Why things are so expensive in Nigeria


2. Little to no local productivity (we don’t even refine our crude)

3. A large percentage of our HUGE population is unemployed based on (2) above.

4. The generally unfavorable regional and global financial and security situation.

5. Corruption and dishonesty in dealing with ourselves. The best example of this is how we can’t even account for the utilisation of the fuel we import daily with billions of hard earned and limited USD earnings.

6. Localised insecurity resulting directly and indirectly from all of the above.

In conclusion, a country where the Army is on internal security operations in almost ALL the states is surely experiencing shocks that surpass economic instability. Never mind the obvious repercussions of this fact, some of which I have enumerated.

Does Japan share the same problems? Maybe some, but surely not at our level for the few they may have.

May God protect and keep us all in this country

Fact check: Is Selegen Victor AD Twin?

The internet have been abuzz with some pictures of upcoming Nigerian musician Selegen, looking exactly like Victor AD. Some say he is the brother Victor talked about, some say he is his twin.

Well latestnaijagist can verify that this upcoming Nigerian musician is in no way related to Victor AD. They just share a striking resemblance.

Who is this Selegen?

Martin O. Whose stage name is Selegen is an upcoming Nigerian Abia state based hip-hop artist he has done shows in PH, Umuahia, including popular clubs like Delatino, Where else, Evergreen etc.

He took the internet by storm when did a gig for Nescafe. Under Nescafe one song competition.

Some of his tracks are

  • Who say
  • Journey
  • Nescafe one song etc.

For enquiry and bookings call

Top Industrial Zones and Parks in Kano State

According to official government records Kano State a state in the Northern part of Nigeria is dotted with several industrial parks and zones. These are

Industrial estate and companies in Kano State

1. Challawa Industrial Estate that houses.

Companies are

Rice Mills, Beverages, Jute Bags Manufacturing, Plastic Products manufacturing, wool, fabrics and footwears

2. Sharada Industrial Estate, Phases 1, 2 and 3 dealing with


Hides and Skin, Textile mills, Foundry and steel rolling mills, Vegetable oil Mills, Plastic pipe extruding plants, Afro sacks plants, etc.

3. Bompai Industrial Estate accommodating


Flour mills, Mattress production, Animal feeds plant, etc.

Bet9ja Not Opening Use the new web address

Nigerians foremost site for winning money bet9ja is longer working, as you currently can’t access the website with the web address you’ve come to know. You can now visit the new bet9ja web address.

Nothing changed when compared to the old vs new version. While giving same features they both have. You  can book, check ticket and pay for your games.


The new bet9ja address is www.bet9ja2.com

Codes To Buy Recharge Cards From Your Bank

How to recharge phone from your bank account, in Nigeria. (All banks)
1.Access bank:*901* amount#

2.Eco bank*326*amt#
4.FCMB:*389*214*amnt# 5.F.bank:*894*amnt#
7.heritage bnk:*322*030*amnt#
10.IBTC: *909*amnt# 11.Sterling:*822*amount#
13.Unity bnk:*322*215*amount#
14.Zenith:*966*amnt# or *302*amnt# (for
mtn users)
15.Diamond bank(yellow acct. only):*710*555*phone
To check your BVN dial
*565*0# from your
registered phone.

