Take The Illuminati Interview

Take The Illuminati Interview
Here is how you can quickly and easily join the Illuminati brotherhood directly without going through the process of payment.
You just have to take and pass this Illuminati test/interview.

About the Illuminati test

The Illuminati test is now a key process for recruiting commoners. This is will soon rule out agents both real and the numerous fake agents that are collecting money for retirement purposes.
This means with this test, you no longer have to
– Pay money
– Wait endlessly to get approved
But one major drawback
  • – This Illuminati test is not easy to pass.
This test, test your basic understanding of the Illuminati order. Is an interview that if you pass you’re well on your way to joining the great order.

About the interview

The interview is in two parts. You have to pass them, to be granted temporary membership pending when you finish up with the required sacrifices.
Each question is timed.
  1. It tests your knowledge of the Illuminati basics.
  2. You have to pass about 90% to move on.
  3. You only get the chance to try once each day.

Things you’ll need

  1. A computer or smartphone
  2. A stable internet connection ( a slow internet connection may not open all the questions.)

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How do I know that I’m selected?
At the end of the interview, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll input your email and name. Further communications will be done through those means.
Do I pay any money?
You don’t pay a dime, as we have already settled the various media platforms that will host this interview. Any media platforms (websites) that ask you for money please report them.
How do I get started?
Get started by visiting this link to take part in the interview.

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya
When you talk about Illuminati pastors in Kenya, you talk about the latest gist one of the hottest gists in Kenya this year is the Illuminati which people allege that their activities have been in top gear as they are preparing for the 10th anniversary of the order in Kenya.

Well, we don’t know true that is as they say everything they do are secret, so how then you know the truth if everything is kept secret by the order.
What I do know is that the internet and indeed the gossip and gist section in Kenya is agog with this purported celebration, and some top pastors in Kenya are being fingered as the arrowheads of the Illuminati order. These pastors are alleged to be among the Illuminati Pastors in Kenya.
They have churches in major cities in the country, their churches can be found in
  • Mumbasi
  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Nakuru
  • Eldoret
And various other smaller cities in the country. Let’s get to the top Illuminati Pastors in Kenya, but before we do let’s see how Illuminati in this country operates.

About Illuminati In Kenya

When it comes to Illuminati and how they operate in Kenya no one can actually say they know who they go about their business, as they try to keep everything secret, some say they have their headquarters in some remote area of Kehancha in Migori city. While some say they-they have two major places of operations in Kenya one in Mombasa the other Kehancha.
The truth is Illuminati Operations worldwide is based on the two-places mode. A shrine and a meeting place, each should be in different places. It is so in South Africa, same with Uganda, so there is no denying the fact that the same thing may be true with Kenya.
If they are celebrating their anniversary look at for things that are not in order in your neighborhood, if you notice higher cases of missing persons, death and people dashing money or suddenly being generous know that something might soon be happening in your city as that is their modus opera.

Top Richest Illuminati pastors In Kenya

1. Pastor Alan Kiuna

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya
Here is a man many Kenya’s allege that he is a great man in the order. Pastor Alan hasn’t helped his case though as he gets into lots of controversies every now and then.  Of recent is the turning his church to a market place where all things are done, some even allege that his church is a front for prostitution.
In 2018 popular rumor has it he has been appointed into the grand order of the Illuminati.
Church: Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC)

2. Bishop Thomas Wahome

Thomas Wahome

If you’re in the country and you haven’t heard things good or bad about Bishop Thomas then you are sleeping since. His story is everywhere.

He was rumored to have his own book of Life where he can add or remove your name, you can also pay to have him check whether your name is in the book of Life or (book of Illuminati)

Church:  Helicopter of Christ Church

3. Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya
Thomas Wahome

It was alleged that Pastor James early 2019 knocked down a woman and killed her with his black SUV, after which he disappeared into thin air leaving the SUV there for the police to impound.

They say he may soon be left off the hook as the Police chief is one their member.

