Top Illuminati Members In The Nigerian Music Industry

The Illuminati order has come to stay, whether it is fact or fiction, is a thing for another day, what matters is we see musicians behave like they are in it. Some even go as far as displaying their signs.

Of course don’t expect them especially Nigerian musicians to come out and admit to belonging, because they won’t openly admit to that, Illuminati is a secret cult.

But with their signs, coded ways and other indicators we have been able to identify those who seemingly are in it. To know more about there signs read up recognizing cult gang Identity.

1. Chalie Boy
It seems Mr Chalie has in the entertainment industry for ages, man named boy is one of the few that dont hide there membership. Looking at his virgins and the way the pose for photo shot, then the way they arrive at functions is kind of wired . How many of you know exactly what Charlie boy does? Is he a top music artist? no, what of an actor? no. Yet he rakes in the money like man’s business.

2. 2face

Top Illuminati Members In Nigeria Music Industry

Tubaba is up there in this list. It is widely believed that 2face Idibia joined the Illuminati for protection, because after the bitter split of the Plantation group, where he allegedly stole the African Queen hit track from Faze, he faced a lot of persecutions. Of course it makes sense, why do you think he went on dropping babies like he is dropping hits, or can you explain why he managed to survive series of gun wounds. The truth is what Tubaba has gone an ordinary person would’t survive them.

3. Davido
OBO crowner is really into this, the way he displays what he owns is alarming. Still despite that he won’t help someone, I mean tangible financial assistant, as in setting up tangible things for close friends or giving them a good sum to fix themselves for good. No he prefaces giving them little so that it will finish easily and they will go back to beg him again. In short Davido is stingy, a close friend once said that Davido can spend large amount giving you food and drinks but won’t give you such in cash.

4. Whizkid

Top Illuminati Members In Nigeria Music Industry

 There are many Nigerians that don’t understand what Whizkid is singing yet he keeps winning award, left right and center. Well don’t wonder how that is possible as Whizkid is a member, as a member Illuminati keep looking out for their own.

Others You all know are
5. D’banj
6. Don Jazzy
7. P Square
8. KCee (via E-money)

Warning! P.Square Music Should You Listen and Download?

P.Square music

You need to know yes you need to know otherwise you might just end up listening to musics and songs uplifting Illuminati and other unknown develish works. Although I don’t believe such things it is still important you know more about P.Square and their music.

History of P.Square

P.Square is a group of two individuals twins bound by blood and christianed Peter while the other is named Paul, they are from Anambra state, born in Jos and made it in Lagos. they all share the same father, mother and surname Okoye. They also have a senior brother named Jude Okoye who is both their manager as well as producer or director (depending on current needs).

Type of Music

The duo are active in many genres of music- Hip Hop, Dancehall, RnB and many other 9ja dance beats.

Albums and Songs


P.Square has 5 album yet, here are there names with dates and record label used. The record or music labels are bracketed.
*. 2003: Last Nite [Timbuk2 Music Label]
*. 2005: Get Squared[Square Records]
*. 2007: Game Over[Square Records] *. 2009: Danger[Square Records]
*. 2011: The Invasion [Square Records]

There is also a compilation Album released last year, that put together all of P.Square’s single solo songs the greatest together. Adding this will make it six (6)
*. 2013: Greatest Hits[Square Records]

Some popular P.Square’ songs

Get Squared
Game Over
Busy body
Do me
Who dey here
Imposiblity fea. 2face
E no easy with J martins
Beautiful Onyiye
Unlimited with Labaja (done for glo)
Personally and many others.

The above songs or tracks are not in order of most popular which means my number 1 maybe your number 2. You can also download the above P.Square songs in some great site in Nigeria.


The Okoye brothers has faced lots of controversies so far in their music carear. Some of them are
– Fall out with May D, then suspention and subsequent dismissal from Square records.
– Being accused of getting one lady pregenant.
– Stealing music and record beats from western and local songs and using it on their tracks. The rift between him and Timaya another Nigerian music artist was well documented
– P.Square was or is accused as being an Illuminati member, that’s why they killed their mother, which opened the way for them to become superstars and be signed into Akon’s Konvict music.
– It was said that their last real album the Invasion gives glory to Illuminati order. Caution is needed whenever you do listen to their music, afterall on African proverb says “if a child is crying and pointing in a direction there is some thing there” again says “what two or three people are saying is truth one person can’t call it a lie”. It might be possible stranger things has happened.

Top List Of Ever Popular Nigerian Music

The Naija music revelation continues with some major popular hits, I’m really amazed at the impact this music are having in Nigeria and Africa in general, pick this music any time any day and it will outrank any average songs in Ghana, South Africa and many other close competitors. The amazing thing about this is that most of this songs were not even produced recently, I’m not on talking about the new era of Davido, Whizkid and so many other kids in the music industry I’m also talking about music that are as far back as the ones done by the likes of Bright Chimezie, Fela Kuti snr, even to the more mordenized hits like done by gospel artists Buchi, Sammy Okpuso, P.square old good songs like get squared and Bizzy Body, Ruggedman and Idris songs etc.

below are the top most popular Nigerian music for this year as shown by downloads on different downloading sites like Naijaloaded, waptrick, 360nobs etc.

This songs are broken down to genre, with different categories, ranging from Nigerian Christian/Gospel songs, Nigerian Hip hop and Dance hall music, Pop, Rap, R n B to some traditional and Juju songs. They are not actually in particular order, which my number 1 could be your number 2 and also my number 2, there are no first, second any song that made it to list is worth it’s weight and truely it’s as a reflection of listeners interest, downloads and most mentioned/searched both in Bing/Yahoo and Google, including mentions in major forums like Nairaland, etc. It means readers/listeners like you get to call the short we only do the typing.

Click on those links to reveal the top always best evergreen Naija music songs no year timeline, no barrier, no sound quality factor just an average Nigerian powered list. The mechanics loves, Barbers too, barrow pushers, okada/bus drivers too, Prof/Authors loves, both the rich and the poor this is the list that brings every one to the same pedestal a list that bridges the social class barrier.