Biafra: South East Nigeria Contribution In Oil

A big pie is seemingly better than a small pie, but what happens when the big pie is rotten inside but the small pie is OK inside? The small one automatically becomes better.
Biafra: South East Nigeria Contribution In Oil
The South East (SE) Biafra is better off standing with a bigger Nigeria if we can make it work, but if we can’t a smaller country. Yes less population, less respect by other bigger nations, less market etc, but what is that compared to good healthcare, good roads, lights, food, security, beautiful and serene environment etc.
You see there is a reason people prefer England over India, Israel over Congo, SA over Nigeria, even small  Seychelles over many bigger countries, people want to live in a place they will live like humans, in a place life expectancy is as it should be, no Boko haram no Fulani herdsmen that is killing off people like chicken.
Coming to the topic, the South Eastern states their worth. Yes they have human resources, that is sure but we all will want to know the amount in cash they contribute to the National purse. 
When I talk about ‘cash’ I mean money generated from Mineral resources, of which the SE has many Oil, Gas, Coal, Iron, Sand etc. 
But for the sake of simplicity we take Oil not Gas, only Crude oil.
Abia around 31000 B per day
Imo around 40,000 B per day
Anambra around 55,000 B per day 
The 3 states combined have a total of 126,000 per day, this could go up if some abandoned oil wells were reactivated after resolving some community issues, however we go with the current figures.
50 dollars per barrel * 126000 = 6300000 per a day
6300000* 30 days = 189000000
189 000000 * 12 months = 2268000000
So the South East states contributes two billion, two hundred sixty-eight million dollars a year.
Say lets remove Anambra to reflect the reality we know we are left with 
Abia 31k
Imo 40k
Equals to 1278000000N
So the 2 South East States without Anambra contributes one billion, two hundred seventy-eight million dollars, every year to Nigeria.
It becomes more interesting when converted to Naira,
Using 350 per dollar
With Anambra = 793800000000 seven hundred ninety-three billion, eight hundred million Naira
Without Anambra =  4473000000 four hundred forty-seven billion, three hundred million Naira.
If the SE landmass is small as people would have us believe then there is no reason why this money won’t go round the SE landmass in terms of solid  infrastructure in few years.
This is only oil, not Gas, nor Coal, not taxes, not import duties only Oil. This is only What the South East states contribute not Igboland, of which Rivers and Delta states are part of among other states.
So what does Igbos represented by human resources and Igboland representing mineral resources contribute to Nigeria?
The truth is every region in Nigeria contributes its own quota towards our development no matter how little.
But then things need to be done decently in this country otherwise a smaller country will emerge. Remember a quality smaller pie is way better than a bigger rotten pie.
 Is Nigeria a Zoe?

Ways to Source for Funds In Africa and Nigeria for Projects

Are a you an African? Do you live and work in Africa? Are you from Nigeria? Do you have an idea, a dream project you wish to start and you believe the project has what it takes to go all the way?
It may seem very difficult obtaining funds in other to start your own business, but the truth is this; funds sourcing in Nigeria and Africa is difficult because of the gap in information, don’t think you can’t get funds, you can get it, however it all depends on where to look, which boils down to information.

Ways to Source for Funds In Africa and Nigeria for Projects

What is source funding

Source funding is basically looking for money, usually to start something like a business, for charity and other projects requiring money or funds

Ways To source for funds

1. Apply to Foundations. From time to time foundations which are created by some sectors like telecommunication, Banks, and some NGOs funds project which has potential to excel, if you’re applying to foundations for funds you need to make sure your project is very good and has potential to excel, remember you’re not the only one applying.

Examples of Foundations

* MTN Foundation. MTN are group of companies, which is best known for it’s telecommunication arm, arguably the leading network in Africa, MTN has set aside 1% of their income to help people like you realize their dreams, by helping you get money to start up any thing which can empower you and also help the society.

However you have to make sure your project is good, and has potential, to make profit and impact positively to the society, if you’re in Nigeria e-mail them MTNFOUNDATION@mtnnigeria.net, if you not in Nigeria please apply to MTN Foundation

Note. MTN Foundation is available in this countries South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and other countries where MTN operates

* Mike Adenuga Foundation This foundation was set up by Mike Adenuga the CEO of Globacom telecommunications to cater to the needs of inventors and entrepreneurs, which includes you if you have the right project, MAF is active in this sectors; sports development, poverty reduction, supports entrepreneurs and other great projects. Some of it’s main aims are:

* Development of Sports: Supports and sponsors National teams of Nigeria and Ghana, Confederation of African Footballer of the Year Awards, and the Lagos Nigeria International Marathon.

* Alleviates Poverty: Partnerships with governments and other public sector development commissions and individuals to help unemployed youth establish their own business.

If you’re in Nigeria e-mail them info@mikeadenugafoundation.org, or visit Mike Adenuga Foundation if you are not in Nigeria.

MAF is available in countries where Glo operates.

2. Online Crowdfunding.

You can also source for funds yourself, how? By joining online crowdfunding websites. Online or Internet crowd funding sites are websites created to help entrepreneurs achieve their aim, you simply register, create your project which is not difficult, publish it, wait for approval once approved, the money starts coming in and it’s free you don’t pay a dime.

However you’ll have to do a lot of promotion. Here is a list
* Rockethub Recommended for Africans mainly Nigerians
* Crowdfunder
* Indiegogo

For full understanding of crowdfunding and the full list, including their payment methods, and how to go about it, please read Internet crowfunding for beginners