Why Harrysong Was Arrested By Five Star Music Group

This is the real reason why Harrysong was arrested by E-money and Kcee of the five star music group, one of the top record label in Nigeria.
Why Harrysong Was Arrested By Five Star Music Group
Harrysong broke their contract, so Five Star management had to invite the police. Here are the charges Mr Songs will face
1. Breach of contract
2. Fraud
3. Theft and other things.
If charged to court and convicted the Reggae Blues crooner may face up to 8  years imprisonment.
You recall, late last year, Harrysong flaunted his own music label, named Alter Plate.

The Sons Of Futa Jalon Fulani Tribe Nigeria -FFK

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”- Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Saurdana of the Sokoto Caliphate and Premier of Northern Nigeria, Parrot Newspaper, 12th October, 1960,
recalled by Tribune, 13th November, 2002.

These are interesting words from the most reverred, prominent and powerful Fulani leader in the history of modern Nigeria. The Saurdana’s world-view, vision and intentions are well-encapsulated here and they are self-evident. They need no further explanation or analysis. To add to the Saurdana’s contribution and to butress his point, in August 2001 President Muhammadu Buhari, a proud and ascetic Fulani man whose mass appeal, popularity and following has reached cult-like proportions amongst the working class Fulani population in Nigeria said the following: “God-willing, we will not stop the agitation for fhe total implementation of sharia throughout the federation”. Finally to emphasise the point, on January 27th 2013, Mujahedeen Abubakar Shekau, the young and brash leader of the most dreaded, most powerful and most deadly
islamist terrorist organisation on the African continent called Boko Haram said

“By Allah, we will not stop fighting until every Nigerian is living by sharia law. If you don’t abide we will kill you”. When one hears and reads some of these things one can only look up to heaven and say ”may the Lord deliver the people of Nigeria”.

Here you have a classic case of anything and everything, including religion, being used to effect an ancient ethnic agenda of conquest and subjugation. It is not even subtle: it is brazen and real. Worse still most Nigerians are fully aware of it but they find it difficult to voice it let alone resist it. Y :Pet despite our awe and trepiidation at least a few questions must be asked such as the following. Who
exactly are the Fulani? Where did they come from? What is their story and what is their history? What is their purpose
and what are their intentions for the rest of Nigeria? I shall attempt to answer some of these questions in this two-part essay.
Futa Jalon is an area made up of beautiful plateaus and breathtaking mountains which is situated in modern-day Guinea. It is a confluence that is known as the “bitter waters” and it is the location of the Vulture mountain where, up until today, thousands of vultures gather. It is
also the source of no less than five major African rivers including our very own River Niger. The people that live in that area are known as the Fula Jalons and it is from that ethnic stock that the Fulanis evolved. From there they migrated to other parts of West Africa and settled down in what was originally known as Sakkwato but what is now referred to as Sokoto in northern Nigeria.

The Fulanis were actually the product of a beautiful racial mix and generations of cross-breeding between the Arab-like and nomadic north African Berbers and Tauregs on the one hand and the local black indigenous Fula population of Futa Jalon on the other.

That explains their unusually light complexion, their well-chiseled and refined visage, their height, their unusually slight frame, the soft texture of their hair and their essentially non-negroid features. If the truth be told, generally-speaking, they are a physically attractive people.
In terms of temperament they are proud, patient, calculating, subtle, courageous and they have very long memories.

They are capable of masking their thoughts and emotions very well but they will never forget a sleight. Most importantly, unlike most, they are capable of recognising a common group cause and consequently they are in a better position to further the political and economic interests of their people more than any others. To the Fulani what is most important is what is the interest of his people and their collective cause than anything else.

It is interesting to note that the Tutsis of Central and East Africa come from the same racial root as them and they share similar physical features and characteristics. They are also both essentially nomadic in nature and traditionally they both have an intense fascination and interest in cattle and cattle-rearing. As a matter of fact the old-fashioned way of establishing a Fulani mans wealth is to find out how many cows he owns. The more cows he owns the richer he is considered to be. It was after their mass migration to our shores and after they successfully infiltrated the Hausa kingdom of Gobir that Sheik Usman Dan Fodio, the father of the Fulani Caliphate, unleashed his violent and very bloody jihad, established the various emirates and conquered much of what is now known as northern Nigeria in the name of his Islamic faith.

