Nigerian Police Force State Contact Numbers

As they say the Police is your friend, and in other to make them friendlier they have decided to make available their contact number, for each state in Nigeria. in conjunction with the Nigerian Police force has brought to your view list of Police numbers of all the state in Nigeria.

The 36 states in Naija all have their own number, so be sure to locate your state and save their number for future use.

These are the police control numbers of each state in Nigeria, kindly call for rapid response to any criminal incident: such as Boko Haram, robbery, murder etc.

Abia – 08035415405.
Adamawa- 08089671313.
Akwa Ibom – 08039213071.
Anambra -07039194332.
Bauchi – 08151849417.
Bayelsa – 07034578208.
Benue – 08066006475.Borno – 08068075581.
Cross-River – 08133568456.
Delta – 08036684974.
Ebonyi – 07064515001.
Edo – 08037646272.
Ekiti – 08062335577.
Enugu – 08032003702.FCT – 07057337653.
Gombe – 08150567771.
Imo – 08034773600.
Jigawa 08075391069.
Kaduna – 08123822284.
Kano – 08032419754.
Katsina – 08075391255.
Kebbi – 08038797644.Kogi – 08075391335.
Kwara 07032069501.
Lagos – 07055462708.
Nasarawa 08123821571.
Niger – 08081777498.
Ogun – 08032136765.
Ondo – 07034313903.
Osun – 08075872433.
Oyo – 08081768614.
Plateau – 08126375938.
Rivers – 08032003514.
Sokoto – 07068848035.
Taraba – 08140089863.
Yobe – 070393h01585.
Zamfara – 0810658012

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Warning! Lindaikeji Blogspot Bad Or Good?

If you’re reading this then I assume you know Linda and her blog, I take it you’ve gone through the blog and its contents, armed with that I expect you’ve come to the conclusion of what the blog is all about, is so easy to come to this conclusion infact even a 10 year old kid can do it. If you’ve done the above, particularly drawing a conclusion about her blog, congrats! You know the blog named Lindaikeji blogspot.

Now why I’m I warning you? Is there anything about Linda as a person and Lindaikeji.blogspot as a brand/blog/business outfit, you need to know? Something to be careful of? Well there is! Don’t be shell-shocked or suprised afterall there is always a skeleton in every celeb’s cupboard. Whether it’s good or bad it’s left for you to decide. Before we delve in, let us look at Linda and her blog

About Linda Ikeji a brief history

Some call her the failed model, (due to her modeling carear being unsucessful), while others call her the super blogger, indead she is known by a variety of name, my favourite being “Ugossiper” i.e unique gossiper a nickname that illustrates her online gossip ablity, it’s remarkable how gossiping seems to come naturally to her, unique no doubt because of how she uses it to make money, earning what many can’t dream of, a feat even some big time models can’t achieve.

Linda whose full names are Linda Ngozi Ikeji, she hails from South East Nigeria, likely an Igbo girl, with Ikeji being the family/surname. She started blogging in 2006 I think, slowly but steadly adding short post to her blog, gossiping about the entertainment industry in Nigeria, America and beyond.

Linda and Why you should beware

To my first paragraph, I’m sure your conclusion back then, especially if that is your first visit to is “it’s an entertainment blog, that is gossip based”, note the word gossip, look it up in the dictionary if it’s handy, you’ll likely understand that the word gossip is often associated with things that are untrue, things you won’t tell the subject of that gossip face to face, although in some case which is very rare some gossips prove to be true. This is where you need to beware and exercise caution whenever you’re reading anything from Lindaikeji’s blog. Sadly most readers don’t know the difference between a gossip and a proven fact, as such they tend to mix them up, to them anything read online is true, anything read on Lindaikej’s blog is true, despite the ever present gossip feel to the post.

So if you’re guilty of consuming this entertainment gist posted on Lindaikeji, without verifying whether it’s true, you should stop, always do a verification of anything written on that blog before moving off and telling your friends, classmate, workmates and family, otherwise you might be made fool of. In this blog any gist is possible, you can even read such crazy stories like “Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan is taking a second wife” “First Lady Patience Jonathan’s English is pathetic–Wole Soyinka” etc. Don’t just believe them without verification. Atleast search two or more serious websites to see whether the story is there, you might start with informantionng. Before you talk make sure of what you’re about to say, otherwise you might just end up in court.

