How I Swallowed Tapeworm To Lose Weight Fast

You could be Like This?

A 38 year old Mexican woman have told her story, about losing weight and the extreme measure she took in doing so. According to her she have tried many weight loss methods including exercises, skipping meals and doing other things in other to shed some pounds.

To her obesity is a disease and was prepared to do any thing to combat it, including the extreme crazy thing she later did swallowing tapeworm

How she discovered it

“one day while was I particularly down with nothing to do, I figured I could do something with my computer, make some more research about my condition. So I went on net, as luck might have it found an article about the top extreme weight loss method that is where I found out that tapeworm can help in weight loss.

I ordered it online and swallowed it.”

On why she did that?
I was afraid initially to swallow this tapeworm seeings the worm can grow up to 30 foot, but then I figured since people can eat under cooked infested meats especially in the developing world and still survive, I can get away with it.

Besides thinking of what I’ve passed through being fat can even make some commit suicide, I lost my husband to a slim woman, and since then I haven’t been able to find a date, I’ve been scorned and made jest of. So it seemed that I had no option other than doing that or killing myself.”

Her gains?

“Yea I lost weight alright, and was the envy of many former fat gym partners, who where asking me what I did to lose weight in such a short time.”

I didn’t tell them because I was afraid to do so, it is just that I don’t want them to go through the pains I went through after I swallowed the worm.”

Any side effects or disadvantages?

and look like this

Stomach ache and illness were the major negative things I experienced, but I reached the desired weight quickly and then took a drug that killed this worm, before it got the chance to do more damage. Some say that I was lucky that it could have killed me, but if I was, it is because I killed it before it killed me.”

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