Famous Illuminiti Members In Kenya Gospel Music

1. Bahati 

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If you’re in the know you might have heard, what Bahati did in the past,  well some may say that that is the past,  they are bygone. Others may say that those scandals weren’t proven, that there is no 100 percent prove of that. An African proverb says “were ever a child is crying and pointing to there is something important there, either there is the father, mother or a relative.  The fact is this scandals that seem bizarre for Bahati to engage in is a exactly the type of activities the Illuminati are known for.

2. Willy Paul

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No doubt one of the youngest gospel artist in Kenya, he is also one of the richest. He started, without any Illuminati input,  but later had to join the Illuminati, because he wants to get more sales and enjoy more fame.
His Journey with the order seemingly started when he went to US,  there he signed a lot of deals. Then coming back home his character changed completely, he seemingly switched allegiance from God to Satan.  Here is what a fan said.
Agnes Aggy wrote to this raising concern over his latest behaviors and requested as to probe deeper, “Nairobi Exposed i don’t know if you’ve noticed this but Willy Paul has been consumed by Satan and now worshiping him and his wealth. Since he went to US, he changed his name and now flashing jewelry all around not that I’m jealous but i feel this is not the real him but Satan at work ” 

3. Boss MOG

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MOG with the famous Illuminati sign.

He was in the Illuminati order before he was able to blow,  blow as in become popular in Kenya,  it is said that Boss MOG did not finish all required sacrifice given to him by the Order. That was why he took so long for him to become A Star.  The Boss has been involved in a lot of scandals among which is the one that involves him soliciting to sleep with married ladies.

4. Jimmy Gait

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Jimmy has known no peace ever since he decided to withdraw his membership from the Order. Ever since it has been from one scandal to another.  The one that really raised a lot of eyebrows, is his last solo, where it was alleged that the Illuminati told him to sing it.

Note: This article has not been confirmed 100%, but like they say by their fruits you shall know then.

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