Beginners guild to blogs plugins

What is a plugin? A plugin is a software that provides additional functions on where it is pluged in or added, such softwares could be added to browsers, sites like blogs, in this case we are looking at blogs particularly blogger.Recent development points to blogger as the leading blogging platform even out gunning wordpress why? Because it is free! And gives their members access to edit their html and add third party plugins, including making some money with it, wordpress is free also but with the free version you cant make money with it. Now you may have created your bloggers blog, but to make it look professional and also generate traffic, this is where blogs plugins comes in. Types of plugins for blogs. There are two major types 1. The platform own plugins e.g wordpress, blogger, like the translate which translates your blogs post to other languages, google+ badge which allows your visitors follow you on google+, for a full list of all blogger gadgets go to dashboard-layout-add gadget-from the menu select the one you want, preview it and save. 2. Third party plug ins which includes i. Facebook plug ins like the share buttons, follow buttons, comment box, like buttons etc ii. Twitter plug ins, like the share buttons, tweet buttons etc iii. Ad plug ins like chitika, adsense, and other ad networks iv. The related post plug ins like linkwithin and others Generally plug ins are usefull, because they not only make your site attractive and unique they also help in traffic, example when the related posts plugin is used visitors are more likely to stay on your page and read the post which are related to the ones they are looking for, thereby increasing your blogs traffic. Note: all plugins mentioned in this post has been tested by me and it works well, for questions, ask I’d love to help. Found this useful? Suscribe to receive latest daily tips feel free share!