Church: Neno Evangelism Center

4. Brother Kamlesh Pattni

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

Pastor Brother Kamlesh better know as Brother Pat is generally known as one of the richest Illuminati Pastors in Kenya, as he owns many things money can buy, his properties both private and public are numerous.

He has investments in various cities like Mombasa, Nairobi and in the Maasai Mara National Park.

Church: National reconciliation

5. Pastor David Owor

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

People say Pastor Owor is a legend, his legendary status in Illuminati cannot be questioned, some say he is one of the most senior pastors in the Order as he joined when he was relatively unknown.

Yeah, people often accuse him of being responsible for various missing persons in his neighborhood. They say he has political ambition.

Church: Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church

6. Pastor Maina Njenga

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

The good hitter, known in the order’s inner circle as the hitter, this is because of his ability to be able to hit opponents bad and where it hurts the most.

Some say he is behind the numerous unsolved murders in Kitengela where his church is mainly based.

Church: Hope International Ministries.

Here you have them, the above list remain unconfirmed though.

List Of Alleged Top African Presidents That Belongs To The Illuminati

This African presidents are the hottest Illuminati things, they are well known, their powers are unmatched, that is why any coup that is planned is not successful. Some have been in power long before most of their citizens were born

This African presidents are the pioneers of Illuminati in their various countries, as an Illuminati president almost all their Cabinet members are part of this Organization.

“Sell your soul, keep your body and divide half of your brain” this the mandate of the Illuminati order, all members know this. “….when you leave you fall” a very sacred warning from the Illum grand book (more later on this interesting book that shares some resemblance with the Islamic Quran and the book of Momo of the Seventh day Adventist church now Church of Christ) we managed to lay our hands on. This warning is the most feared aspect in Illuminati, because life and death depends on this warning.

Sadly some African Presidents thinking they can game the system that brought them into power decided to ignore this warning and do whatever they want to do thereby going contrary to the Ilium grand book have falling. Ask Libya’s ex president Gadaffi if you can see him.


We are going to see the list of past and present African presidents under Illuminati, those that are still active and those that has fallen including what made them fall. (for now those that are still active)

Past and present Alleged African presidents under Illuminati


1. Paul Biya – Cameroon

1982 was the day this man came into power as Cameroonian president, he joined the Illuminati in 1980, and two years later he became president. As the head of government in Cameroon he is also the head of government of Illuminati in the country, according to an insider Paul Biya and co are required to give 100 humans every year as sacrifice for him to stay in power. He is now in power for 40 years and still counting.

2. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo – Equatorial Guinea

Teo as he is fondly called in Illuminati circles has been in power as President for 35 years, although Equatorial Guinea has a multiparty system, but Teo always wins landslide victories, almost unchallenged, best example is when he won the presidency with 97 percent of the vote in 2002. He’s accused of filling his personal bank accounts with state money and spending it on luxury vehicles, foreign real estate and expensive trips across the globe. Even state media call him a national “god” and promotes the cult of Illuminati around him.
The tiny former Spanish colony country is the 13th most corrupt in the world, according to Transparency International. Almost 200 hundred humans are reported dead at the same time in one particular day every year. This is rumoured to be the handi work of Teo and co.

3. Jose Eduardo dos Santos – Angola

Another Illuminati member that is as stubborn as they come, is Eduardo, this Angolan president has won every competition he has been in. He is reportedly the wealthiest president on the continent, worth around $20 billion, which he gained through giving himself stakes in state-owned companies and transferring public funds to his personal bank accounts. This is all possible because he is a member of the Illuminati President for 35 years,

4. Yoweri Museveni, Uganda:

Museveni joined the Illuminati in 1979 when he wanted to topple the ruthless dictator Idi Amin and was a prominent figure in the civil war that followed. Supported by the Order his National Resistance Movement, the military wing of the National Resistance Party, came out victorious and he’s ruled the country ever since. He helped kickstart economic growth and stability following the civil war, but his party’s military force grew increasingly violent. The years long fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels has both bolstered his power in the country and helped keep Uganda from flourishing. He has ruled for 28 years.

5. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe

Mugabe was the Prime Minister, then president, for 34 years. His rule began in 1980 after the guerrilla movement he led, ZANU-PF, managed to upend white-minority rule in what was then called Rhodesia. He soon descended into authoritarianism. The Zimbabwean economy has performed disastrously since he came to power. He has seized properties and violently cracked down on the opposition with torture and unlawful arrests. Why are Zimbabwens keeping quiet? Many have tried to stop him but can’t because the Illuminati power that is protecting him is of the high order.

Note: This is just conspiracy theory, nothing is confirmed here. You may take it as a joke.

How To Join Satanism And Become Rich

Apart from Illuminati, there are other avenues people join to seemingly make money, one of such is an organization known as Satanism.
Satanism which has a church named church of Satan is an evil cruel organization in the mold of Illuminati. Some say they are eviler than the Illuminati order. Others say their members can’t be easily identified, unlike the order secret organizations.
How To Join Satanism And Become Rich

At first Satanism and all it associates was thought to be one of those conspiracy theorists, people didn’t believe nor thought much of it at first, but gradually people started becoming more aware.

Some evidence has emerged from this group, evidence to suggest that Satanism is real after all. There have been documented stories of real-life people that claimed to be members, this one’s sort of confessed when they became overwhelmed by what they’ve done.

Whether they were truly in it, is what we are not sure of, but what we know is one of the members leaked how one can join up if any person wishes to free of charge. You can try afterall what do you have to lose?

But he gave a fair warning though to be precise here is the requirement you are expected to meet . This warnings are divided into categories A B and C that is page 1 2 and 3, then joining proper.

Note is important you read this warnings carefully before joining , not all free money are truely free!

List of Top Illuminati Members In South Africa

John Ruppet Head Illuminati

The Illuminati order do not mind any body, nor any country it doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white, no skin color, no racial discrimination and prejudice and in the case of South Africa no Apartheid. In the illuminati order every one is equal.

Gradually but steadily it has come to South Africa the rainbow nation. With the promise of money fame and power, many young South Africans are rushing to be initiated. Of course with great money comes great responsibilities and consequences. There is no easy money any where. Those who joined are regretting.

Here are top South Africans that belongs to the Illuminati order.

1. Gerrit “GT” Thomas Ferreira – This Man is worth $510 Million officially, he one of the many executives SA has.

2. Jannie Mouton is worth $520 Million. This person holds a position that is equivalent to a senior manager in the Illuminati word South African Branch.

3. Gus Attridge One of the richest men in South Africa and is worth $660 Million. A man that was at a time tipped to become one of the Directors of Illuminati in SA.

4. Desmond Sacco failed to do his annual sacrifice and was demoted. His business suffered and he dropped from being one of the few billionaires in SA he is now worth  $680 Million.

5. Allan Gray is not just an Illuminati member he is one the leading people when it comes to the Illuminati in Africa, a man that is ranked as a senior member in the order. By the way he is worth $1.4 Billions.

List of Top Illuminati Members In South Africa
Allan Gray


6. Johann Rupert this is the richest man in SA, with 8.1 Billions as his net worth. The head of the Illuminati in South Africa, he is among the Executives in the world.

List of Top Illuminati Members In South Africa
Patrice Motsepe

7. Patrice Motsepe worth 2.6 Billions dollars. He is the richest black South African, he made his money without Illuminati assistance, however it was rumored that he joined because he needed protection. If you cant beat them join them.

Top Benefits And Advantages Of Joining The Illuminati

Being in the Illuminati Order has many benefits, the Order promises one every good things of life, especially the good things money can buy.
Top Benefits And Advantages Of Joining The Illuminati
Today we will see the top advantages of being a member of the Illuminati.

Money / Wealth

This is the very first thing you will get, money. The amount you get is dependent on the level or rank you are in. To attain some certain ranks, you will need to do some certain difficult task set by the Order, so as you grow your money grows.

