Top Freemason Members In Africa

The free mason group has been making headway in Africa as, the movement is gathering steam most people are joining up in droves.

When it comes to popularity in the continent after Illuminati you’ll hear of Freemason before even church of Satan.

But unlike the Illuminati or Church of Satan the Freemason confraternity is 100% real no conspiracy theory here. 

The Freemason mod operandi is quite different from the other two popular confraternities in the  continent. They operate mainly for protection, as most of their members are public figures and highly placed individuals, people who are Presidents, Senators, rich celebrates etc.

Some wear rings, some do use symbols and other forms of identification they may decide to adopt. So here are the top rumored Freemason members in Africa

1. President Yoweri Museveni of Ugandan : A country that has strong men like the late Idi Amen can boast of yet another strong man in, the current Ugandan president Yoweri.

Top Freemason Members In Africa

The most powerful man in  Uganda, has something backing him, it is said he heads the Masonic secret cult in his country. Mr President has been known to use the Freemason hand sign just like the one in the picture whenever he gets the opportunity.

2. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo The strong man of Ghana, he is one of the best president to have come out of Africa, a man that repositioned Ghana in the positive direction.

Top Freemason Members In Africa

Like his compatriot  President Buhari of Nigeria he has made fighting corruption one of his focal point, but unlike Buhari he actually means it, even if it is his family or same political party, while doing that he has stepped on some big shot in the Illuminati order, but he is masonic so he probably got protection. 

It is rumored that he the leading Freemason member in Ghana. 

3. President Macky Sall of Senegal : Mr Macky Sall is a man that is humble but harsh at the same time, it is one of those that is confident and assured. He has power and may not have to vacate  power for a long time, going by the assurance Freemason worldwide is given him.

 It is said that President Sall is a leading Freemason member in Africa, he even introduced French President to the  masonic confraternity. The signature black eyeglass is a sort of protection.

4. Don Jazzy : Mavin’s boss and the owner of the biggest single owned record label in Africa is said to be a strong member of the Confraternity in Nigeria.
Top Freemason Members In Africa
Some gist has it that they gave him conditions especially on marriage that he will only marry a leading female member of Freemason, otherwise he will lose his protection. 

The Phoenix chain is one of the expensive accessories of the Freemason, and Don Jazzy wears it often.

5. Senator Lucy Gichuhi : The beautiful Kenyan born lady is one of the people doing Africa proud. 

The woman who is a senator in Australia, is known not just only in Africa but the world too. She is said to be a leading black Freemason member in Australia. 
Top Freemason Members In Africa
Some call her the smiling princess who might just smile her way to the presidency just like Barack Obama of US. 

Here you have it, the top Freemason members in Africa, there are other ones too,  but this are the leading Freemason members in the continent.

The New Nigerian Railway Train Service Prices And Schedule

The New Nigerian Railway Train Service Prices And Schedule

The Railway train service prices and schedule for customers who are interested. Passenger Train Schedule The following passenger train services are currently running across the Country.

Lagos – Ilorin (Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays) Departs Iddo 09.00hrs Arrives Ilorin 18.34hrs of the same day.

Ilorin – Lagos (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays) Departs Ilorin 11.00hrs of Wednesday Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs of the same day.

Departs Ilorin 09.00hrs on Saturdays and Sundays Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs.

 Lagos – Kano (Every Friday) Departs Iddo 12.00hrs Arrives Kano 17.01hrs on Saturday.

 Kano – Lagos (Every Monday) Departs Kano 09.00hrs Arrives Lagos 14.24hrs on Tuesday.

 Offa – Kano (Every Tuesday) Departs Offa 22.00hrs Arrives Kano 18.05hrs on Wednesday.

Kano – Offa (Every Friday) Departs Kano 08.30hrs Arrives 05.35hrs on Saturday.

