Exposed 2go Hot Girls For Chatting

Exposed 2go Hot Girls For Chatting

2go is one of the most popular social media chat app or IM app in Africa and beyond. It has millions of users, and many chat rooms available in many countries of the world. It’s indeed very popular, so popular that of every 5 youth in the world at least 1 is an active 2go user. The figure even gets better in Africa that out of 5 youth 4 are actively using 2go. It’s indeed very popular among young ones which includes students and minor or underage.

History Of 2go Social Network

2go is a South African owned online company which was founded in 2007 in Cape town by two computer science student Wollf and Peters by name. Since then 2go has grown very fast that in just one year of operation it has reached 10 million users in Nigeria alone. And millions more in other African countries and beyond.

although 2go is very useful as means of instant communication, which replaces the old and boring era of text messages, it’s even gets better; it can share files such as images and videos.
Among this many benefits and advantages comes a disturbing and appealing side depending on how you look at it. Appealing to “lovers of fun” and disturbing to underage or “moral lovers of fun”. What is that side of 2go you might ask.

This side is the hot girls or ashawo side, while offline body hawkers sell their wares for money this 2go girls sell their pictures baring everything and videos for recharge cards. They charge for cards ranging from 100 naira to 400 naira depending on agreement. They’ve even coined a name for themselves “2go hot Girls”

Names of 2go Hot Girls and Their Details

1. Username: , Age 21, Location Lagos, Rank Senior
2. Username sèxygal4life1 age 18, Location Ogun, Rank Senior.
3. Username sèxygal1832, Age 21 Location Lagos, Rank Senior
4. Username sèxnudè7, Age Unknown, Location Uknown, Rank Proff.
5. Username sèxlova77, Age 25, Location Rivers, Rank Senior
6. Username Cocoice, Age Unknown, Location Unknown, Rank expert.
7. Username ngel8577, Age 23, Location Edo, Rank Proff
8. Username prettydab, Age 20, Location Edo, Rank expert
9. Username chiamaka1654, Age 21, Location Anambra, Rank master.
10. Username cwetestgurll, Age 22, Location Lagos, Rank master.
11. Username babygemevievriv, Age 21, Location Rivers, Rank Ultimate.
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  • September 30, 2013 at 6:20 am

    Who would have taught 2go will be used for something like that?

  • September 30, 2013 at 6:38 am

    D tin is lack of jobs are turning this girls into desperate people. Chima kip up d good posts more post like this u might just end up being my second favourite blog after lindaikeji if not d first…

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