36 states of Nigeria and Languages Spoken

36 states of Nigeria and Languages Spoken

Among the 521 languages in Nigeria, the division is obviously enumerated below.

The classification shows the 36 states of Nigeria and the federal capital territory with the number of the language spoken in each of the states.

Languages in Nigeria Are

1. Abia state

Igbo is the only first language spoken in Abia state. All local government areas.

2. Adamawa state

There are 58 languages spoken as first languages in Adamawa State. Major languages of Adamawa State are Bacama/Bata (Bwatiye), Bura phabir, Fultfulde, Huba (Kilba), Longuda, Mumuye and Samba Daka.

Most other languages in Adamawa State are extremely small and endangered minority languages, due to the influence of Hausa and Fulfulde. Holma is reported to be dying out.

3. Anambra state

There are three languages which are spoken as first languages in Anambra state. Igala and Igbo are the major languages of Anambra State, but Igbo dominates. Aduge is a small minority language.

4. Akwa Ibom state

There are 20 languages spoken as first languages in Akwa Ibom State. The major languages are Anaang, Ibibio, and Igbo. The other languages such as Anaang, Ebughu, Efai, Ekit, Ibino, Ibuoro, etc are minority languages.

5. Bauchi State

There are 60 languages spoken as first languages in Bauchi State. Major languages spoken in Bauchi State are Bole, Fulfulde, and Hausa. Most others are very small and extremely endangered languages, due to the strong influence of Hausa. Ajawa, Gamo-Ningi, Kubi, and Mawa are extinct, Lere, Shau, and Ziriya are nearly extinct. Many others may follow.

6. Bayelsa State

There are 10 languages spoken as first languages in Bayelsa State. Most languages belong to the Ijo cluster. There are Biseni, Ekpeye, Engine, Epie, Ijo, Izon, Kubo, Ogbia, Okodia, Oruma.

7. Benue State

There are 14 languages spoken as first languages in Benue State. The major languages are Idoma, Igede, and Tiv. The other languages are the minority.

8. Borno State

There are 28 languages spoken as first languages In Borno State. Many of them are endangered due to the influence of Hausa and Kanuri. Major languages of Borno State are Shuwa Arabic, Kanuri, and Marghi. Some languages are spoken across the border in neighboring Chad and Cameroon.

9. Cross River

There are 50 languages spoken as first languages in Cross River State. The major language of Cross River State is Efik. Bokyi, Ejagham, Igede, and Yala are also fairly large. The other languages are minority languages.

10. Delta State

There are 11 languages spoken as first languages in Delta State. The major languages are Igbo, Igala, Isekiri, Izon (Ijaw) and Urhobo. The other languages are minority languages.

11. Ebonyi State

There are five languages spoken as first languages in Ebonyi State: Izi ezaa-ikwo-mgbo, Kukele, Legbo, Mbembe, Cross River, Oring (all languages are affiliated to Igbo)

12. Edo State

There are 17 languages spoken as first languages in Edo State. The major languages are Ebira, Edo, Esan, and Okpamheri.

13. Ekiti State

Only Izon is spoken as the first language in Ekiti State.

14. Enugu State

Only Igbo is spoken as the first language in Enugu State.

15. Gombe State

There are 21 languages spoken as first languages in Gombe State. Most of them are endangered due to the strong influence of Hausa and Fulfulde. Major languages are Fulfulde, Hausa, Tangale, and Waja.

16. Imo State

Igbo is the Major language.

17. Jigawa state

Four languages are spoken as first languages in Jigawa State. Bade, Hausa, Kanuri, Warji. Two more languages Auyokawa and Teshenawa were spoken in this region before, but are now extinct.

18. Kaduna State

There are 57 languages spoken as first languages in Kaduna State. Gbari and Hausa are major languages, most other languages are small and endangered minority languages, due to the influence of Hausa. Sheni is almost extinct.

19. Kano State

There are four languages spoken as the first language in Kano State. Fulfulde and Hausa are major languages, Duwai and Kaduna are small minority languages.read gains of conflict

20. Kastina State

Only two languages fulfulde and Hausa are spoken as first languages in Katsina State.

21. Kebbi state

Hausa language is the dominant language spoken here.

