Internet fraudstars, scammers how the make money

I was motivated to write this post because I nearly fell victim to them.
So am going to expose their ways i.e how those internet scammers operate, stealing their victims money, yes I call it stealing
This guys take advantage of their victims compassion and Ignorance to dope victims of their hard earned money. Let us take a look on how this guys operate

Anne John-the of the scammer
Ronald davies- the so called staff at Royal bank of scotland department of International money transfer.
Senegal-the country the scammer come from
Here is their first email
from: Anne John
To: The victem
Hello my dear
How are you today,My name is Anne, I saw your profile today and became
interested in you, I will also want to know you more and if you don't
mind i want you to send an email to my private e-mail box so I will
give you my picture for you to know more about me,because am not use
to (or any other social media) always
thanks yours new friend Anne here is my email
( anne john )
from:the victim
To: Anne John
I've heared you and will be glad to become your friend
from:Anne John
To:The victim
Dear one, Please be honest with me I am orphan ?
am writing at this hour because of my status as a refugee in Dakar
Senegal And I am an orphanage child , as a result of the assassination
of my parents by rebel group which left me with no one except me that
survived by the help of Red cross team that brought me to Senegal
my father was chairman managing director of Larry & Sons Industrial
Company Ltd in the capital of my Country Rwanda Central Africa, before
the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed he with my
mother in cold blood
He deposited 4.5 million us dollarsin bank
.and I have written to the bank to claim the money as the next of kin
because of my deplorable condition in Senegal and the bankreplied that
due to my refugee status that I am not qualified to claim the money that
I have to look for a reliable foreign partner to claim the fundsby
signing a check of the total sum in your names for me that is the only
condition the bank gave me.

And now I want to know if you are
honest and reliable because if I lose this money I will suffer all my
life on earth and I will not finish my education any so be honest tome
if you will betray me please tell me,and I want you to treat this with
the absolute confidence
and hold it to yourself without somebody knowing for my safety.
If you are able pls help me best regards Anne
From: The victim
To:Anne John
well am so sorry to hear that. I will assist anyway I can provided I
get my own share.
To be continued feel free share with others

Meanwhile learn how to protect yourself from them including types of scammers out their read 9 tips to prevent e-mail Internet scammers