The blog can be a great source of top celebility news, which are fun to read, believe me I’m one of her readers, but while reading, read with one eye, Just look before you leap otherwise you might leap into trouble.

Origin Of African Literature Oral Tradition As Key

The phrase African literature in this context means literature about Africa written by Africans. This difinition includes Chinue Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and excludes Joyce Cary’s Mr. Johnson. Secondary, the phrase “Oral Tradition” refers to those aspects of human knowledge, cultural practices and activities about Africans which have been handed down and are still being handed down from one generation to another orally.

Here I’m interested in the part of oral tradition connected with literature. Oral literature in Africa is as old as the existence of man. Indead some critics consider it as the authentic literature of Africa because it’s rendered in original version in vernacular languages. Various forms of oral literature whether sung, spoken or acted are usually stripped of their other emblishments like gestures, eye-movements, and rhythms as well as the artist’s special ways of rendering a piece. In spite of the fallibility of human memory various forms of Africa’s oral literature have survived side by side with the written repertoire and are today still entrenched in our rural communities.

No discussion of the beginning nf written African literature can be complete without reference to its oral antecedents. The blooming tree today has its roots in oral forms. The oral forms can be put into a category that sung, spoken and acted.

Each version formed the foundation stone of different genres of modern African literature namely poetry, prose and drama. Let’s look at the various of genres of literature briefly.

Oral literature is a free literature because it belongs to the community and has no specific authors. This characteristic makes it common property for use by our African authors. Consequently, we find various aspects of oral literature used by African writers, without acknowledgment. Chinua Achebe, for instance, has used proverbs profusely in his novels and short. He has a total of 129 proverbs in Arrow of God alone!

Java Phones on the Decline Reason Advanced Smartphones Are Taking Over

Java phones not anymore Spot the difference war between Java Phones and Iphones

There was a time when having a Nokia 3310 was like being crowned king or being made a president of a country, especially here in Africa. That time people were content with just making calls and receiving text messages with their phones. Suddenly the phones became very heavy and uncomfortable. In came new and more user friendly phones. Portable, flexible and more comfortable. Yet some users were not yet satisfied, despite those attributes the phones still lack something; “superb Internet connectivity” amongst other things. In came Java, and phones started browsing the Internet with ease. The integration between Java and phones made it possible for those phones to accept Java enabled ad ons like apps and games and increase its functionality.

With the arrival of more efficient phones such as Symbian, Windows, Android and iPhone among others, it has made Java enabled phones to face stiff competition, with many users opting to use the latter. Why? you may ask why are people leaving Java phones and switching to Android and others?

Well many factors are responsible among them are its features, design and popularity.

Java phones seem to be lagging behind compared with its counterparts, for example both Android and Symbian phones have many features, that Java phones don’t, its designs are very good, fitted for user’s comfort, super fast touchscreens, faster Internet speed and superb browsing experience, good screen resolution and superb gaming experience. Yes some new Java phones currently in the market has some of the features or even all, yet non-Java phones are still gaining the upper hand, it has became more popular.

Why hate Java Phones?

People’s altitude to Java Phones now can be called “hate” why? I think the main thing why people are buying and using Windows, Android, iPhone and others at the expense of Java is because of one major factor.

Java Phones lacks the minimization capability that other competing phones has. That perhaps may be why people are leaving Java phones and that is why they are going down falling so to speak.

You might be wondering what a “minimization” function is, well a minimization function in phones is the ability of a phone to switch from an opened application or task  to another without closing the first one; multi-tasking in other words. Just like your computer you can minimize what you are working on to work on another.

This is what Java phones lack and this is the main reason Java phones are falling. Do you currently own a Java phone and you wish it could minimize or multi-task like Android or Symbian? I’ve a simple  tutorial that can do that see how to fix your Java Phones to work like Android or Symbian Phones

Until when those problems are addressed Java phones will continue it downward slid. I’d hate to see it go or vanish like its predecessors the “Dumb phones” example the Nokia 3310 did, but sadly that is what will happen if the problems are allowed to continue. Windows, Symbian iPhone’s, Apple and others will continue to overwhelm Java Phones.

