Exposed 2go Hot Girls For Chatting

Exposed 2go Hot Girls For Chatting

2go is one of the most popular social media chat app or IM app in Africa and beyond. It has millions of users, and many chat rooms available in many countries of the world. It’s indeed very popular, so popular that of every 5 youth in the world at least 1 is an active 2go user. The figure even gets better in Africa that out of 5 youth 4 are actively using 2go. It’s indeed very popular among young ones which includes students and minor or underage.

History Of 2go Social Network

2go is a South African owned online company which was founded in 2007 in Cape town by two computer science student Wollf and Peters by name. Since then 2go has grown very fast that in just one year of operation it has reached 10 million users in Nigeria alone. And millions more in other African countries and beyond.

although 2go is very useful as means of instant communication, which replaces the old and boring era of text messages, it’s even gets better; it can share files such as images and videos.
Among this many benefits and advantages comes a disturbing and appealing side depending on how you look at it. Appealing to “lovers of fun” and disturbing to underage or “moral lovers of fun”. What is that side of 2go you might ask.

This side is the hot girls or ashawo side, while offline body hawkers sell their wares for money this 2go girls sell their pictures baring everything and videos for recharge cards. They charge for cards ranging from 100 naira to 400 naira depending on agreement. They’ve even coined a name for themselves “2go hot Girls”

Names of 2go Hot Girls and Their Details

1. Username: , Age 21, Location Lagos, Rank Senior
2. Username sèxygal4life1 age 18, Location Ogun, Rank Senior.
3. Username sèxygal1832, Age 21 Location Lagos, Rank Senior
4. Username sèxnudè7, Age Unknown, Location Uknown, Rank Proff.
5. Username sèxlova77, Age 25, Location Rivers, Rank Senior
6. Username Cocoice, Age Unknown, Location Unknown, Rank expert.
7. Username ngel8577, Age 23, Location Edo, Rank Proff
8. Username prettydab, Age 20, Location Edo, Rank expert
9. Username chiamaka1654, Age 21, Location Anambra, Rank master.
10. Username cwetestgurll, Age 22, Location Lagos, Rank master.
11. Username babygemevievriv, Age 21, Location Rivers, Rank Ultimate.
To understand social network girls better and how much they make of it read hot African girls break down

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Top Aliko Dangote Mansions And Houses Revealed Finally

Mr Dangote Africa’s richest man is no stranger of the good things of life, courtesy of his position in the world, being among the richest.

Having the ability to buy clubs like Arsenal is no small thing. But then we will like to see the houses and mansions of this Naija business tycoon.

He has houses in many cities of the world. Latestnaijagist got the pictures of some of them

Note: Effort to reach mr Aliko Dangote estate managers proved abortive that is why can not say weather those mansions are 100% Dangote’s.  

There is one in USA, many in Lagos and Kano, others in PH, Owerri and other major cities in the world. Here some  pictures we could obtain.

dangothe mansion
Pictures Of Aliko Dangote Mansions And Houses

Pictures Of Aliko Dangote Mansions And Houses
Side view

Pictures Of Aliko Dangote Mansions And Houses
Lagos Nigeria

Pictures Of Aliko Dangote Mansions And Houses
dangote mansion

Top Kunle Afolayan Houses The Pictures

It is rumored that popular Nollywood director Kunle Afolayan has many houses in Lagos and other states in South west Nigeria.

Although it might be true, because he have neither confirmed nor denied it. But what we do know is that he recently showed the world his personal mansion.

Here are the pictures of his own crib

 At night

Why Harrysong Was Arrested By Five Star Music Group

This is the real reason why Harrysong was arrested by E-money and Kcee of the five star music group, one of the top record label in Nigeria.
Why Harrysong Was Arrested By Five Star Music Group
Harrysong broke their contract, so Five Star management had to invite the police. Here are the charges Mr Songs will face
1. Breach of contract
2. Fraud
3. Theft and other things.
If charged to court and convicted the Reggae Blues crooner may face up to 8  years imprisonment.
You recall, late last year, Harrysong flaunted his own music label, named Alter Plate.

See The Type Of Phone Rihanna Uses

Have you ever wondered the type and name of the Phone American singer uses?

Well we’ve often seen Rihanna a white phone at private and public functions. A closer look reveals this

Yes! It Is from HTC,  precisely  HTC One X plus.