That is the history. On March 3rd 2016 there was a violent clash between Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani youths in Orile, Lagos state. A number of people on both sides of the divide together with some of our security agents were killed. Homes, chattels, property and places of worship were burnt down as the fighting raged.

This came just one day after a similar clash between the same two ethnic groups took place in Ikorodu, Lagos state which also resulted in the loss of life and destruction of property.

Again on 5th March in Ogere on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway yet another clash took place between Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani youths which resulted in even more casualties and a terrible bloodbath.

A number of days before then over 300 Idomas were killed by well-armed Fulani herdsmen in Agatu, Benue state.
At a so-called peace meeting, when asked why they did it, they told the Inspector General of Police that it was because some of their cows had been killed!

After the meeting instead of being arrested for genocide and ethnic cleansing there and then they were allowed to go home quietly. Not even their AK 47’s were confiscated from them.
To make matters worse it was later suggested that those that perpetuated the atrocity were not even Fulanis at all but rather aliens from Chad and Niger Republic.

The question must be asked: who is fooling who? Sadly there are many other examples of mass murder, genocide, official impunity and similar atrocities. Over the years the same thing has happened in Jos, southern Kaduna, Zaria, Zangon Kataf, Kano, Bauchi and many other

Throughout the country Fulani militias and herdsmen are wreaking havoc and are slaughtering their compatriots for
one reason or the other.

Worse of all is the fact that our Fulani-led Federal Government and Fulani-led Armed Forces are killing thousands of young igbos in the east simply because of their support for Nnamdi Kanu and their call for the establishment of the independent sovereigh state of Biafra.

Again a few weeks ago the same Armed Forces killed over 1000 shia muslims and shot and abducted their leader, Sheik El Zakzaky, who has not been seen in public since.

As all this is going on our economy has ground to a halt, our people are suffering untold hardship and difficult times and the war against Boko Haram and islamist terror is still

Today Nigeria has the dubious distinction of having within its borders the first and the fourth “most deadly terrorist organisations” in the world according to the Global Terror Index. According to the Index the first is Boko Haram and the fourth are the AK 47- wielding Fulani militias/herdsmen.

People are being slaughtered, abducted, pillaged, kidnapped and raped all over the country on a daily basis by these heartless terrorists simply because they believe that one of their own is now in power and that they can get away with it. All this yet no-one appears to be prepared to do anything about it or to call a spade a spade.

In the light of all these facts the question on everyone’s lips is what is to be done? We all hope and pray for peace and unity in our country but judging by the way things are going perhaps the first question that we have to address is whether we really have a country at all and, if we agree that we do, whether it will or can remain united and as one for much longer.
If we ever needed the elders and great men of wisdom and knowledge like President Olusegun Obasanjo, General T.Y.

Danjuma, General Yakubu Gowon Alhaji Maitama Sule, Chief Emeka Anyaoku and Chief Alex Ekweume to pull us back from the brink and bring healing, peace and unity back to our land it is now. The rise of radical islam and the use of terror to achieve the objectives of those who espouse and believe in it has changed the world forever. Our country cannot be exempted or left out of this. We have changed forever as well and things can never be the same in Nigeria again.

Those that are in power in our country today appear to have a soft-spot for the terrorists and for reasons best known to himself our President has simply refused to condemn the murderous activities of the Fulani herdsmen and militias. This is probably because he is, and has been for many years, the Life Patron of the Fulani Cattle Rearers Association: which is the umbrella organisation of the Fulani herdsmen and militias.

To make matters worse our President told the world, as recently as 2014, that “an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north”. One wonders what purpose that was designed to serve and why he had to say it.

Then came the sad and pitiful case of Ese Oruru in which the Fulani Emir of Kano played an unspecified and unclear
role in the abduction, forced islamisation, rape, torture and kidnapping of a 14 year old southern christian girl whilst our
security agencies turned a blind eye to the whole thing and refused to rescue her for months.

It has been alleged that the girl was kept against her will at the Emir’s palace and that one way or the other she was used as a sex slave and she came out pregnant. Despite all this the police have refused to pick him up and compel him to answer the necessary questions that could have cleared the air.

