Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda Exposed

Some pastors has been alleged to be part of this secret organization. Though this allegation is not 100 percent confirmed, but we see evidence of why people are saying what there saying on their numerous scandals.
Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda
Each pastor on this list has one or two bad thing that a man of God should not do hanging on their necks. This scandals are what the Illuminati Order are known for.
So who are this Ugandan pastors?

1. Pastor Robert Kayanja 

Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda  Pastor Robert Kayanja
The hand sign is thought to be Illuminati.
One of the richest pastors in the country and even in Africa, this man was not born rich, he was born poor suddenly he become rich.
The pastor wears designer suits, lives in a fabulous mansion overlooking Lake Victoria and preaches about wealth.
It is said that the order told him to be gay as a means of retaining his power and riches. This is why he is always involved in any high profile gay cases.
Church : Miracle Centre Cathedral  

2. Pastor Imelda Namutebi


Pastor Imelda Namutebi - Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda
An Illuminati symbol.


One of the top female pastors in the country, she has money, fame at least in Uganda. But then she doesn’t have happiness.
People say that the reason she remains unmarried for long is because she was told by the Order not to, so instead of marrying she should engage in adultery. Her scandals rarely gets out to the public, but others like her senior pastor’s scandals who she alleges encourages to be like her often gets exposed to the public, she will then deny it.
Church : Liberty Worship Center.

3. Tom Mugerwa, Mutundwe

Tom Mugerwa, Mutundwe
Tom Mugerwa Matundwe is one man that is known for his activities. Locals says his preaching and teaching is about demons, in support of demons that is.
At face value it may seem that Pastor Tom is just the regular preacher that preaches about wealth and riches, but if you dig deeper and listen attentively you will see that the routes he wants people to take in getting this riches is through satanic means.

4. Pastor Minani 

Pastor Minani - Iluminati
Accused of high profile homosexuality, they said that is the price the Order asked him to pay in other to continue living a life of luxury and gaining more followers.
So in a nutshell Pastor Minani has the objective of making people his members, turning them to being Gay. It doesn’t matter whether one is male or female.
Church : Mbuya Pentecostal Church

5. Apostle Aloysius Bugingo


Well things people do for money and power. Going by what people are this man’s own is a bit extreme, he was told to contact HIV, and live with it.
So they say his office and houses are littered with anti retro-viral drugs. It has also been rumored that he sleeps with people without protection in other to pass the ‘gift’.
Church : House of Prayer Bat valley

Top Illuminati Members In Uganda

Who would have taught Uganda has more Illuminati members than other East African countries. So we talked to a top Ugandan Illuminati ex-member who happens to have been a very top person in Ugandan politics.

He is now no longer an Illuminati member, but a dedicated servant of God, according to him. As a seemingly true Christian, he has decided to confess by naming the top shots in Ugandan Illuminati.

1. Pastor Wilson Bugembep
 Wilson is in the mold of TB Joshua of Nigeria, a man that his church attracts local and international goers. He lives a lavish lifestyle which is not typical of people in the Illuminati.

2. Ivan Ssemwanga
Recently he acquired a Lamborghini and several fuel guzzlers. He even owns a college in South Africa. He doesn’t have a specific real job, but he has money, being one of the richest Ugandan celebs is no small thing. To think that he is still a junior member of the order.

3. Jose Chameleon.
Jose might have made it to this list through some very wrong means but, at times the end justifies the means. Illuminati gave him their blessing this made him be a successful drug dealer, he was known as a drug dealer, later Jose started singing with the blessings of the order. His song mama mia was quite a breakthrough in making him a popular international singer.

4. Sudhir Ruparelia
In 2012 when Forbes listed him as one of the richest Ugandan 5, people, where not surprised after all here, is a man that is swimming in cash, he owns a lot of things, and according to our informant, he is required by the Illuminati order to sacrifice five-year-old boys every day.

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5. Patrick Bitature
Patrick Bitature is so rich in the Ugandan society that he not only built a mansion for himself but built one for his dog, including fitting air condition into this dog kernel. Our informant said he is not clear about what the order required him to do, but rumor has it that he is sleeping with that dog in exchange for money.

6. Charles Mbire
Millionaire officially, but a billionaire in the Illuminati order, he is stepping up to be the leader of this order in the country. With their election at hand.

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Top Richest Pastors In Uganda And Net Worth

Some say churches this days are business outfit, this is why the head of so many churches in the world today have lots of money, expensive properties, like real estate scattered through out the country and the world.
The have properties every where, you to Mbarara, Kabale and many expensive places.
If you come to such things as cars, you will see that Ugandan pastors has lots of exotic cars, even some has such things as private jets.
So here are the top pastors that are wealthy.

1. Pastor Gary Skinner


 Pastor Gary Skinner -Top Richest Pastors In Uganda And Net Worth

Church : Kampala Pentecostal Church
He started 1984, with a simple church on Kampala Road. But now KPC has five branches all over the and a congregation of hundreds of thousands. It is now named Watoto with the branches categorized properly like Watoto East located in Namanve Kazinga, Watoto North in Kisaasi and Watoto West in Kyengera.
Pastor Gary has lots of properties among which is a multi-billion mansion in Kawuku, Bunga on the shores of Lake Victoria seated on three acres of land.