The Illuminati Signs and Symbols In Africa The American Connections

The Illuminati Signs and Symbols In Africa The American Connections
Illuminati Signs

Some Illuminati signs and symbols are found in the back of American dollars
. Much has been said about the Illuminati not just in Africa but beyond it, not just in individual countries where it’s popular like South Africa, Ghana and Kenya, but to the whole six or so continent in our planet Earth. Many superstars around the world ranging from popular sports celebs, entertainment celebs, political figures, to world leaders, has been linked with this exclusive group.

What is Illuminati to you?

Many have doubted whether this Illuminati group is actually existing, some do believe but their belief is like a weak breeze, not strong enough, because they don’t have any concret evidence to back them up. While some have asked how it’s possible if they are existing, for them to wield such powers, powers like making members rich, avoiding bad fortune and live a long life. So the Illuminati to you is it real? To have a clearer understanding about this see illuminati in Africa factsor fiction.

Signs and Symbols

1. Illuminati 666 hand sign. Even Christianity is not kind to this numbers, the 666 is known as the devils own numbers. That’s what this group uses to communicate. Even the likes of US president has been seen raising his two index fingers. Oh yes that’s the sign. 2. Nero Inverted Cross 3. The Sun’s wheel or Swastika. Hitler was amongst the popular world leaders to openly use it. This sign, comprising two sharp-cornered letters taken from the English alphabet ” S ” crossed, incidentally this was the logo of the Hitler Nazi movement. 4. The all seeing eye of Illuminati The eyes can be seen at back of every American currencies.

The American connections

Although this group originated in the German city of Bavaria, their influence are much felt on the other side of the Atlantic, the United States of America, where the Illuminati sects is very popular, whereas here is whispered in awe, but there it’s nothing. Illuminati has become part of living, you hear it every day on Radios, TVs, the Internets etc. About president Barack Obama showing the index finger sign? About another of the sign in the back of every American doller? Ok judge by this list American well known members

George W. Bush
 Jr JayZ and Beyonce 
Celine Dion Chris Brown
 Britney Spears 
Late Michael Jackson
 Kanye West 
Lady Gaga
 Paris Hilton 
Wiz Khalifa 
 Lil Wayne 
Barack Obama 

The above list shows the most popular and widely known Illuminati members living or originating in US, this actually shows that the US has more high-worth Illuminati members than any other country. Below is a list of reported Illuminati members, although some are dead

 1. Paul Walker.
The late American actor is now linked to this, cause of his death being disobedient to the Illuminati order.

2. Nelson Mandela.
South African’s Legend and former president is now brought in to this, the former president joined while at the tail end of his prison, around his 26th year. Why else was he released the next year a person Jailed for life? Some may reason, Illuminati made it so.

3. Musician Emmy Kosgei.
One of many popular music artist in Kenya, was made famous by Illuminati  

4. Ruhila Adatia.
The Kiss TV presenter in Kenya is also linked to this group.

 5. Donto Dikeh.
It’s hard seeing Nigerian actress Donto Dikeh as an Illuminati member because she is not any where as famous as Genevive Nnaji. It’s only fame she would require if she joined. 

6. Linda Ikeji.
 Linder Ngozi Ikeji the queen of gossips, and a famous Nigerian blogger is an Illuminati member, she was given the power of engagement by the Illuminati in exchange for marital singleness, so says some people. Important: I could go on and on about people who are reportedly Illuminati members. But I won’t the list can’t be fully finished because people are always talking, every major celebrity can all be linked to this sects.

Although I don’t like things that don’t have enough evidence especially touchy subjects like this. But people are always talking, in forums, on radios and TVs, etc, if so many people are talking about this, then you’d best do well to look into it there’s substance in it.

update : A new facebook group have just been launched for people who are interested in joining the order, you’ll have a better chance of being spotted here is the group Yet To Be Illuminati

Top Illuminati Members In The Nigerian Music Industry

The Illuminati order has come to stay, whether it is fact or fiction, is a thing for another day, what matters is we see musicians behave like they are in it. Some even go as far as displaying their signs.

Of course don’t expect them especially Nigerian musicians to come out and admit to belonging, because they won’t openly admit to that, Illuminati is a secret cult.

But with their signs, coded ways and other indicators we have been able to identify those who seemingly are in it. To know more about there signs read up recognizing cult gang Identity.

1. Chalie Boy
It seems Mr Chalie has in the entertainment industry for ages, man named boy is one of the few that dont hide there membership. Looking at his virgins and the way the pose for photo shot, then the way they arrive at functions is kind of wired . How many of you know exactly what Charlie boy does? Is he a top music artist? no, what of an actor? no. Yet he rakes in the money like man’s business.