All this because “his” people are in power and they believe that thay can get away with anything and everything, including pedophilia, slavery and, in many cases, murder.

Worse still there are hundreds of other cases, five of which have been exposed by Miss Toyosie Ogunseye, the editor of Nigeria’s Sunday Punch Newspaper and her incredible team of investigative reporters and one by the famous high society blogger Miss Linda Ikeji on her blog in the last few days.

These cases are all similar to Ese Oruru’s and they involve the abduction, islamisation, rape, sodomy and enslavement of young southern christian girls (some as young as 9) who
ended up in royal palaces and hareems all over the north.

In each of these cases those that carried out the abductions have refused ro return the girls back to their families despite all pleas and efforts and the police have been unable to do anything about it.

In one case in Bauchi in which the southern christian girl was just 12 years old and in which she was abducted whilst on her way to church, her family was told that if they wanted her back they would have to “negotiate with
the Sharia Council”!

In another case in Zamfara state the family of a 14 year old christian girl who was abducted as far back as 2009 were told by her abductors that if they persisted in asking for the return of their daughter their entire family would be killed and their home would be burnt down. As a result of this threat the girl’s father and his entire family had to leave their home and flee from Zamfara for their lives.

They were compelled to leave their young
daughter behind in the clutches of her merciless abductors. Nothing reflects the degeneration to which our country and our values have been reduced to better than this.

Permit me to enrich this contribution with the following words which I keep hearing in my spirit and which I believe shall prove to be prophetic.

“O ye sons of Futa Jalon and ye daughters of the Vulture mountain and bitter waters: your princes and kings shall be exposed and brought to heel, your yoke shall be broken and you shall pay a heavy price for your wickedness and many

Many have been killed in the most hideous manner or falsely implicated and wrongly jailed in our country for sharing such knowledge and for exposing what I am about to expose in this write-up but I have no fear because I know that my Redeemer liveth. I know that He shall stand
with me even in my day of trouble.

As long as Jesus lives I know that He will never forsake me and that, until my work on earth is done, I cannot be cut short and neither can my enemies overwhelm or destroy me.

Written by Femi Fani-Kayode
Source https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153943574897210&id=62188827209

Average Height Of Ghana Male And Female

According to statistic men in Ghana are on the short side on average.

This West African country, is not the land of midget, but they are short. Yes you’ll see tall people both male and female, but when compared to the population of Ghana, this men and women becomes just like a pin in a hay. In other words tall people in Ghana are few.

It has been reported that Ghanain are 159.3 cm (5 ft21⁄2in) tall on the average.

But according to measurement, measured in 1989 and available in wikepeadia, Ghanains measured 169.5 cm (5 ft61⁄2in) in male and 158.5 cm (5 ft21⁄2in) in female.

Is it to say that this West African country is getting shorter as the years roll by?

Dede One Day Biography And Profile

Dede One Day Biography And Profile
Dede One day, a very popular Nigerian actor and comedian information is sketchy as he loved keeping his Family and private life from the public.

Keeping his private life sketchy, so we don’t know yet whether how many wives and children he had if any.

Shocking Video: Watch How Dede One Day Died At Aba

But here is the little latestnaijagist.com could gather.

Country: Nigeria

State of Origin: Imo state

Current State: Abia state, raised in Aba

Occupation: Actor, comedian, Director and Photographer.

See President Buhari’s Reaction To This Picture

See President Buhari's Reaction To This Picture
This picture is been circulated on Net, depicting Nigeria’s President begging.
And by now President Buhari has seen it, here is how he reacted
“He reacted by being humble, people were expecting him to give in to the social media bill, but he didn’t, as he called this bluff, because to him,  has never begged before nor will he ever beg” they say a clear conscience fears no accusation.See President Buhari's Reaction To This Picture
The source?

Latestnaijagist.com did some investigations in order to find the source and we came up with this
– the picture is a product of photo editing,
– such pictures are produced in order to force the president to give in, and pass the social media bill
– the photos are a handi work of one Senator 

Turkey vs Russia Vs ISIS War To Be Fought In Nigeria – SSS Cries

Turkey vs Russia Vs ISIS War To Be Fought In Nigeria - SSS Cries

With Nigeria in Turmoil especially with the Boko Haram issue in the North and the Biafra agitations in the East is no surprising that the International community is set to turn the West African country into a battle ground, in to the 21st century Buma.