2. Robert Kayanja

-Top Richest Pastors In Uganda And Net Worth


Church: Rubaga Miracle Centre cathedral
He is the brain behind Kapeeka Orphanage and Primary School. Hime has a television station Miracle TV Channel 44. 
He owns a big mansion that is seated on three acres of land on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kawuku Bunga.
He also has another in Ntinda. His car collection are  posh a land cruiser, Lexus and Range Rover Vogue.

3. Samuel Kakande

top Richest Pastors In Uganda And Net Worth


Church : Mulago based Synagogue Church of All Nations
Samuel  has shares in Bank Of Africa, he is also in agric, farming and ownning vast acres of maize and rice farms in Masindi. 
When it comes to prooerties, he owns two posh mansions; one located at Muyenga Hill valued at Shs3bn and another in Ggaba valued at Shs2bn.
He owns posh cars which include Range Rover sport and Jeep Cheeroke and others.

Names Of Top Illuminati False Pastors And Prophets In Uganda

Here are the names top pastors and prophets that are said to be members of Illuminati order. Some they say went extreme in acquiring their powers, they did a lot of things in the process. Things that will make your stomach turn.

Well here are there names.

1.Tom Sembela.
It was alleged that Pastor Tom had to sacrifice people and use blood to get to where he is now.

Names Of Top Illuminati Pastors In Uganda

Church: Life Resurrection ministry.

2. Pastor Yiga Abizayo

The man has been called many things. among which is a 5th grader, one of the top office in the order. As a 5th grader he has the power to do many things.
Names Of Top Illuminati False Pastors And Prophets In Uganda
Church: Revival Christian Church. 
3. Pr. Deo Maganjo-Kawempe.
Pastor prof as he is fondly called is known by many as a shape sifter. This means that he can turn into any animal, preferably snakes, to do the order bidding.
4. Apostle Aloysius Bujingo

The Order told him to do a lot of things, including sleeping with anything in skirt. In short it is alleged that he sleeps around a lot.
Names Of Top Illuminati False Pastors And Prophets In Uganda

Church: House of Prayer Bat valley.

5. Pastor Minani.

They say that the Order charged him to convert people. This he does through feasting, he organizes feasts for his members, from there their stars are allegedly taken.

Names Of Top Illuminati False Pastors And Prophets In Uganda

Church :  Mbuya Pentecostal Church

6. Pr. Irene Manjeri
Pastor Irene has been accused of doing many things, among which includes blood sacrifices. If this is true then she certainly have liver, can you imagine what it takes for one to continually take the life of people.
Names Of Top Illuminati False Pastors And Prophets In Uganda
Church : Bethel Healing centre

7. Bishop Luke Orombi.

One of the powerful pastors in Uganda, Luke tales are not just shocking they appalling, going into details here will make you cry, so we will not do that. If you want to know more search around. 
Names Of Top Illuminati False Pastors And Prophets In Uganda
Church: Church of Uganda.
Others are 
8. Pr.Sserwadda Joseph

9. Sarah Bunjo

10. John Bunjo
11. Pr. Tom Mugerwa of mutundwe
12. Pr. Kiganda of Kisenyi
13. Pr. Kayiwa
14. Pr. Mayambala

How To Join Illuminati In Uganda No Fees Required

The Illuminati in Uganda is a very secret organization, they are not yet open,  that is there Operations are done indirectly, that is why is is somehow difficult to become a member of one.

How To Join Illuminati In Uganda No Fees Required
Right no one knows there headquarters in Uganda, as they are keeping everything secret.
Recruitment are done by Pastors or Preachers and then through there special agents,  they call them lone star. So if you want to become a member of the Illuminati order in Uganda, you should look towards your Pastors or religious leaders.
Though not all pastors and religious leaders are members of the order, but large of the part of the successful ones are. Is not that difficult to Identify a Pastor who is member as there activities shows were there allegiance lie.
But if for some reason you don’t seem to get in contact with this Pastors for recruitment, then follow this steps.
1. Decide : You’ve decided that you want to join,  another decision you’ll be faced is what aspect or what industry you want to rep. Is it entertainment, engineering, politics, etc.
2. Be Prepared : Yes be prepared to do anything for them,  including sacrificing your mother.
3. Behave Illuminati : The lone stars which are the agent responsible for recruitment, don’t go about looking for who to join, no you come to them before they come to you.  How? You behave like a member always. Do what they like especially  in public.
4. Study and use their signs: Yes it is important you study and use there signs, it is understandable that you’re not a member and yes you may not know their secret signs.  Just study the ones you know. Also use them, especially in public this is important.

5. Finally be patient. You need to be patient, just do what you have to do then leave the rest,  for there agent in Uganda. If they deem you worthy you’ll be picked. But rest assured that they will see your efforts.

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