Gains Of Conflict In Anger Management

This subheading can appear paradoxical when you see it the first
time. The questions that would be bogging your mind now may be what
can be gained in conflict? Well know that when there is conflict many
good things are bound to happen as people are forced by necessity to
learn better. Ontological artistry paved the base for all creature to
vary, differ, agree or disagree. People should therefore look for
gains available in every conflict instead of crying so much for the
pains that conflict create. Every conflict is an opportunity for
growth and development if correctly handled. Among the gains of every
conflict are the following:
1. Conflict fosters an awareness that problems exist.
2. Discussing conflicting views can lead to better solutions.
3. Managing conflict is quicker and more efficient than letting
conflicts fester.
4. Challenging old assumptions can lead to changes in outdated
practices and processes.
5. Conflict require creativity to find the best outcomes.
6. Conflict raises awareness of what is important to individuals.
7. Managing conflicts appropriately helps build self-esteem.
Note though, all conflict situations may not be blessings but
definitely lessons.

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