2. 2face

Top Illuminati Members In Nigeria Music Industry

Tubaba is up there in this list. It is widely believed that 2face Idibia joined the Illuminati for protection, because after the bitter split of the Plantation group, where he allegedly stole the African Queen hit track from Faze, he faced a lot of persecutions. Of course it makes sense, why do you think he went on dropping babies like he is dropping hits, or can you explain why he managed to survive series of gun wounds. The truth is what Tubaba has gone an ordinary person would’t survive them.

3. Davido
OBO crowner is really into this, the way he displays what he owns is alarming. Still despite that he won’t help someone, I mean tangible financial assistant, as in setting up tangible things for close friends or giving them a good sum to fix themselves for good. No he prefaces giving them little so that it will finish easily and they will go back to beg him again. In short Davido is stingy, a close friend once said that Davido can spend large amount giving you food and drinks but won’t give you such in cash.

4. Whizkid

Top Illuminati Members In Nigeria Music Industry

 There are many Nigerians that don’t understand what Whizkid is singing yet he keeps winning award, left right and center. Well don’t wonder how that is possible as Whizkid is a member, as a member Illuminati keep looking out for their own.

Others You all know are
5. D’banj
6. Don Jazzy
7. P Square
8. KCee (via E-money)

Illuminati In Africa Fact Or Fiction?

Adam Weisha
founder Illuminati.

I believe it’s high time we establish whether illuminati is really existing in Africa, whether they are the dangerous blood suckers that most people believe them to be. Whether some celeb in Africa and beyond are really in this exclusive group where money and fame are yours for the taking.

What then is Illuminati

The Illuminati has its roots in Bavaria (cut. Germany) and was founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1 1776. Original founded to oppose the dominance of the Roman Catholic, oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality it soon grew and became popular which made the Bavaria government to outlaw it.
Illuminati is a name given or adopted by groups of people or fraternities in most cases secret societies; they are made up of individuals with the same ideology and the same believes like the Sea lords and Pirate confraternity in Nigeria  of cults in Nigeria They have come to together to agree on the same main objective and agree on how to accomplish it, with each member charged to make the

“inner doings” or practices secret, “to keep what is secret secret”.

Illuminati today

Though there’s no Bavaria-style Illuminiti movement existing today, but many groups now lay claim to it, especially the various Fraternities in America, they use the same name with some viration, as some now call themselves “the Illuminati order” or other names like “Illuminati Trianvirate.”It has grown and as they grew their objectives and aims grew too and in most cases they’ve diverted from the early Bavaria Illuminit aims and objectives to now accommodate the ever increasing need for modern day luxuries like flashy cars, money and houses. The Fraternities that now call themselves Illuminati leverages on this wants to attract members offering them power and fame which usually are their silent motto.
Though there are many groups claiming Illuminati today however there is no evidence that these present-day groups have amassed significant political power or influence, and they promote unsubstantiated links to the Bavarian Illuminati as a means of attracting membership instead of trying to remain secret. And as such they are not really Illuminati as the early Illuminat watchword is secrecy.

African celebs and Illuminati

Some notable African movie and music celebs were at one time assocciated with the Illuminati movement some media outlets went as far as labeling them members without giving concrete evidence.

Illuminati in Nigeria

Such celebs include Nigeria’s singing sensation P.Square and D’banji where (P.Square) they claimed that they used their mother as sacrifice following Akon’s deal with the duo after he signed them on to Konvicts music after which Akon introduced them to Illuminiti (he being a member himself). To enter they were asked to give his mother as a price for an entry into the exclusive group. When asked the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye denied ever doing such a thing challenging those behind that to come forward with evidence. Again no evidence was brought forth and thus the case was partly closed, though it’s being carried about albeit not like before.

Illuminiti in Kenya

Another one to be labeled an Illuminati is Kenyan’s Raila odingaa former Prime Minister whose meteoric rise to power is one of a fast fire bridged approach. Rumour have it that the then presidential candidate Mr. Raila Odinga has to join Illuminati in other to be stronger than the president Uhuru Kenyatta and also win the presidential seat, one significant story of this rumour is during the election day Uhuru Kenyatta knew he was going to lose to counter it he sent political thugs charged with making Odinga to change his mind about becoming president, Uhuru went on to tell them “if he won’t concede kill him.” On arriving there the thugs bulldozed their way in saw Odinga, they then tried to talk in out of running he refused, they brought out their guns shot Raila Odinga on the chest and boom! Mr. Odinga vanished into thin air!!

