Conflict Resolution the key

You know guys, what we cannot give is a natural manifestation that

characterize human interactions. We hope to have others obey us in our

deepest moments of departure from the normal. It rarely occurs to us

that others deserve what we demand from them, when we fail to

recognise that, conflict will set in, and in other to overcome it we

need to know the key, so that when confict arise it can be resolved

amicably, i.e Resolution.

Key.1. Accept that you can hurt others:

The first key in conflict resolution is acceptance, when you accept

to have friends, co-students and co-workers, there is also the

acceptance of chances of hurting and being hurt by others. Alienation

is aberration. Pleasing everybody is impossible take it or leave it.

Being pleased by everybody is also impossible. Thus in every social

circle, there are conflicts known or unkown, apparent or real,

destructive or creative, and under control or those that have gone out

of control.

Key 2. Know what unresolved conflict can cause:

Try and Visit war torn countries e.g Mali, Sudan, Syria, Somalia,(

whats this about S,?) or you can even visit the one near you e.g

Hospitals they are full of those butchered with machets, shot at with

guns, bathed with acid or stoned with various objects, not by animals

or ghosts or gods but by their fellow human beings. Even in the family

as a result of unresolved conflict some couples are now in cold in

their loveless marriage, waiting for divorce process. The lawyers and

marriage counselors become beneficiary of what could have been used by

the family alone.

Key 3. Community of inquiry:

This is a time tested tool and patternof life that can be used to

avoid certain harmful effects of conflict.

Next time you want to fight pause and ask '' what really will come out

of this?good or bad?

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