22. Kogi state

Igala, Ebira, and Okun languages are the main languages here.

Other smaller languages are Bassa, a small fraction of Nupe mainly in Lokoja, Gwari, Kakanda, Oworo people ogori magongo and the Eggan community under Lokoja Local Government Area.

23. Kwara state

Kwara is divided mainly between Yoruba and Fulani/Hausa languages.

24. Lagos State

Lagos has Yoruba as the most dominant language closely followed by Igbo languages. Other minority are Hausa and Edo.

25. Nasarawa State

Fulani and Hausa are the most dominant languages.

26. Niger State

Hausa is widly spoken here.

27. Ogun State

Yoruba is the only language here.

28. Ondo State

Yoruba language is the main language in this state, minory speak izon (ijaw)

29. Osun State

Yoruba is the only language spoken in this state.

30. Oyo State

Yoruba is widely spoken here.

31. Plateau state

Berom and Eggon are major languages spoken in this state. The other is Hausa.

32. Rivers State

Ikwerre (afflicted to Igbo), Igbo, Ijaw languages are the main languages, followed by Ogoni.

33. Sokoto State

Fulani and Hausa are the major languages here.

34. Taraba State

Major languages are Mumuye Jukun, Jango, Kuteb, Chamba and Mambilla. Fulani is spoken by minority.

35. Yobe State

Languges spoken here are Bade Bole, Duwai, Karekare, Maka, Ngamo, and Ngizim.Hausa language is also spoken.

36. Zamfara State

Languages spoken in Zamfara are mainly Hausa and Fulani.

How to Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

Some bullies want to provoke you just to see how you’ll react. How then, can you beat a bully without using your fists?

How to Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fists

1.TAKE A LIGHTHEARTED APPROACH. If a taunt is simply an attempt at humor, try to laugh it off instead of getting offended. “Sometimes it’s just a matter of not taking aggressive statements so seriously, “says a student named Jack. If a bully sees that his words have little effect,he
may stop the harassment.

2. BE MILD. A kind reply is what the bully least expects,and it
can defuse a tense situation.True,keeping coolheaded when under attack takes self-control. But it’s always the better course. Mildness is a sign of strength. The mild person isn’t easily thrown off balance, while the bully is often insecure, frustrated, or even desperate.

3.PROTECT YOURSELF. If a situation seems out of control, you may need to
find an escape route.So if violence appears imminent, walk or run away
.If escape is impossible, you may need to ward off violence the best way you can.

The bottom line?
A Bully can’t win if you refuse to play his game. So don’t get sucked into the flames of his anger. Instead, take control of the situation by employing the above suggestions.
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Best Paid Online Writing Sites For Students

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How To Resist Peer Pressure In College The Easy Way

Imagine where all your age mates are urging you to do something that’s bad, something you don’t wonna do. What will you do? Will you give in and do it or will just walk away? So then what is Peer pressure? This is simply a desire to do things which you don’t like doing but you give in and do it because you want to fit-in and be accepted by others.

Are you the type that always allow others your peers in this case to make decisions for you? Or do you have the courage to stand up for your convictions? Do you find it hard to stand up for what you know is right? Well the truth is no, matter what you can! Win your peers, this post will teach you practical things that can help you in this issue.

The key is to see the pressure coming and decide in advance how you will respond to it. Here is four steps that will help you deal with it

Steps to deal with pressure

1. Know what’s coming : Often, you can see trouble in advance. for instance you maybe walking along the school compound and see a group of your schoolmates up ahead, and they’re smøking. How likely is it that they’ll offer you a cigarettè? By anticipating the problem, you’ll be ready either to avoid it or to confront it.

2. Ynu need to Think:You need motivation, a strong motivation that when you think about it you’ll refrain from giving in. You might ask yourself, “How will I feel in the long run if I go along with my peers ideas ?” True, you might gain temporary approval of your peers. But in the long run you will have to live with the consequences.

3. Make your mind up: Now is really when you have to decide to do what your peers are doing or not, for example you have to decide to smoke with your peers or not. Decide what you’ll do in advance.

4. Finally just Act : You might think this is the hardest part. It’s not! Infact it’s very easy just close your eyes and with your decision. If you’ve already thought about the consequences and made up your mind, stating your position can be surprisingly easy and rewarding. you don’t have to give your peers a lecture about why you won’t join them. A simple but firm NO may suffice.

