List Of Alleged Fake Pastors In Nigeria And Their Crimes

There are pastors in Nigeria that are being labeled fake as a result of their actions. People who are doing things that are God hates. A man of God should not be doing things that the Bible conderms.

List Of Alleged Fake Pastors In Nigeria And Their Crimes

Is not enough to say that this pastor, that pastor is fake, know you have to back it up with fact. That is why we need to identify what makes a pastor fake.

How to identify a fake pastor?

The simple way to identify a fake pastor in Nigeria is to look at the person’s actions, and compare then contrast it with what the Bible says.

For example some of God’s command is do not steal, do not commit murder, God urges not be dishonest, honesty involves not defrauding people, but helping people selflessly.

Now some seemingly men of God are doing this things that God hates. They are dishonest defrauding their Church members of their hard-earned money that runs in millions. They are documented instances of pastors killing people, pastors committing adultery and crimes. Let us see some those.

According to the Guardian newspaper one

– Pastor of Voice of Canaan Church, Cherubim and Seraphim, Azuri-Okene, in Adavi kogi state killed a prostitute for ritual purposes the pastors name is Otaru Olusegun, he even confessed to the crime.

List Of Alleged Fake Pastors In Nigeria And Their Crimes
Caught in the act

– According to the online newspaper, a pastors was arrested for killing a 7 year old and burying the body in his house, the pastors name is Adedoyin Oyekan who is based in Lagos, he confessed and led the police to where they found the mutilated body of the young boy.

– According to Nigerian online monitor Nigerian monitor/ a pastor was caught while engaging in armed robbery, the name of the man is Pastor Isaiah (surname withheld) him and his gang has killed up to 4 policemen before they were caught.

– According to a pastor from
Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel, Adeniyi Johnson by name, was caught with human meat. Upon interrogation he said that the spirit told him to share the meat with his dying son.

When you dig deeper, you’ll find out more about these fake pastors, their names and churches including the act that made them fake. This is why one ought to be careful when attending some churches.

Now the question is how do I know real pastors in Nigeria? Is an easy question to ask but not so easy to get the answer, because any pastor you ask he or she will tell you that he is the one.

The best thing to do is to know what makes a man of God real. If you want to find counterfeit money what you need to do is to study the real money, this way when you spot the counterfeit one you’ll know. But if you study the counterfeit money how many counterfeit features will you commit to memory before you become an expert.

So we won’t say this man pastor is real, use the how to identify fake pastor and juxtapose with what a real pastor should be, the qualities he or should have, but bear in mind that no one is perfect.

List of Igbo Languages Dialect And States Found

List of Igbo Languages Dialect And States

This is a list of different Igbo languages, their dialect, and states they are spoken.

Like every other language Igbo’s have various dialect and tongues, sometimes some these languages are hard to easily understand especially the of Ebonyi state, this is why Igbo the Igbo central language also known as Igbo Nzugbe is used all over Igboland as the language is central to every Igbo person.

It is used for teaching and for communicating with different Igbo communities.

Arochukwu: is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Abia state.

Ngwa is an Igbo group, constitute the largest and most populous sub-ethnicity, in southeastern Nigeria. They are found in Abia State.

Nsukka is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Nsukka, Enugu State.

Enuani is an Igbo dialect spoken in Nigeria by the Igbo people of Delta State, Onitsha, Obosi and Ogbaru in Anambra State and Ndoni in Rivers State.

Ukwuani (Anioma) is an Igboid Language. They are found majorly in the Northern part of Delta State and in
some parts of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Ukwuani is the second largest ethnic nationality in Delta state after the Urhobo people. It is also the largest in Delta North region which is referred to as the Anioma.

Ozara is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Nkanu west in Enugu state.

Ogba (also Oba) is an Igbo dialect of the Ogba people of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Umuezeohaka is an Igbo dialect/group of people in Ado, Oju, Obi and Okpoku LGAs of Benue state.

Ekpeye is an Igboid language of Rivers State, Nigeria. Mgbo language, Mgbolizhia, is an Igbo language spoken in Ebonyi state in Nigeria.

Ikwerre is an Igboid language spoken primarily by the Ikwerre people who inhabit Rivers State, Nigeria.

Ezaa is an Igbo language spoken in Ebonyi state in Nigeria. It forms a dialect cluster with closely related Izii, Ikwo , and Mgbo , though they are only marginally mutually intelligible.

Ikwo is an Igbo language spoken in Ebonyi state in Nigeria.

Ohuhu is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Umuahia, Abia state.

Owerri is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Owerri, Imo state.