Illuminati is real and also it’s a fiction, is real because there was actually a group called Illuminati, not real especially in Africa as such stories that are affiliated with that group lacks evidence, like a Judge will say “a case have merit when it has enough evidence without evidence there is no case.”

update : A new facebook group have just been launched for people who are interested in joining the order, you’ll have a better chance of being spotted here is the group Yet To Be Illuminati

Warning! P.Square Music Should You Listen and Download?

P.Square music

You need to know yes you need to know otherwise you might just end up listening to musics and songs uplifting Illuminati and other unknown develish works. Although I don’t believe such things it is still important you know more about P.Square and their music.

History of P.Square

P.Square is a group of two individuals twins bound by blood and christianed Peter while the other is named Paul, they are from Anambra state, born in Jos and made it in Lagos. they all share the same father, mother and surname Okoye. They also have a senior brother named Jude Okoye who is both their manager as well as producer or director (depending on current needs).

Type of Music

The duo are active in many genres of music- Hip Hop, Dancehall, RnB and many other 9ja dance beats.

Albums and Songs


P.Square has 5 album yet, here are there names with dates and record label used. The record or music labels are bracketed.
*. 2003: Last Nite [Timbuk2 Music Label]
*. 2005: Get Squared[Square Records]
*. 2007: Game Over[Square Records] *. 2009: Danger[Square Records]
*. 2011: The Invasion [Square Records]

There is also a compilation Album released last year, that put together all of P.Square’s single solo songs the greatest together. Adding this will make it six (6)
*. 2013: Greatest Hits[Square Records]

Some popular P.Square’ songs

Get Squared
Game Over
Busy body
Do me
Who dey here
Imposiblity fea. 2face
E no easy with J martins
Beautiful Onyiye
Unlimited with Labaja (done for glo)
Personally and many others.

The above songs or tracks are not in order of most popular which means my number 1 maybe your number 2. You can also download the above P.Square songs in some great site in Nigeria.


The Okoye brothers has faced lots of controversies so far in their music carear. Some of them are
– Fall out with May D, then suspention and subsequent dismissal from Square records.
– Being accused of getting one lady pregenant.
– Stealing music and record beats from western and local songs and using it on their tracks. The rift between him and Timaya another Nigerian music artist was well documented
– P.Square was or is accused as being an Illuminati member, that’s why they killed their mother, which opened the way for them to become superstars and be signed into Akon’s Konvict music.
– It was said that their last real album the Invasion gives glory to Illuminati order. Caution is needed whenever you do listen to their music, afterall on African proverb says “if a child is crying and pointing in a direction there is some thing there” again says “what two or three people are saying is truth one person can’t call it a lie”. It might be possible stranger things has happened.

Nigeria’s D’banj Set To Round up Hennessy Artistry

Nigeria's D'banj Set To Round up Hennessy Artistry

The month of July saw one of Africa’s finnest; G.O.O.D Music recording artist Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo stage named Dbanj announced as the headliner for Hennessy Artistry 2013.

Prior to this, Hennessy has been choosing other top musicians like Ice Prince, MI, Naeto C, Eldee, Banky W and the legendary Sir Shina Peters to mention a few.

As the date for the grand finale of this year’s show draws near let’s look at the music artist who is set to light up The Federal Palace Hotel in VI, Lagos.

What is the Hennessy artistry project all about?

You don’t need a sooth-sayer to tell you, that the project is all about advertisment in form of promoting the Hennessy brand through music. Hennessy Artistry is also a worldwide musical platform organized by Hennessy to celebrate the vibrant multiculturalism of different genres.

About D’banj

D’banj whose full names are Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo is a Nigerian music singer, songwriter and recently producer (following his split with Don Jazzy) who was born on June 9 1980. D’banj has won many awards back home in Nigeria, also in Africa, Europe and the rest of world.

Key awards won by D’banj & Key songs

His awards include:
Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007, Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2009, and BET Awards of 2011 for Best International Act; Africa.
Key Songs:
D’banj has lots of key songs among them is Oliver twist D’banj is currently best known internationally for his 2012 summer hit ” Oliver Twist”, an uptempo dance fusion of Afro-Beats and electronic dance music that topped the African charts 2011 and was a top 10 hit in the UK singles chart in 2012 reaching #2 on the UK R&B chart.

Wishing the koko master good luck in giving African’s the show of their lives come 19th of October.