The key here is to respond promptly and with conviction. If you do you might be suprised how quickly your peers will back off and stop harassing you. But sometimes they may mock you, rather than feeling bad or emotionally hurt. Recognize this sort of taunt for what it is pure peer pressure. In this situation you are expected to respond, as walking away from such confrotation won’t make it go away. How then can you respond? Here are three (3) options for you

How to respond to peer pressure without walking away

You could absorb the taunt for example you could say
You,re right, I am scared! Then briefly state your reason.
You could deflect the pressure by stating your position, while not making an issue over it.
You could return the pressure. How? State your reason for refusing then appeal to your peer’s intellect. For example you could say I thought you were too smart to smoke!.

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6 Tips To Get a Girl On a Date On First Try

6 Tips To Get a Girl On a Date On First Try

For some boys it’s easy to ask a girl out and pick her on a date, some even brag with it, while some others find it difficult to even talk to a girl talk more of asking her out. To some to get a girl on a date on first try is not possible they think it can’t be done.

The goodnews! You can now ask any girl out and be successful, with this quick and actionable tips it’s now easy.

Get her on first try tips

1. Be confident As a guy who wants a girl you have to be confident, have the mind-set that you’ll get her, with that confidence your self-esteem will be boasted, imagine when you think and believe yourself that “everything is possible”.
2. Don’t be overconfident You need to have confidence but don’t over-do it, overconfident will make you fail as soon as you’ve started. A girl wants to see a boy who is strong-willed, who can’t be pushed about but has understanding, overconfident can rob you of that, so you see you need to balance it.
3. Dressing And Grooming Dressing speaks volume of the type of person you are, even before you make your move the girl have already assessed you. Dressing and Grooming works hand in hand, girls love guys who are cute and dress properly but they also hate those who are overdressed, you don’t have to be overly handsome to attract a girl, dress and groom smartly, you’ll be cute if your are European give your hair a nice touch, for Africans comb your hairs if you’re spotting an Afro.
4. Be bold When you see a girl and she sees you, you two make eye contact what happens next is predictable she frowns and turns her face away. This is when boldness comes in you need to be bold to still walk up to her and introduce yourself, if you give up then you won’t get any other girl because many girls are bound to do that.
4. Strike a balance between good judgement and boldness It good to be bold we know, but is it good to be too bold? No over boldness can scare the girl away. If you noticed that the girl don’t want you or your attention at that moment then forget her for the moment, by doing that you’d be showing understanding because you don’t know why she didn’t give you attention back then. By doing that also you’ll open a good door when next you meet her.

This tips will help you get any girl you want, is it not working for you? Tweak it to your circumstances that’s where Intelligence comes in. Oh! I didn’t put intelligence? Now am putting it.

Note: Although girls and boys were used in this post, ladies, men, and women can also be substituted were appropriate, the concept applies to all humans in or wants to start relationships.

Who is next? Mandela Bush and Thatcher

Margeret ThatcherNelson MandelaGeorge Bush

It was a remarkable but unplanned coincidence around the Christmas holiday period of 2012. Margaret Thatcher, 88, George H. Bush, 89 and Nelson Mandela, 99 all found themselves in hospital to receive medical attention. Mandela went in to treat a stubborn lung infection, Bush the Elder to treat a fever and other ailments as reported by foxnews on Bush hospitalization and Thatcher was hospitalized to remove a growth on her bladder. The Iron Lady, as she was nicknamed by a Soviet Defence Ministry newspaper in 1976 even before she became prime minister, had 2001 and 2002 suffered mild strokes. Even though two out the three leaders are alive and may yet live on for many more years, they are, however, enfeebled by age and are facing a countdown in the closing stages of their lives.
In a way, however, and no matter how much we still want the two remaining leaders with us, I think their next step may be their final one, that is the ultimate step of all, death. The question now is who is next? Not will they die? Yes they left power a long time ago, and so their final departure may not have the same dramatic impact their exit from office had, but there is no doubt that much more than their countries, the world will be sad to see them go. They were not just iconic, prescient, briliant and charismatic, Mandela and the late Thatcher including Bush Snr more so the breadth and content of their administration, and the continuing relevance of their policies, ideas and styles have combined to imbue them with freshness and permanence that belie their age and health. Thatcher left office 22 years ago, Mandela 13 years ago, Bush Snr 19 years ago. But it seemed like only yesterday.
The health of the two remaining leades will be monitored closely and carefully by both analysts and doctors; the analysts because of the relevance of the leaders to the health of their countries; the doctors because of the personal health of the two leaders themselves. Clearly, the more important of the two types of health conditions is the relevance of the leaders to their countries’ wellbeing. Leaders are seldom measured by their personal longevity, but by their longevity in office, or more appropriately, the quality and impact of their policies, and sometimes, too, their ideas. The two leaders may be observed in terms of theatre play, as observed by former US President, Nixon, many years ago, “When the curtain goes down on a play, members of the audience file out of the theatre and go home to resume their normal lives. When the curtain comes down on a leader’s career, the very lives of the audience have been changed, and the course of history may have been profoundly altered.” This observation is true of Mandela, the late Thatcher and Bush Snr.

