How To Join The Illuminati And Get Fame And Money

The real Illuminati is not for fools, it’s for people with vision, men and women, gentlemen and ladies excluding children’s who are looking to get famous, who wants to get rich quick and make money quick
through the world’s money machine the Illuminati.
Every one would love to become rich, everyone itch to get wealth and be famous, but it’s not every one that will get it, because not every one have good vision. You see the primary concern of the Illuminati grand Lords is not giving their members money, it’s whether they can manage the assets they’ll get, to make it look natural, asset management is important to Illuminaties, they say that a man with good vision can manage what ever riches he is given, as he can maximize his earnings with his vision along with the Illuminati order.

Though you’ll sell your soul to the devil they will allow you a part of it, the part that will energize you and make you healthy to pursue your vision and thus give glory to the Illuminati confraternity.

Benefits of being a member

As a member you’ll get to enjoy many things name them cars, money, fame, popularity, houses, connections etc.

– Own one of the big houses in town, including the juiciest mansions and villa.

– Get connected to high-net worth individuals in many professional sphere like Presidents, Legislators- Senators, house of common reps, Judges, Magistrates, Ministers, Musicians, etc.

– You get money to buy any thing you need and travel wherever you wish.

– You get spiritual protection

Every thing that has advantages has disadvantages, joining the Illuminati order is not an exception more so it’s disadvantages maybe very severe hence the need to weigh the two sets of fact together before making your decision.

Illuminati disadvantages

– You no longer have control over yourself, which means thoughts and actions can be governed by them.

– You sell your soul to the devil, making you a complete sub-devil
– You’ll face the wrath of God when the time comes.

– You can buy anything you want but you can’t buy life.

After that first time euphoria you’ll be faced with a life of mystery and emptiness.

– Do not be surprised if you’re required to offer a human sacrifice possibly relatives or loved ones, before or later.

At this point I expect you to turn back and ditch the idea of joining the Illuminati, but if you’re still bent on joining up read on then.

Are you ready ? Follow any of the links blow to unlock the ultimate steps to join up. Wait! if you are not ready skip the links and read on, to understand fully what you are about to get yourself into.

Joining the Illuminati

There are no visible set rules or guidelines on how to join, but there are some protocols that they observe and you’ll have to observe it too. By now you must be wondering whether this Illuminati of a thing is legit, if you’re really curious you have to read this article especially if you’re an African Illuminati Fact or Fiction. This is a secret society and as such their activities are secret that’s why it makes sense that their guidelines of joining up can’t be easily found.
But I’ve managed to piece together their protocols which will automatically lead to becoming a full member.

You won’t come to them, they will come to you, but if they come to you to invite you, you’ve to attract them first. You can do these by using their signs and symbols in your day to day activities. If you’re a musician use them in your songs, display them in your videos, if you’re in the public eye always use them. If you’re unknown or seldom in public eyes use them too, as their agents are everywhere looking out for people to invite.

Unlock then Download The Video of some of the leaked Illuminati rituals, blow

It’s quiet easy to spot an agent but it’s hard to spot an Illuminati agent, that buddy close to you maybe one. That guy that’s always nice, don’t socialize or play with his peers, you know always out of reach but close and watching may just be one. You need to show them that you’re interested in them, that you have a vision and can withstand ridicule. Maybe just maybe you might get an invite and your life will change for the better in the short run, and for the worst in the long run. Make your decision wisely!

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update : A new facebook group have just been launched for people who are interested in joining the order, you’ll have a better chance of being spotted here is the group Yet To Be Illuminati

DO you want to join the Illuminati? It now possible as Illuminati is now open to new members! Yes, you can get selected it is free! What you need is facebook messenger to receive the steps, to Get the full steps privately follow this link secret selection and select ‘send to messenger’

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  1. i want to join to get money and power. i need money urgentley to pay kids fees, feed them, payoff debts. i dont have any money to pay your membership fees or anything

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