The new wave of Nokia multi-platform Phones

Nokia one of several giant in phone production, is pioneering what I call “Java-Symbian” wave, or simply feature-smartphone, (multi-platform phones)i.e an ordinary feature phone (mostly Java) having the capabilities of a Symbian and other advanced smartphones. Such phones can be seen by the new Asha phones being manufactured, some X series phones like Nokia X2 and many others.

Its hallmark is their cost effective nature, an android or windows phone cost double or even more than of this new multi-platform phones. That is with the money you could use to buy an iphone you can use it to get 2 or 3 multi-platform phones.

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The Day The Moon Eat The Sun In Africa and The World

A rare solar eclipse allowing a view of the Sun that is totally or partially blocked by the Moon has taken place.

Eclipse in Kenya, Congo, Liberia, Somalia and Nigeria

The Moon eat the Sun today 3rd of November 2013. It was a wonderful view in Kenya where tour companies organised trips to view a total blackout.

The eclipse continued across Africa through the Congos until it passed through northern Uganda and northern Kenya, ending in southern Ethiopia and Somalia.

Men and women from the Turkana tribe in Kenya took part in a ceremony ahead of the eclipse.

Most cities in Nigeria also witnessed this eclipse- cities like Kaduna, Kano and the Nations capital Abuja, where some people came out in groups to watch while others stayed at home. In all the African countries the eclipse lasted not more than 3 seconds to 5minutes.

Eclipse around the World

It first happened in the United States before sweeping across Europe, South America and Africa. According to Nasa the greatest total eclipse occurred over the Atalantic ocean. The eclipse event began about 1,000km (620 miles) east of Jacksonville, Florida with an annular eclipse visible for four seconds at sunrise.

Experts warned that eclipse should not be viewed with the naked eyes as it can cause temporary or total blindness.

Hot Jihads Syria-Tunisian Connections the Hot Girls There

hot Jihad Syria-Tunisian Connection the Hot Girls There

One is a country in Asia fighting its civil war which has gone on for more than two years. The other is a country in North Africa which is experiencing its own tumoil both are far away from each other with countries, desert and water sperating them. Yet despite this they now share something in common-sexual Jihads.

What is sèxuàl or hot Jihads?

This term is a new one, it was relatively unknown until recently, when Syrian rebels started losing more grounds to the Al Bashir led Syrian government. Then come a need to boast the morale of the troops, as so this Jihads came in.

Hot Jihads are women who are allegedly used as “adult workers” they provide this services for male Jihads, with the aim of boasting the morale of this fighters.

Tunisa and Syrian connections

Women minors and adult 17- 30 years are transported to Syria via the Jebel ech Chaambi (Chaambi mountains) area of western central Tunisia, on the border with Algeria which has witnessed severe fighting among Islamic extremist.

The girls on reaching Syria will instantly turn to hot Jihads or hot girls performing their duties to this war-weary men to keep them fighting. According to some news sources the Tunisian girls are swapped between 30, 40, to 100 men.

Though it’s prostítution many especially those receiving the services don’t see it so. They are of the view that neccessity calls for the forbidden, in this case the temporary marriage to satisfy their canny needs.

Lotfi bin Jido, Tunisian’s Interior Minister takes action

Aleast 19 women and girls have been arrested so far. The operation is still ongoing to stop this kind of behaviour among Tunisian women. Though some of those arrested are perhaps innocent but majority are.

according to the BBC.

Why You Don’t Need Internet Access to Browse Wikipeadia Articles

Why You Don't Need Internet Access to Browse Wikipeadia Articles

Yes you don’t need internet access to access Wikipeadia reason? Wikepeadia is piloting Article via Text Message Service.

The online encyclopaedia is piloting the first sms article directory. That’s a service that sends articles via text message, primarily aimed at users in Africa. Wikipeadia partnered with Telecom company Airtel to launch a trial version in Kenya.

It is hoped the service will be used to reach people who do not have internet access. The trial will be active for three months, according to Dan Foy, technical partner manager for the Wikimedia Foundation.