Agbor is an Igboid dialect with Bini influence spoken by the people of Ika south, Delta state.

Ibeku is an Igbo dialect spoken by some people of Owerri and Umuahia in Imo and Abia respectively.

Isuama is an Igbo dialect spoken in by the emancipated slaves from Igbo Origin in Sierra Leone.

Afikpo is an Igbo dialect spoken by some group of people in Ebonyi state.

Ohafia is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Bende in Abia State… Enugu-Ezike is an Igbo dialect spoken by the Enugu- Ezike people of Enugu state.

Izugbe is an Igbo dialect spoken generally by all Igbo groups.

Idemili is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Idemili North and south in Anambra state.

Mbaise is an Igbo dialect spoken by the people of Mbaise in Imo state.

List of Igbo Clans In Niger Delta Nigeria

List of Igbo Clans In Niger Delta Nigeria

Here is the list of Igbo clans in Niger Delta area of Nigeria West Africa. The Igbo’s are mainly concentrated in the Eastern part of Nigeria, they together with Hausa and Yoruba form the largest tribes in Nigeria.

List of Igbo Clans In Niger Delta Nigeria

Igbos in Niger Delta

There are indigenous Igbo in Niger Delta is scattered in various parts of Niger Delta. What is now known as Niger Delta consist of Rivers, Bayelsa,  Delta, Akwa Ibom others are Cross River, Abia, Imo and Ondo.
However geographical Rivers, Delta and Bayelsa are considered the core States of Niger Delta not just because they produce oil but because of the location of those states.
1) Egbema -Rivers state/imo
2) Ecthe Rivers state
3) Omuma – Rivers state
4) Ndoni – Rivers state and Delta
5) Ikwerre- Rivers state
6) Ekpeye — Rivers state
7) Obigbo – Rivers state
8) Aniocha – Delta state
9) Ika – Delta state
10) Agbor- Delta state
11) Oshimili – Delta state
12) Igbanke/Igboakiri- Edo state
13) Ndokwa – Delta state
14) Opobo – Rivers state
15) Ukwuani— Delta state
16) Asaba — Delta state
 17) Ogba – Rivers state
18) Osekwenike, Abuetor and Eke Okpokri villages, all
in Sagbama area of Bayelsa, it is reported that there are Igbo of Ukwuani stock, and as such, are of the Anioma
igbo clan of the Igbo ethnic group in -Bayelsa.
20) (the Umuezekaoha people numbering over 300
villages), — Benue state
21) The indigenous Igbo-speaking communities in Kogi state especially in Ibaji and Igalamela/Odolu LGAs –
such as the Eke Avurugo community, such as Nwajala, Umuoye,
Ubulie-Umuez, Ozara, and Umuoye and many.
However, the Igbos are more prominent In Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, and major parts of Delta and Rivers states.
They can be found in small numbers like some LGA where they have a village or two in Akwa Ibom, Benue, Cross River, Edo, and Kogi.

Abuja To Kaduna Train Schedule Prices And Stations

Abuja Kaduna Train Schedule
Abuja Kaduna Train Schedule
NRC Train

Abuja to Kaduna train schedule, movements, routes, train stations, and fees are below. The Federal government of Nigeria recently launched new locomotives trains to ply the Abuja Kaduna corridor, the number of trips is now 4 from 2.

How much is Abuja Kaduna ticket prices?

Here is the train schedule for Abuja to Kaduna

Ticket prices for Shuttle

First class (Normal): 2500 Naira
First class (Express): 3000 Naira
Economy(Normal): 1300 Naira
Economy (Express): 1500 Naira

What Is the schedule for Abuja to Kaduna Train?

Route and train stations

Kaduna to Abuja

Train stations at towns of Rigasa Kubwa and Idu
1st trip
Departure time is 6:40 AM from Rigasa, arrives at 8:28 AM at Kubwa and departs from Kubwa at 8:28 AM, arrives at Kubwa at 8:43 AM.
2nd trip
Departure and arrival time: Rigasa 10:35 arrival – 12:59, Kubwa – 13:04 to 13:20 at Idu.
3rd trip
Departure and arrival time: Rigasa 14:00 to 15:58 PM, Kubwa – 16:03 to 16:16 at Idu.
4th trip
Departure and arrival time: Rigasa 18:00 to 20:04, Kubwa – 20:07 to 20:20 at Idu.