 Minna – Kaduna – Minna (Every Sunday, Monday & Tuesday)

 Nguru – Kano (Every Tuesday and Friday)

Kaduna Inter-City [Commuter Service] (Mondays – Saturdays)

 Lagos Inter-City [Commuter Service] (Monday s – Saturdays)

Here is the schedule for the the new Abuja Kaduna and Kaduna to Abuja

(From Lagos)
1st  CLASS (N)
(Air Conditioned)
(Air Conditioned)

Hot African Girls Selling Their Bodies on Social Networks

hot African girls on social network

If you are familiar with social networks and you also use them, then you must have noticed something, something disturbing and alarming for some, and lucrative for others, what is that?
In Africa, there are many people when you talk about people you’ll talk about gender which we know are male and female. Females some though, are turning themselves into hot girls and social hawkers, to them and to some people what makes this African girls hot is-prostitution

2go, Whatsapp, Facebook, are some of the gateways for social networking prostitution–African hot girls gateways

This is not a stay at home type nor is it a call girl form, it’s neither formal nor is it informal, it is “social network” business. Many girls now use social networks like 2go, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and others to chat with males, not just a typical normal chat this chat is done like a trade, she’ll agree to chat with you for a fee, what type of chat do women offer men at the end he will pay for it?

Read 16 years from now no more Lagos as other major cities cease to exists

“Prostitutiön is the business or practice of providing sèxual services to another person in exchange for monetary payment or other considerations. The person who receives payment for such services is called a prostitutè and is a kind of a worker, and the person who receives such services is known by a multitude of terms.”–9jacampus
Is simple what goes on, on chat gateways like 2go and Facebook is what I call social network sèx, many African’s are involved not just Europeans or Americans, this is African women, African girls parading themselves as hot girls.

The hot girls are something else

Give a 16 year old wayward at heart girl a phone that has GPRS, the next thing you’ll know she is on 2go, Whatsapp or Facebook, when she runs out of airtime, you’ll see her sell her unclad pics for some airtime. That’s the scenario, women and girls from 16 to 30 years are in this business, it even goes beyond selling pictures to selling their full videos!

Break Down Of Social Network business

Capital to start/must have. None just their GPRS enabled phones, being female is a must. Registration in one or more social network is needed
How much do they make? These girls make up to 7000 Nigerian Naira a day (convert to Dollars 160 to $1 then convert back to your countries currency) a monthly income of 210,000! That’s a lot, they earn a lot. Just like every business it depends, some can make more while others can make less, but earning is guaranteed.

How they work it’s no mystery, they register on social networks, upload a cute profile pic, and male friends start sending friend requests. Once the guys are hooked they’ll ask them to pay, once they pay pics and videos will be exchanged usually for network airtimes which can be sold to vendors for cash.

I wrote a post some time ago, where I mentioned some names of this Social network hot girls, not only their names but their contacts and ages if you’ll like to read it here is the link exposed hot girls
The girls make money off the boys, while the boys make nothing! Should I call that foolishness, yet we talk of gender inequality, we talk about women to men should be 50, 50. Guys wake up if everything is business then try your own
Am finally on 2go African largest one to one Chat app add me with this username for Nigerians +2347085472309 for others let’s talk

Note:I’m just not joking I exposed this girl so that they can stop! Haba this has gone to much.
This is a guest post

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Before Nollywood | History of Theatre, Drama In Nigeria

history of Nollywood nigeria

Nigeria, being a multi-religious and traditional society, have different festival ceremonies across the country. It is therefore not unlikely that the origin of Nigerian drama and filmmaking lies in the very many different traditional and religious festivals, functions and rituals that are found in practically all the Nigerian cultures.

These rituals continued to be acted out and improvement was made on them in terms of costumes, mode, and elaborateness, until the coming of immigrants or missionaries. The first set of immigrants into Nigeria constituted the nuclei of Nigerian educated middle class. It was this class of Nigerians that imported the western European forms of drama, which became the basic framework of the Nigerian drama and the Nollywood.

The Roman Catholic church is credited to have pioneered the promotion of dramatic production in Nigerian. As important as these contributions were, however, it did not lead to the beginning of a truly modern Nigerian drama. Though the impetus to the development of a Nigerian contemporary drama came through their efforts.

It was as a result of the call by indigenous people and subsequently the establishment of independent African churches; where traditional music and language are freely used that led to the birth of Nigerian drama cum Nollywood. It was, therefore, not surprising that the first examples of a truly Nigerian drama came from these African churches example Hubert Ogunde. With only 18 Nigerian Naira as his total savings after eight years in the police force, Hubert Ogunde is credited to have inaugurated the African Music Research Party. Thus he started the advent of modern professional theatre groups spread around the country.

