How To Get A POS Machine In Nigeria

Point of sale machine is no longer a luxury, it is now a necessity for serious businesses, if as a business owner you have stayed in a queue just to withdraw shopping money, you will understand why a seemingly little thing like POS will make or mar your business especially if your business is mainly on commerce that is buying and selling.

How To Get A POS Machine In Nigeria

Think of when you want to buy some provisions, from a fancy store that is near you, this store doesn’t have POS, though no money at hand, but there is enough cash in the Bank, you then remember the queue that is always present at the ATM center.

You then remember that Shoprite or Robins store has POS, well I bet you will go there. That is the power of POS.

So here is how to get this machine

1. Get An Account – Before any bank deploy a POS terminal to your business outlet, you need to maintain an account with them. 

Some like GTBank  requires a business account, others like Sky Bank  will make do with  Savings or Current. 

Is best you find our from the customer care rep at your local bank branch.

2. POS Document and Agreement – You need to collect POS document from your account officer or the nearest branch of the bank.

3. POS Charges – POS terminals and support are free but you pay a fee per transaction.

That is all, POS machine is usually free, you only need to surrender 0.75 % on transactions fee, comes with a CAP of N1,200, also COT charges will be removed from all POS related transactions.