Turkey vs Russia Vs ISIS War To Be Fought In Nigeria - SSS Cries
 functional military
According to Secure State Security an underground independent security outfit that is committed to the service of humanity, they have it that Islamic State are collaborating with Boko Haram terrorist in Nigeria, to secretly transfer their ISIS leader 

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

to  Nigeria, this is to avoid him being affected by the constant bombing of ISIS strong holds as it is believed that the Caliph is a direct descendant of prophet Muhammad and shouldn’t be allowed to die until the West and non-muslim countries are destroyed or converted.
The movement of Weapons and other logistics to Nigeria will be secretly handled by Turkey, to protect their illegal oil trade with ISIS.
According to SSS if this were allowed to happen, Russia will eventually get wind of it and as to be expected will coordinate air strikes in Nigeria, thereby violating Nigeria’s airspace, Turkey will offer to help and if Nigeria agrees things may get messy. This could also spread to Chad, Niger and Cameroon.
SSS named the weapons to be moved to Nigeria include pickups carrying RPGs along with functional military with tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, and anti-aircraft capabilities.
How and when is still unclear.

Man Accused Of Withdrawing N45 Million Tells His side Of The Story

A few days ago, it was reported that a man named Jerry Ogbonna Obike Phillip, withdrew the sum of N45 million said to have been transferred to his account in error.

And now, he is speaking out, stating that the allegations are false.

Jerry took to his Facebook page to set the record straight:

On the Withdrawal of Money Purported to Have Been Wrongly Credited to My Account by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and My Allegedly Being Wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

My attention has been drawn to the falsehood being circulatedon some social and print media platforms with my above photograph claiming that I am wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for withdrawing N45 million purported to have been wrongly credited to my account by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

For the avoidance of doubt,let me state categorically that the deposit was not made in error. The said amount was credited to my account with Diamond Bank Plc in 2012 for a contract I have with the Ministry of Petroleum Resources for the lease of three (3) helicopters from Tunisia for the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). The helicopters were former President Umaru Musa Yar’Aduas idea to prevent the DPR from hiring helicopters from the International Oil Companies (IOCs)they were supposed to police.

The N45 million was part payment of the mobilisation for the contract. The full mobilization is N110 million, and a total of N90 million has been paid by the ministry as mobilisation. However,some staff ofthe CBN and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources wanted me to launder the money and share it with them without supplying the helicopters for the stipulated service but I refused, insisting that it was against my principles. Our nation will continue to crawl behind other nations of the world if we all continue to acquiesce to such corrupt propositions and compromise the integrity of such or any contracts.

I am ready to fight whoever is behind these false publications because I have God behind me and no one can defeat me in such a just cause no matter how highly placed.

The money was used to take the officers of the DPR and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources on an inspection visit to Tunisia. Officials of the Civil Aviation authorities also travelled for the inspection of the helicopters with officers of Aero Contractors who were to operate the helicopters.

Also, officials and crew of the Tunisian company, Tunisiavia, visited Nigeria to inspect the facilities here in Nigeria where the helicopters will operate.

The N45 million was used to finance all these inspections and the expenses were foreign exchange dominated. At the end of the successful inspection, I was paid N45 million and a letter to the effect that we successfully completed the first phase of the contract was sent to Fidelity Bank Plc.

In another development, I reported some staff of DPR for asking me for bribe with evidence and EFCC and ICPC took no action. At the end of these inspections, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources was supposed to pay N370 million for the helicopters to be ferried to Nigeria in accordance with the terms of the contract. At this stage they refused to make the payment, hence the current stalemate.

Since this matter is in the Federal High court and International court of arbitration for adjudication, I prefer not to give further details at present beyond what is necessary in response to the current effort to slander me with such false publications.

I am not on the run from the EFCC because they know my office in Abuja and my residence. I have no need to run from anybody but no one can intimidate me. The rule of law must be followed at all times. The truth must prevail over lies. I sacrificed my life for 30 years in the military for this nation and cannot at this stage change my habits at 61.