The development of drama in Nigeria got a boost when in 1957 drama was introduced as a course at the university college Ibadan now the University of Ibadan. Since then other institutions have followed suit. 1960 was also a landmark in the development of drama in Nigeria. This is because that was the year Wole Soyinka founded “The 1960 masks” which later led to the establishment of other theatre groups like “the Eastern Nigerian theatre group” of John Ekwere.

How To Get Real Baba Ijebu Lotto Keys

People have been hitting it big with  Baba Ijebu, they keep winning big money after another. Others keep wondering how this is possible because this one has pass luckiness, you can’t be lucky all time when it comes to Baba Ijebu, this has made some people to erroneously conclude that they are fetish, or such ones are involved in native medicine.
Well what you have to know is this guy is, I mean people who have constantly won big cash are privileged to have gotten what we call ‘keys’ this keys just like a normal key is the main thing to unlock hundred, millions and even billions of Naira, the total money you win depends on the amount you play with.
Unlike our normal keys, the Baba Ijebu lotto keys are just a combination of numbers that when played on a particular period of time before the key expire, makes you money.

How do this keys work?

Is simple really, the keys are combinations of numbers with an expiring date. This means you have to play it before it expires.
Some of this keys were prepared by the company itself as a manual to monitor and even minimize the number of winners. The company wants you to think that they select random numbers, it is not so the numbers are fixed.
The number is there just go to the person, that means the machine and tell him or her to print them out, then wait for the result.

There are various ways to get this keys

– Through the company
– Through careful record keeping
– Through a website
1. Through the company: Majority of the senior staff in Baba Ijebu company knows where the keys are. If you have them as a friend or relative you can ask them.
Company’s policy does not allow them to play so some of them to give out this keys to their relatives if he wins the money is shared.
2. Careful record keeping: Yes, since this numbers are not random, if you study winning numbers over a particular period of time usually 3 months, you’ll find a pattern, that pattern is the winning numbers.
This usually last for three more months, so you have 3 more months of winning.
3. Through website: There is a website that gives out this keys, it is freemium, that is free for the first key, then pay if you want another.
I had to take down the link, they are no longer accepting new users for now. When they start link may be back.

How To Report Police Brutality In Nigeria

The Nigerian police are your friends, because they are charged to protect us, or so they said.
How To Report Police Brutality In Nigeria
The truth is some police in the country are doing what they are not paid to do. some are overzealous some are brutal while some others are outright wicked, exhorting money from people. 
The Police are determined to fish out this bad ones, so they have made available there contact details,
On Twitter: @PoliceNG_PCRRU
On Whatsapp/SMS – 08057000003
For Calls – 08057000001 or 08057000002 
BBM Pin is 58A2B5DE

9 Qualities A Good School Teacher Must Have

9 Qualities A Good School Teacher Must Have

A good primary school teacher should possess the following qualities:

1. Basic knowledge of the subject matter

Subject matter or content is the teachable aspect of a subject which the teacher intends to deliver to his students within the lesson duration. It should be well known by the teacher for him to give his students the right information. This makes his students to have confidence in him.

2. Effective Communication Skills.

Communication is the process of passing information to someone who responds to it. If the teacher has good communication skills his student can understand the information he gives them

3. Effective Techniques of Instruction

Techniques of instruction are ways or methods of instruction. There’re so many techniques of instruction such as questioning, discussion, hand gesture, illustration and others.
A good teacher should be exposed to a variety of techniques so as to know how best to impart knowledge to his students.

4. Effective Class Control and Management Skills

This is the teacher’s ability to use his professional skills to bring his class students together for effective participation in the lesson. He becomes aware of his students individual differences and attends to them

5. Friendliness, Humour and Open mindedness

This means that the teacher should be able to cause amusement among his students and feel free with them. This makes for effective teaching and learning.

6. Appearance, Poise and Confidence

He should be good looking especially by the way he or she dresses up and shaves or makes his or her hair. The teacher should be balanced and trust himself that he knows what he is doing.

