Students do something now? JAMB,WAEC,NECO and others

JAMB, students do something! A must read article – Read and broadcast till it gets to Mr. President Goodluck
Jamb withheld over 80 thousand results – for what? Many due to lack of biometric verification – What about the centers Jamb never provided with biometric machine ?

Who is at fault JAMB or the candidate?

What about the centers where the invigilators asked the candidates not to be verified because of time wasting? Who is to be blamed ? What about the center where network was the challenge? who is at fault ?What about those candidates who did verification, Where is their result? What will happen to the 1.2 million that won’t get admission? What is their fate ?should they leave their educationWhat will happen to the 4 thousand naira or more each of this 80 thousand candidates paid? Why has Jamb not made any official statement on this issue?
What is the Federal Government doing about this?When will these results be released or when will the candidates come for there biometric verification?
Who is going to give an answer to all of this questions? When will Nigeria be a better place ? Nigeria is yet to be developed yet they do things of a developed country – poor electricity yet they come up with biometric machines that needs the use of electricity, Bad network communication yet they want to do biometric verification which requires network- what about does that wrote exams in villages ? Did u build any network coverage? Jamb should be sued to court for refusing to verify its candidates and thereby refusing to release their result — Goodluck Ebele Jonathan all this things happening in your regime – this is not boko haram issue so you should tackle it.

culled from Jamb helper on facebook.

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