Fame and popularity

With money comes fame and popularity, you see the Order through the means of what you do will make sure you become popular and famous. It may start from your locality to national then international.


Yes this comes to selected members only, people that have proven their absolute loyalty to the Order.
Political and even spiritual powers are given to this ones, they are the elder statesmen and women in the society, presidents, Senators, Prime minister etc.


They don’t give you money, fame, power without protection, you will benefit from the protection they will give you, villages people will not see you.
Note : The Illuminati Order while having its benefits has severe consequences, so you should do well read it up.

Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda Exposed

Some pastors has been alleged to be part of this secret organization. Though this allegation is not 100 percent confirmed, but we see evidence of why people are saying what there saying on their numerous scandals.
Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda
Each pastor on this list has one or two bad thing that a man of God should not do hanging on their necks. This scandals are what the Illuminati Order are known for.
So who are this Ugandan pastors?

1. Pastor Robert Kayanja 

Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda  Pastor Robert Kayanja
The hand sign is thought to be Illuminati.
One of the richest pastors in the country and even in Africa, this man was not born rich, he was born poor suddenly he become rich.
The pastor wears designer suits, lives in a fabulous mansion overlooking Lake Victoria and preaches about wealth.
It is said that the order told him to be gay as a means of retaining his power and riches. This is why he is always involved in any high profile gay cases.
Church : Miracle Centre Cathedral  

2. Pastor Imelda Namutebi


Pastor Imelda Namutebi - Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda
An Illuminati symbol.


One of the top female pastors in the country, she has money, fame at least in Uganda. But then she doesn’t have happiness.
People say that the reason she remains unmarried for long is because she was told by the Order not to, so instead of marrying she should engage in adultery. Her scandals rarely gets out to the public, but others like her senior pastor’s scandals who she alleges encourages to be like her often gets exposed to the public, she will then deny it.
Church : Liberty Worship Center.

3. Tom Mugerwa, Mutundwe

Tom Mugerwa, Mutundwe
Tom Mugerwa Matundwe is one man that is known for his activities. Locals says his preaching and teaching is about demons, in support of demons that is.
At face value it may seem that Pastor Tom is just the regular preacher that preaches about wealth and riches, but if you dig deeper and listen attentively you will see that the routes he wants people to take in getting this riches is through satanic means.

4. Pastor Minani 

Pastor Minani - Iluminati
Accused of high profile homosexuality, they said that is the price the Order asked him to pay in other to continue living a life of luxury and gaining more followers.
So in a nutshell Pastor Minani has the objective of making people his members, turning them to being Gay. It doesn’t matter whether one is male or female.
Church : Mbuya Pentecostal Church

5. Apostle Aloysius Bugingo


Well things people do for money and power. Going by what people are this man’s own is a bit extreme, he was told to contact HIV, and live with it.
So they say his office and houses are littered with anti retro-viral drugs. It has also been rumored that he sleeps with people without protection in other to pass the ‘gift’.
Church : House of Prayer Bat valley

List Of Top Australian Illuminati Members

The Illuminati order in Australia has been going on from the day it entered Europe, it first reached Australia before it reached Asia.
The Illuminati order in Australia is peculiar for having families or bloodlines as member rather than individuals. In the USA and many countries Individuals can join up, but not in Australia, it has to be family. So generation after generation of  Illuminati families grew up to be in the order as inheritance.
So the order is very tight in Australia, they are very secretive, yet very powerful and rich. Only one or two are allowed to be famous out of each member-family.
Below are the possible Illuminati members in Australia based on the things they did or say. Including displaying their signs.(and of course our usual reliable source)
Note: The list below list are NOT confirmed members, this is a popular conspiracy theory.
1. Rolf Harris
2. Tony Abbott
3. Kyle Sandilands
4. Joe Hockey
5. Clive Palmer
6. Pauline Hanson
7. Ben Cousins
8. Tom Waterhouse
9. Brynne Edelsten
10. Lara Bingle
11. Eric Bana
12. Olivia Newton John
13. Anh Do
14. Hamish Blake
15. Rebecca Gibney

Top Shocking Illuminati Schools In Kenya

There are schools in Kenya that by action and evidence shows that they have something to do with the order, these schools are actually said to be breeding groups for different things the Illuminati does.

