Conflicts in Homes and Workplaces the issue

Conflict with another person is an uncomfortable experience for most people. It is often based on the assumption that only one way is the right one and must prevail. The reality is, that though each position seems to be the ‘right one’ for that individual, a compromise or a uniquely different option may turn out to be the best solution for both. Learning to deal with conflicts effectively is a key at work, at home and in all relationships. Most conflicts occur at home or at work. Some end up feuding with neighbors, relatives or even strangers, but most frequently our work place and homes provide the greatest opportunities for diverging needs. There is a great difference between a conflict with a spouse as compared to one with a supervisor or supervisee. Usually at home, mates regard each other as equals and can use their loving feelings to propel themselves toward a quick resolution. At the same time, the intensity of emotions between mates and the importance of their love may also delay easy compromise. At work the conflict is often not between equals, but between people who have authority difference. Since everyone at work attempts to safeguard his or her job security, vehemently arguing with the boss may be politically unwise.