See The Pictures Of The Edo State Commissioner That Was Walked Out

Members of Edo State House of Assembly on Wednesday asked the Commissioner for Health, Aihamuwa Eregie, to vacate the House for improper dressing.

Eregie was asked to leave the hallowed chamber during the presentation of the 2015 budget performance of the Ministry of Health.

The Deputy Speaker, Bright Osayande (APC- Ovia North-East II), who raised the observation, said the commissioner was not properly dressed and should not be allowed to appear before the House.

Adjoto Kabiru (APC Akoko-Edo), who concurred with the observation, said the commissioner’s mode of dressing contravened the House rule.

Kabiru said: “Mr. Speaker, you will recall that when one of us was not properly dressed, he was asked to leave the chamber.

“So the commissioner should excuse us because she is not properly dressed.”

Other lawmakers, who commented on the point raised by the deputy speaker, gave their unanimous support that the Commissioner should quit the chamber.

They asked the commissioner to leave despite pleas by Elizabeth Ativie, member representing Uhunmwode Constituency.

The Speaker, Victor Edoror, thereafter directed the commissioner to leave the chamber.

He said that a new date would be communicated to her to appear for the briefing.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the commissioner wore long sleeve shirt on trouser.

Edo lawmakers walk out Commissioner for improper dressing  see some of her pictures

Naija Richest Spinster Linda Ikeji Blast Marriage Critics

Naija Richest Spinster Linda Ikeji Blast Marriage Critics

Arguably the richest unmarried Nigerian lady Miss Linda Ikeji of the linderikeji blog is at it again, this time she has hit back at marriage critics.

Although it is good to talk back and defend one self miss Linda may have “over talked”. Judging from what she was rumoured to have written on her twitter handle. Read below

” At least i can adopt 10 children, provide for them and buy a husband sef.”

Well well Linda you better watch because some men are not happy.

Main Source Of James Ibori Loots And Wealth Revealed

Real Source Of James Ibori Loots And Wealth Revealed
James Ibori can Nigerians ever forgive this man?