Top Illuminati Schools In Kenya

They say Illuminati wants to get everything, this is why they are everywhere, in politics, business, academia even in churches, just name them you can find them everywhere in the country.

So let’s see the top schools in Kenya that belongs to the Illuminati order. Note that we are not completely sure as in 100 percent sure, but then nothing in this world is absolutely sure except perhaps change.

Though some manage to come out, case in point is the one that has to do with rapè case, where a female student was forced, rumor has it the guilty male that did that dastardly act works as a teacher, where he is told that he will be given promotion.

1. Homa Bay High School 

A school that is rumored to be dedicated to the order, growing student to take up roles in order.
At every initiation student are picked based on some secret criteria, which is not made public, it is said that they are used in some minor roles in their temple and if one qualifies he or she may become a high ranking member.
The school is not scandal-free as the recent one that happened was shocking, students that are supposed to be school engaging in orgies. 

2. Alliance High school 

The rumor is quite strong about this school, it is said that the Order wants to use some of its students for sacrifice. They influence is so strong in this school that some student does sleep on graves of dead people.
We don’t really know why the should do that but what we know is that this one has been confirmed, students of this school do sleep on graves.

3. Koelel Boys High School 

One of the top Illuminati influenced schools in the country, it is alleged that this school is directly owned by the order through a proxy. 
A school where many of their students are masters of deceit, it even reached the extent where they wore skirts, turning themselves to be girls just to enter Gilgil Girls Secondary school. To what purpose we do not know.

4. Moi Girls School, Nairobi 

This school is based in Nairobi, they’ve been known to hide many of the things that they don’t want the public to know. Some people have it that the school management covers up some certain things.
The above are just some of the leading indirect school influenced by the order, they influence a lot of school around the world placing their members as top officials in most school they control.
Latestnaigist is not saying that the above schools mentioned in this article are 100percent from or for the Illuminati. But then a popular Kenyan proverb has it that anywhere a child is crying and pointing something must be there, either his or her father or mother. They have been a lot of people pointing at those schools, some of these people are seemingly from Illuminati now reformed born again, they’ve been making confession and fingering some of the above schools.

How To Easily Join Illuminati in Nigeria

The Illuminati in Nigeria has come to stay, though it is still at infancy, despite all the hyping that members and even non members have made about it. 
With what they have on ground, it is nothing as new members are still needed. They need new members that they will make rich and famous.
You can become one.
If you have been looking for how to join the Illuminati Order in Nigeria here is your golden opportunity.
If you expect to be a member, you are expected to work for it,  you must be ruthless, heartless and above all things submissive, this includes obedience to whatever you are told to do.
In Illuminati there is no difference from the normal ritual you know in Nigeria today, except perhaps the international scope to it. Illuminati is international, all other organized Satanic powers pale to this organization in comparison.
You can watch the video below to see live example.
Must have this qualities
• Ruthless : You need this, without this you can’t execute what will be required, as some may involve killing love ones.
• Heartless : No need to elaborate, when one is heartless he is capable of anything.
• Submissive: AKA obedience, this includes obeying all instructions regardless of the consequence.
Note: This qualities are in no order, also you need them all.
Here is how to join the Illuminati proper.
There is no physical location made available to the public, where you can walk in register and be certified as a member. However the Order has their way of recruitment, you don’t necessarily come to them, they come to you. Forget the people saying Lagos, Abuja, Enugu or Kano.
But before they do, you have to posses the above qualities, in addition you have learn and use their public symbols. The Other wants people who will be committed to them. Once one of their numerous agents spots you doing this,  you will be assessed and then invited if found worthy.
While doing that you can join this FB group, to increase your chances of being spotted.
Disclaimer: Latestnaijagist.com is not encouraging people to join the Order as this may result in disastrous consequences. We only share information.