Causes, Treatment And Prevention Of Physical And Eye Ailment


Physical ailments refer to the illness which threaten or affect proper functioning of physical health such as physiological body balance, physical fitness and body organs such as vision defects, auditory defects, dental disorders and so on. Now, let us see the causes, treatment and prevention of these physical defects

Common Eye Conditions

Common eye conditions may be grouped into two, namely: eye disorders and eye defects.

Common Eye Disorders

Common eye disorders include diseases such as cataract, trachoma, glaucoma, and conjunctivitis. Knowledge of these diseases is valuable in the promotion of your healthful living.

1. CataractCataract manifests itself as a clouding or opacity that is not allowing light to pass through it or not transparent of the lens of the eye.
Causes. Cataract, occasionally is caused by an injury or disease. Sometimes the ailment develops with advancing age, however the most common type is the semile cataract, the cause of which is yet to be determined.
Treatment. If the vision is greatly impaired the affected eye should be subjected to a delicate but not dangerous surgical operation under local anesthetic to remove the opaque structures. After surgery, the patient should be supplied with an artificial extemllens to provide good vision.

2. Glaucoma Glaucoma is a more serious eye disease than cataract, it is a common cause of blindness which occurs after forty years of age.
Causes. Glaucoma is caused by an increased pressure within the eye ball, the buildup of pressure is as a result of improper drainage of fluid in the eyes. If the increased pressure within the eyes continues it will affect the optic nerves and thus, cause the optic nerves to discontinue transmission of impulses to the brain. Repeated headaches, pains in the eyes, seeing coloured halos around lights, rapid loss of vision, nausea and vomiting are symptomatic of glaucoma. Since this disease develops gradually and unnoticed examination of the eyes particularly at older age is recommended.

3. Trachoma Trachoma is also known as granular conjunctivitis. It is responsible for most progressive loss of sight globally.
Causes Trachoma is commonly caused by a virus and is spread through contaminated materials such as fingers, clothing’s towels and so on. It produces hard scales of the upper lid which can damage the eye itself.
Treatment. Trachoma is curable with moden drugs. It can be prevented by personal cleanliness and proper sanitation.

4. Conjunctivities This is an inflammation of the part of the eye known as conjunctiva, that’s the mucous tissue that lines they eyelid and covers the front eyeball.
Causes It may be caused by bacillus which is known as “pick eye”. Also, if the eye is infected with the germ of genorrhea (gonococcus) more serious form of conjunctivitis which may even cause blindness may result.
Treatment It may be treated with moderm drugs, particularly antibiotics. It may however be prevented by the use of sliver nitrate solution dropped in the eyes of new born babies since such an infection may occur at birth if the mother is infected.

Prevention Of Eye Diseases

While some of these eye diseases cannot be prevented some other may be avoided bye:

1. Early detection and proper medical treatment
2. Recognizing where contamination might exist and avoiding contact with such people or objects. Avoid the habit of rubbing your eyes with your fingers or pieces of cloth. Do not apply any medication to your eye unless your doctor prescribes it.
3. Visit an ophthalmologist(an oculist) regularly particularly from the age of 40 years to check the pressure within the eyeballs and look into the eye to detect any emergent tissue or vascular abnormalities.

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