videos.

Type these harshtags

#emiratesairline : Clicking on this harshtag will give you rich people contact, you’ll get both Rich Arab and rich Americans, inshort you’ll see rich men and women from all walks of life.

#expriencefrance: Many rich tourist are all going to many cities in France, from Paris to Montpelier, you’ll get to meet different people from different backgrounds.

Use these pages

Dailydonaldjohntrump: Despite Trump losing the election, he still has die hard supporters, even though this account is not the official Donald trump Page, this page still has about 3M loyal followers, and one thing about this followers they will do anything for what they believe in, so if they believe in you, you’ll bank real hard. Just make sure to work them with a white account, because most of them hate blacks.

Kuwaitmeet: If you want to get rich arab women or men, what better country to meet them than going to Kuwait meet up page on Instagram. Here you’ll get to see and intaract with rich men and women that has Kuwait background. You can get Arab client from the following countries cum Pages.

  1. UAE
  2. Jordan
  3. Saudi Arabia.
  4. Kuwait

Just search those countries meet up on Instagram, you should get them on those pages.

Widows and widowers: This is another powerful keyword to search for, once you’re in this corner, you get to see many women looking for love, or men looking for love, these women are in different countries, the problem is there is no way to automatically filter them out, you have to access them on your own.

Search for follow insurance companies

Some top insurance companies with rich followers are

1. Gaberlife insurance company

2. Prime insurance company

You can also search for other foreign insurance companies in the following countries





And other countries.

Once you have those you can now go haunting for client to sell whatever it is you want to sell or bill whoever you want to bill.

Check this video to see exactly how you can search and follow this rich individuals on Instagram.


Check out detailed YouTube video

Guest post by Chris the bomber.

List of Radio And TV Stations In Imo State Nigeria

These are list of top radio and tv stations in Imo State Nigeria, most of this media stations are in Owerri, while some of these stations are within Imo State.

The radio and TV stations all have their frequency attached to it so that you can check them out whenever you want to.

Top Radio Stations in Owerri

-1- Orient fm/TV Owerri -94.5 fm-
-2- Heartland fm Owerri- 100.5 fm
-3 Hot fm Owerri – 99.5 fm
-4- Zanders fm Owerri – 105.7
-5- My Radio fm Owerri -101.1
-6- Gold fm Owerri
-7- Darling fm Owerri -107.3
-8- OZISA fm Owerri -96.1
-9- Mega band fm Owerri – 97.3
– 10 – OJemba fm ORLU – 106.1
-11- 1 community Radio fm OGUTA
-12- Ojemba fm Owerri -96.9- (now on test transmission)
-13- Heritage fm -88.7
-14- Groove fm Owerri – 98.1
-15- IMSU star fm owerri-
-16- A new radio station springing up around mbaise- OBOWO axis.
-17- The Reach fm Owerri -104.9

-18- Boss fm New Owerri
-19- Toast fm New Owerri

List of TV stations In Imo State

-1- Orient tv-59 /Startime-113
-2- Zanders TV/ Startime
-3- NTA channel-12- Owerri.

List of Forage Legumes for Animals And Their Countries

This is the list of top forage legumes for animals and the countries or regions which they can be found, some of these forage legumes for animals can be found in most continents of the world, these include,

Central African countries

Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo Republic – Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, São Tomé & Principe.

South America

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay,

Tropical African countries

Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Zaire or Zimbabwe.

Asian Countries

Nepal, India, and Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Russia, and Singapore.

Forage legumes name and country

  • Cajanus cajan
  • Pigeon pea Africa,
  • Calopogonium mucunoides Asia 
  • Calopo South America
  • Centrosema pubescens Centro South America
  • Desmodium intortum Green leaf Tropical Africa
  • Desmodium uncinatum Silver leaf
  • Tropical Africa
  • Gliricidia sepium Gliricidia Central Africa
  • Lablab purpureus Hyacinth bear Africa and Asia
  •  Leucaena leucocephala Lucaena, lead tree Tropical America
  • Neonotania wightii Gycine Africa
  • Pueraria phaseoloides Kudzu Eastern Asia
  • Stylosanthes guyanensisStylo Tropical America
  • Stylosanthes humilisTownsville South America
  • Medicago sativa Alfalfa Central Asia
  • Mimosa pudica Mimosa Alysicarpus viginalis Buffalo leaf Central Asia