7. Creativity

He should be imaginative, that’s have a mental picture or image of events, students’ problems, feelings, aspirations, etc.
Read6 aspects of classroom management
The teacher should also have this other qualities
8 Ethusiasm. Imagination
9. Tolerance of Stress

Note. This qualities applies to both male and female teachers

Banks In The United States of America

The five largest banks in the United States are
* Citibank
* JPMMorgan
* Chase
* Bank Of America.
* Wachovia and
* Wells Fargo.
Banks In The United States of AmericaOnline banking has also become very popular with the rising popularity of the Internet. A number of virtual banks have no offices or branches and conduct all their banking on the internet or over the phone.


If you write a check for an amount that’s more than the fundr available in your checking account, the bank will charge you between $20 and $30 for each bounced check.

The bank normally returns the check to the person who deposited it or tried to cash it. If a store or another type of business attempted to deposit a check that was returned to them, the store will charge you at least $10 and will probably never accept a check from you again.

Keep in mind that banks also charge the person who makes the deposit a similar charge, which is annoying since it was not the payee’s fault. Regularly bouncing checks is considered fraud and may be punishable with high fines. If it occurs very regularly, it may even lead to imprisonment. Overdraft protection can help you avoid these penalties; ask a bank representative for more information on the types of protection plans.

2. Automated Teller Machine Most banks generally offer twenty-four-hour access to automated teller machines, or ATMs. You gain access to your account by using a bank card programmed to be accepted in the bank’s network of machines. You can make deposits or withdrawals, transfer funds between accounts and obtain account information.The maximum amount of money that you can withdraw varies from bank to bank, when you open an account, whether it’s a checking or savings account, the bank will issue a bank card for you to use.

This card, along with a secret personal identification number or pin gives you access to ATMs. You bank card allows you to conduct banking transactions in ATMs owned by other banks, but you are likely to be charged a fee for each transaction.

3. Bank Statements
You’ll periodically receive a statement in the mail showing you the activity and balance of your account. Some banks return your checks to you once they have been cashed. You should review these statements carefully; any charges that you don’t recognize should be reported to your bank.

4. Safe-Deposit Boxes

Banks offer safe-deposit boxes for rent on a monthly or yearly basis. Absolutely no person other than the person who has the key to the box can access the box or its contents. The bank has access to the box only in the event of the death of the person who rented the safe-deposit box. This type of service is useful to protect objects of great value such as passports, jewelry, foreign currency, or other important documents. 

5. Other Bank Services Most banks offer customer service over the phone. This service saves customers a trip to a bank branch if they need questions answered or need to speak with customer service. With your bank card and the phone keypad you’ll be able to transfer money from one account to another, request account balances and pay bills. Many banks also offer Internet banking, which allows you online access to your account to pay bills, make transfers, and perform other transactions.
This article is part of the series of post on Study in America

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How To Recognize Cult Groups signs that make up Cult-gang Identity

How To Recognize Cult Groups signs that make up Cult-gang Identity

The cult world is a reconstructed world. It is invented to run subterranean, below the real world and purveying a different ideology. A new identity shrouds the old one. Is there a binding cord between Rugged Satan, Wined Wizard, Viprous Angel and the real persons? Is there a transference of spirit? Similarly, the sense of community is symbolized with distinctive colors and dress coder.

How to recognize cults in Africa and The World

For example the Eiye a secret cult in Africa uses sky-blue jeans, white T-shirt, armless jean Jacket and black beret. On Fridays they wear black T shirt. Pyrates are noted for their red dashiki (a Nigerian dress with Hausa origin) embossed with skull and gross bow motif. The Vikings use long robes like medieval Vikings. “Grandpa’s shirt” for Buccaneers emphasize rank.

The Black Axemen appear officially in black trouser, black beret, black shoes and stockings, black waist band and white short. The black lords spot yellow strands on their black beret. The Mafia wear a long black gown with hood. Symbolists would research into the significance of the colors – black, read, yellow and blue.

How do these reflect self-perception and activities of the cults? The emphasis here is mainly on the matter of identity. They manifest symbols of identity which is underscored with new coded language. Secret cults are very creative in coining terminologies. Some are used by all cultists while many are peculiar. The Classical groups have a more elaborate coded language structure. Each struggles to use coded language to maintain a canopy of secrecy, a shared enclosure which is warm, restrictive and bonding. Instead of providing a glossary, the effort here is to weave the terminology into the narrative discourse.