The below account is just one example of how Delta state ex Governor amassed such money.
Hear Strive Masiyiwa the Executive Chairman & Founder of the Econet Group, as he revealed the shocking truth of what happened in Nigeria.
___Sometimes the price can be very high in the fight against corruption.
I had the privilege of making Nigeria’s first GSM phone call
back in 2001 when I called the regulator to say, “We’re live!”
Who would’ve believed then that Nigeria today would have more than 167 million mobile phones?!
It all started out as a very exciting new chapter for enterprise in Africa. Shortly after President Obasanjo was elected, the new government announced an incredibly
transparent international auction process for three national
mobile phone licenses.
To participate in the bid, you not only had to raise money, but there had to be a member of the bidding consortium who was an experienced GSM operator.
Econet Wireless met the requirements because of its experience in Zimbabwe and Botswana.
Our Nigerian partners, which included state governments, local banks and high net worth
individuals, were financial investors. The largest shareholder had only 10%. That was the written agreement.
I managed to assemble a consortium of 22 investors to put
up the money needed to bid. Our shareholders were all Nigerian, mostly institutional investors including leading banks and two state governments, Lagos State and Delta State.
The license cost us $285m and was the most expensive license ever issued in Africa at the time. This
was 2001.
We considered the investment not only about putting together a network, but also about building a nation. We knew it had the potential to transform Nigeria’s entire
business and social architecture.
Most of our investors had between 1-10% shareholding.
Econet Wireless Nigeria had only 5% of the shares, but that was fine because it was 5% ownership of a very big pie.
As the “technical partner and operator,” Econet was the
company with the expertise to build and operate such a business. Our financial investors recognized this, and also allowed us to receive 3% of the turnover as our fees. This
was standard practice in the industry.
We were one of the winning bidders and they gave us just six months to set up business and get our network
operating. We were under a lot of pressure but our network
was live two days before the others! Customers were pouring in. We were number one in the market with an
estimated 57% market share.
___Then came the fateful day when I was told that our company must pay a total of $9m in bribes to senior
politicians (in state government) who had facilitated the raising of the money to pay for the license.
I refused to authorize the illegal payments. Meeting after
meeting was held to try to get me to agree, but I would not. The money would not be paid as long as Econet was the operator and I had signing authority.
James Ibori, the Governor of Delta State, was demanding
$4,5m be paid to him in his personal capacity. He was one
of the most powerful men in the country and had a reputation for violence. When he heard that I was refusing to approve payment he issued an ultimatum:
___”Pay or I will chase you and your people out of the
country.” I refused.
Real Source Of James Ibori Loots And Wealth Revealed
money were parked in houses of top politicians
The shareholders met and voted Econet Wireless Nigeria
out of management. They cancelled our management contract. James Ibori and his colleagues personally
attended the meeting to remove us. After the meeting one of them (a prominent local businessman even today) came up to me and said:
“Unfortunately for you, God does not
have a vote.” I had to withdraw all my staff and their families: 200people in all. We left Nigeria.
Most of our people had to be retrenched. The loss of the
contract almost drove us to bankruptcy as a group. They invited a big international operator to replace us as technical partner and operator. They changed the name of the company from Econet to V-Mobile.
Within days of their arrival, the managers of the new operator signed off the payments demanded as bribes. Then what happened?
A few noble Nigerians had both the integrity and courage to carefully collect all the documentation on the movement of the money, and pass it all on to me. There’s a saying worth remembering in uncovering the
trail of destruction that is corruption:
“Follow the money”…
I bided my time… then I wrote a letter to the United States Department of Justice!
It was 2003.
Nigeria has an agency known as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). After we had to leave the country, a few noble people at the company tipped off not only me but the EFCC about the payment of the bribes, which had by this time risen from $9m to $13,5m.
I had never actually heard about this agency myself until I got a call from the Nigerian Embassy in South Africa to say they wanted to come and see me to interview me as a witness.
A team of very senior EFCC officers came to see us in South Africa. They were solid and professional in their enquiry. It was clear they wanted to do something about it.
However, when these officers returned home to Nigeria, they got into very serious trouble. Their investigations into the irregular payments had been brought to the attention of James Ibori (Governor of Delta State)…
Real Source Of James Ibori Loots And Wealth Revealed
If the rooms became full the cupboards are there
Soon thereafter, the most senior officer leading the investigation was demoted and sent to a remote part of the country as an ordinary policeman!
Agencies like EFCC in Nigeria sometimes have brave and gallant law enforcement officers. Unfortunately, as I observed, they’re often let down by their political bosses, and sometimes even by the courts. This can change if activism from the citizenry emerges to support their work.
___We should not only support official efforts to stop corruption but also help these agencies and organisations in their investigations. If you have relevant information about illegal activities, passing it on could make all the difference between impunity and imprisonment.
In my letter to the US Justice Department, I detailed the full history of the demands for a bribe. I had dates, times, records. I then reminded them that since the big international operator had a listing on the New York Stock Exchange, they were duty-bound to launch an enquiry. Why did I go to them?
The United States government has a law called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The United Kingdom has a similar one called the British Anti-Bribery Act. Whatever you do, make sure you never fall foul of those laws because, if they ever use them to come after you, you’re a “gonner” my friends.
A few weeks later, US officials wrote back advising me that an enquiry had been launched. They contacted the big international company seeking answers to my allegations. My contacts at the company called to tell me, “All hell has broken loose at the company.”
The parent company of the South African-based multinational sent external auditors and lawyers from London to Nigeria. They immediately dismissed all the senior executives sent to Nigeria to run the company, and they left in a hurry!
Some spending money
Although they fled the scene of the crime and returned to their country — after admitting even to both the US Justice Department and the EFCC that the money had been paid out – the stolen funds were never returned to the Nigerian people, even to this day.
Meanwhile, the departure of the other mobile operator did not mean we could return to Nigeria. The shareholders found another operator, this time from the Middle East.
They sold this new operator the control of the company even though Econet Wireless Nigeria had the “right of first refusal” over any sale. They simply ignored that provision in our agreement. This was illegal, both according to our shareholders agreement and Nigerian Company Law. It was left for us to take up the fight in another forum, the Nigerian courts.
To be concluded