Fact check: Is Selegen Victor AD Twin?

The internet have been abuzz with some pictures of upcoming Nigerian musician Selegen, looking exactly like Victor AD. Some say he is the brother Victor talked about, some say he is his twin.

Well latestnaijagist can verify that this upcoming Nigerian musician is in no way related to Victor AD. They just share a striking resemblance.

Who is this Selegen?

Martin O. Whose stage name is Selegen is an upcoming Nigerian Abia state based hip-hop artist he has done shows in PH, Umuahia, including popular clubs like Delatino, Where else, Evergreen etc.

He took the internet by storm when did a gig for Nescafe. Under Nescafe one song competition.

Some of his tracks are

  • Who say
  • Journey
  • Nescafe one song etc.

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