The single quality is that the terms are poignant and descriptive. Some are derivative; for instance “to sing” is group or divulge information. The Mafia world coined this. Obscenity abounds because relation is of the matrix, wool and weft. Language is shared symbols of meaning and a sign of belonging. It breads familiarity, companionship and trust. Identity is further cultured with non-verbal language such as handshake.

The Buccaneers shake hands by clawing each other on central nerve of the wrist, with one finger. The Pyrates do the same with four fingers. Others parody Black American’s Black Panthers’ style. Each group invents rituals which embody the group’s effort to weave members into a solidarity with deep religious moorings.

The leave of religious practice varies.

The Classical group deny any religious involvement beyond the liturgy at initiation and meetings. Others, however, allege that individuals could join. Some of the Emergent types and Newbreeds tend towards allegiance and patronage of shrines because of the danger of living a violent ethics. The extensive resort to traditional religion is, indeed, a strategy for encapsulation.

It at once breeds fear among members, and panders a sense of security, protection and bond of unity. It informs the theory of obligation. Organisational structure is the architecture of power. It is basically power-arrangement and legitimation, the berthing of authority precisely because authority is legitimized power. Power itself is neutral and only perceived through its activity, something akin to relationship between air and wind. Wind is air-in-motion.

So, the only legitimate questions of power are who holds power, for whom and to what end? Who holds power in the secret cults and for whom? What is the concept of power and authority among them? I think the secret of sporting cult members like Illuminati, and co is through their identity.

In my next article power will be looked into, how power is weaved in the fabric of cults, I suggest you subscribe now because it may be posted and tagged as NTBB!

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Warning Don Jazzy’s Doro Bucci Music is Dangerous

Warning Don Jazzy's Doro Bucci Music is Dangerous

You can eat with the Devil, but you must use a long spoon, a really long spoon otherwise you might be caught in his negative web sooner rather than later, yes Jazzy and Marvin are back!. True Don Jazzy seem to be over the D’banj and MO’hit record wahala, churning out hits upon hits, for those who are still not convinced about his come back, he has
released another hit, this time titled Dorobucci.
Just what is this about? What is the meaning of this wave making DORO -BUCCI MUSIC Is the Doro song Demonic does it have any juju linked to it? Or is this song promoting Illuminati order?
Here is what an insider have to say about this Dorobucci music.

Dorobucci the good the bad and the ugly

DORO song. Listen to the song very attentively and confirm it yourself.
” So many people are been blinded by the tones and sounds of music, nobody ever bordered to know the meaning and the words, everybody is busy singing and attaching doro to even their names, but the big question is WHAT IS DORO? Have you taken your time to listen to this doro song? I have and I will tell you what is doro by what the singer sang in the song, it’s a gathering of all the doro worshipers, their she god, each of them praising and explaining how BIG, HIGH and BLOODY she is, now let’s fellow the song lyrics, the first singer started by praising,
DORO~Boss, Big, Heavy, Doro~bloody, Doro gather pass everybody for the gathering, Doro get money pass everybody here, {meaning that the Doro is richer than all of them singing}.
Now for people who say doro is money, from these last words, do you think they are referring to money? I am only picking my points from all the singers.

So let’s go to the Second singer. Another praise to their she lord, Doro fresh, flashy, fine pass everybody wey doro sing, {meaning that Doro is more pretty then all the singers}. Think!!!
The third singer started with praise again, Doro na DIVA,{diva means a queen, female celebrity, god}.

Doro the leader{meaning doro is a leader as in their leader}. Doro is bigger, Doro is higher so follow the leader, Doro get liver she no dey tire, {meaning that they are referring to she not money not fine}.
Now the forth singer said Doro bad, make nobody try Doro, Doro we get money but lastly she said make nobody join Dorobucci ooo, the 5th now explain the personality of their god DORO is a kind of boss, a cheerful giver, doro get pass everybody wey don get before, doro fly pass everybody wey dey this plane.
Now from all this what is doro? they have made their point in the song every other words they added was to confuse us the listeners, they now use it as slang to everything they say because they have sold their soul to it and they belong to it, so that is why you hear doro Don Jazzy because all are members, just the way Christians call themselves, children of God, Pick your phone please and play the song and listen carefully becuse we are at the end time. You can go ahead and download the Dorobucci music on any popular naija music site..

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You’ve heard him what are your views? Is there any sense in this? Comment and don’t forget to share this post.