How It’s Done

You don’t need a smartphone, even dumb phones can access it. You want to look the meaning of anything you just have to activate it by dialing *515# after which you receive a prompt to search for articles.

It has many benefits as you can search for articles on the go, no hassles you don’t have to worry about slow internet connections and the service is free!

Wikipeadia and Airtel saw what’s pretty obvious, many Africans are using mobile phones to do their day to day activities many of which are not connected to the internet and as such many haven’t seen Wikipeadia before.

Adoption of cheap mobiles in Africa is widespread, and in many regards the mobile industry across the continent is more advanced than in more developed parts of the world.

For instance, the sending of money via text message is extremely popular – one service, M-Pesa, boasts 17 million users in Kenya alone.


This service will go a long way in helping out, especially doing researches. Again this is another great brand awarness by Airtel. With this T.V adverts is nothing. Hoping it’ll be available in other African countries.

Top Reason Blacks Are in US and The World

Obama and Michelle leading the way For blacks

We have to know our roots as African’s, though we are all over the world, how? All blacks are from Africa that’s plain to see. You get your black colour because you’re related directly or indirectly to Africa. And so the likes of US music singers like Lil Wyne, Chris Brown, Drake, Riccky Ross and Co are all Africans in this context, they are not alone many popular black figures outside Africa are in too.

They have to understand what made them Africans, there are many thing that makes one an African, one of those is their fore fathers anccestors if you like. What where the forefathers doing in America, Europe? Why so many blacks all over the world? Those answers lies in the slave trade business, how it was stopped is of great importance to us, not just Africans but to others

How The Slave Trade Was Abolished In Africa

Not long after the slave trade began, some religious people started to attack the trade and insist that it should be stopped. In 1514, Las Casas, a priest who was interested in the welfare of the Indians, had suggested that the Spaniards should buy slaves from Africa to work on the plantations and in the mines instead of using native Indians. But when he saw the cruel treatment of the African slaves, he spoke out violently against the inhuman trade.

From time to time, some kings had protested against the trade in human beings. As early as 1526, King Nzinga Mbemba of Congo wrote to the king of Portugal and requested him to stop his men from buying slaves in his kingdom. Two centuries later King Agaja of Dahomey sent a smilar protest to the British government.

All this protests fell upon deaf ears. Indeed, in 1713 an agreement called the Treaty of Utrecht was signed by certain European powers. By this treaty Britain had the sole right, called the Asiento, to supply 4,800 slaves per year to Spanish America.

Untill the nineteenth century, those who had the power to stop the slave trade did not listen to pleas or protests. It’s not hard to discover the reason for this. The wealth of Europe at that time depended largely upon the slave trade, Parliaments had the power to stop slavery but some of their members were themselves owners of rich plantations and mines.

In 1772 Lord Mansfield, the Lord Chief Justice of England, gave judgement in a case in which a slave, Jamer Somerset had escaped from his master. Mansfield ruled that it was against English law to keep slaves. This decision meant that any slave brought to England was to be set free, and so withing five years over 80,000 slaves were set free in England).

Although Lord Mansfield’s decision was very important in the attempts to stop the slave trade, it was nonetheless not enough. The British parliament had to pass a law against the trade before final victory would be won.

Men such as Gransville Sharp, William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson kept on urging the British parliament to do so, between 1776 and 1805 eight attempts were made in the British parliament to get a law passed against the slave trade, sadly all failed.

At last in 1807 two years later the British parliament passed a law to abolish, or end, the buying and selling of slaves. Britain used all her sea power in the Atlantic to stop ships carrying slaves across the sea.

In 1833, Great Britain passed a law which freed all slaves owned by British subjects, and paid £20 million in compensation to the slave owners. Gradually, one after another, other European countries stopped the slave trade, but it was until 1865 that slavery came to an end in the United States of America.

Where are the slaves now?

One is with you now! If not look around you’ll find one. There are so many blacks all over the world because of this slave trade, the slave trade back then opened the doors for blacks to many countries, though they arrived as slaves in many countries due to their “can do spirit” they were able to find freedom and so their children were able to settle down in those countries. Infact many blacks has gone on to become very important individuals in those countries one such example is US president Barack Obama, whose father is from Kenya.