What then should potential young leaders learn from them?

I hope potential and serving leaders alike should be able to learn a thing or two about leadership from those who have personified leadership so inimitably and so daringly. Of the three great leaders, Mandela is probably the most solid and respected, Thatcher the most impactful and iconoclastic, and Bush the most measured and influential. Thatcher was not just the longest serving British prime minister of the 20th century, she remains the first and only woman to have occupied that office. She understood Britain, that understanding helped her to project British confidence and power brilliantly. More of Thatcher can be found on BBC history Nigerian leaders, World leaders and soon to be, should imitate the three former leaders, in being solid and respected, like Mandela; having impact to people’s lives like the late Thatcher and being influential like Bush Snr.</> With each passing day, week, month, and year, the two remaining leadership icons gets closer to their final step in life. As we watch and learn from Nelson Mandela, George H. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, let us know that one day one or both will be next. So who will be next?

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Internet fraudstars, scammers how the make money

I was motivated to write this post because I nearly fell victim to them.
So am going to expose their ways i.e how those internet scammers operate, stealing their victims money, yes I call it stealing
This guys take advantage of their victims compassion and Ignorance to dope victims of their hard earned money. Let us take a look on how this guys operate

Anne John-the of the scammer
Ronald davies- the so called staff at Royal bank of scotland department of International money transfer.
Senegal-the country the scammer come from
Here is their first email
from: Anne John
To: The victem
Hello my dear
How are you today,My name is Anne, I saw your profile today and became
interested in you, I will also want to know you more and if you don't
mind i want you to send an email to my private e-mail box so I will
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to netcontacts.com.ng (or any other social media) always
thanks yours new friend Anne here is my email
( anne john baby@yahoo.co.uk )
from:the victim
To: Anne John
I've heared you and will be glad to become your friend
from:Anne John
To:The victim
Dear one, Please be honest with me I am orphan ?
am writing at this hour because of my status as a refugee in Dakar
Senegal And I am an orphanage child , as a result of the assassination
of my parents by rebel group which left me with no one except me that
survived by the help of Red cross team that brought me to Senegal
my father was chairman managing director of Larry & Sons Industrial
Company Ltd in the capital of my Country Rwanda Central Africa, before
the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed he with my
mother in cold blood
He deposited 4.5 million us dollarsin bank
.and I have written to the bank to claim the money as the next of kin
because of my deplorable condition in Senegal and the bankreplied that
due to my refugee status that I am not qualified to claim the money that
I have to look for a reliable foreign partner to claim the fundsby
signing a check of the total sum in your names for me that is the only
condition the bank gave me.

And now I want to know if you are
honest and reliable because if I lose this money I will suffer all my
life on earth and I will not finish my education any so be honest tome
if you will betray me please tell me,and I want you to treat this with
the absolute confidence
and hold it to yourself without somebody knowing for my safety.
If you are able pls help me best regards Anne
From: The victim
To:Anne John
well am so sorry to hear that. I will assist anyway I can provided I
get my own share.
To be continued feel free share with others

Meanwhile learn how to protect yourself from them including types of scammers out their read 9 tips to prevent e-mail Internet scammers