Abuja to Kaduna route

1st trip
Departure and arrival time from Idu is 7:00 AM, arrives at Kubwa 7:14, departs 7:17 AM arrives at Rigasa 9:15 AM.
2nd trip
Departure and arrival time: Idu 9:50 to 10:02, Kubwa – 10:07 to 12:01 at Rigasa.
3rd trip
Departure and arrival time: Idu 14:20 to 14:36, Kubwa – 14:41 to 17:00 at Rigasa.
4th trip
Departure and arrival time: Idu 18:00 to 18:12, Kubwa 18:15 to 19:56 at Rigasa.
Days: Monday to Saturday.
For Sundays, there are only two trips for each route

Abuja to Kaduna

Ist trip
Departure and arrival time: Idu 12:30 to 12:44, Kubwa 12:49 to 15:02 PM at Rigasa.
2nd trip 
Departure and arrival time: Idu 17:00 to 17:12, Kubwa 17:17 to 19:05 at Rigasa.

What Is the schedule for Kaduna Abuja Train?

Kaduna to Abuja

Ist trip
Departure and arrival time: Rigasa 13:00 to 14:49, Kubwa14:54 to 15:06 at Idu.
2nd trip
Departure and arrival time: Rigasa 16:00 to 18:02, Kubwa18:07 to 18:21 at Idu.
Express shuttle stops at Kubwa and then Rigasa if you’re heading to Kaduna from Abuja.

The New Nigerian Railway Train Service Prices And Schedule

The New Nigerian Railway Train Service Prices And Schedule

The Railway train service prices and schedule for customers who are interested. Passenger Train Schedule The following passenger train services are currently running across the Country.

Lagos – Ilorin (Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays) Departs Iddo 09.00hrs Arrives Ilorin 18.34hrs of the same day.

Ilorin – Lagos (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays) Departs Ilorin 11.00hrs of Wednesday Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs of the same day.

Departs Ilorin 09.00hrs on Saturdays and Sundays Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs.

 Lagos – Kano (Every Friday) Departs Iddo 12.00hrs Arrives Kano 17.01hrs on Saturday.

 Kano – Lagos (Every Monday) Departs Kano 09.00hrs Arrives Lagos 14.24hrs on Tuesday.

 Offa – Kano (Every Tuesday) Departs Offa 22.00hrs Arrives Kano 18.05hrs on Wednesday.

Kano – Offa (Every Friday) Departs Kano 08.30hrs Arrives 05.35hrs on Saturday.

 Minna – Kaduna – Minna (Every Sunday, Monday & Tuesday)

 Nguru – Kano (Every Tuesday and Friday)

Kaduna Inter-City [Commuter Service] (Mondays – Saturdays)

 Lagos Inter-City [Commuter Service] (Monday s – Saturdays)

Here is the schedule for the the new Abuja Kaduna and Kaduna to Abuja

(From Lagos)
1st  CLASS (N)
(Air Conditioned)
(Air Conditioned)

List OF Courses Offered In FRCN Training School

The Federal radio coperation of Nigeria Africa’s biggest radio channel
FRCN the Training School arm is now organizing Training for students in
various courses. Both for part time and full time courses.


List OF Courses Offered In FRCN Training School

Founded in 1957, the FRCN Training School has a reputable track record
of training broadcasters who have gone on to excel in the industry
locally and internationally.

Located near the GRA, Ikeja Lagos,the School’s courses are open to
FRCN staff, public, State and commercial broadcaster stations as well  as private individuals. There are also short courses that cater for
outsiders. Such courses include speech and voicer training presentation and writing skills for institutions and companies. Of high demand are the journalism, presentation, and production courses.

List courses and Department im FRCN Training School

Information Technology
Digital Studio Management
General Studies
Production – Visual, Audio and script.


For Basic Courses, Candidates must have the School Certificate like West Africa school certificate or its
equivalent with Five (5) Credits including English Language.

Practicing professionals in relevant fields can also apply.

There is no provision for accommodation, prospective students will have to make arraignment for accommodation before the training starts.

At the end of the Training you’ll be certified (a diploma is often given) by the Federal Government through the Federal radio Corporation of Nigeria. This certificate can enable you work in various media houses like Radio and TV stations and many other places that require your skills and knowledge.

How to Apply For FRCN Training School

1. Visit their website as at

2. Read up the information there, including the address and location of the training school.

3. Here you’ll get all the phone numbers and email address for various departments including the training department, send them an email or call through those numbers.

3. For more infomation like school fees, certificate worth etc call Mrs Aganoke, Patricia.N………….08056176737 OR
Mr Aliyu…………08055590479 (This numbers may no longer work)

Also read List of top broadcasting schools in Nigeria

Note: Pregnant and nursing mother are not encouraged to apply. There applications are offten rejected.