Tips to fix No Network coverage in phones

Tips to fix No Network coverage in phones

Your phone has No Network coverage what can you do? With this tips you can be able to fix a phone with no network. But lets take a look at possible causes of that;

1. There is partial contact between the antenna and the board.
2. From the network
3. Antenna problem.
4. Net lock, CPU fail EE problem
5. Wrong unlocking software TX/RX filter.


Tip1. The antenna should be properly connected to the board,
2. The antenna should be changed
3. Unlock it with this steps

How to Unlock Phone With Jaf Software.

Tip1. Get your system on (laptop) select phone model e.g DCT4 DCTL etc
Tip2. Click on info; you will see in the dialogue box setting MCUID and so on, it says done!
Tip3. Right click ‘unlock’ and your phone will be unlocked! Congrat!

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