What You Need To Know About Dating and Marriage a case study

Are you Dating already? Or want to marry? Or you are planning on
doing that? If so this is for you.
Dating is a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by
two persons with the aim of each assesing the other’s suitability as a
partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. While the term has
several senses, it usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging
in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a
The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe
it, vary considerably from country to country. The most common sense
is two people trying out a relationship and exploring whether they’re
compatible by going out together in public as a couple, and may or may
not yet be having sexual relations, and this period of courtship is
sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage.
In the Middle Ages in Europe weddings were seen as business
arrangements between families, while romance was something that
happened outside of marriage discreetly, such as covert meetings. The
12th century book The Art of Courtly Love advised that ”True love can
have no place between husband and wife.” Clandestine meetings were
the precursors to today’s dating, according to one writer in The
Guardian. A few centuries ago, dating ” evolved out of courtship
ritual where young women entertained gentlemen callers, usually in the
home, under the watchful eye of a chaperone. Since about 1700,
however, according to professor David Christian of Macquarie
University in Australia, a new worldwide movement with the aim of
empowering individuals took hold, leading to the emancipation of women
and the equality of individuals. Men and women became more equal
politically, financially, socially in many nations. Women earned the
right to vote and own property and equal treatment by the law and
these changes had profound impacts on the relations between men and
women, including dating. Among young people, initally among the lower
classes, whose homes were often not suitable for entertaining, dating
in public places became more prominent, with the sense that a couple
would go out to a movie or dinner with the expectation that this might
ultimately lead to a relationship and marriage. Advice for women was
to often play hard to get. Traditional dating activities included
entertainment or a meal,and happened to most couples before their
marriage, between the teen aged years and early thirties; in 1851 in
Britain, the average age of people getting married was 24 and it
stayed there, dipping slightly in the 1950, before rising to te
current age of 24 according to wikipedia.
What about now?
Well for one we are living in a time full of different kinds of
technology, which has played a huge role in dating. Example the
telephone enabled dates to be arranged without fa ce-to-face contact,
the effects of the automobile on societies included extending the
range of dating as well as back seat sexual exploration. Also the
advent of birth control as well as safer procedures for abortion
changed the equation considerably, and there was less pressure to
marry as a means for satisfying sexual urges. New types of
relationship formed as a result of that, it was possible for people to
live together without marrying and without having to deal with
children. Today dates in Australia, USA, UK, and other countries are
arranged by text messaging!.
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