How One Corner Dance Is From Illuminati And Satanic

Senior Pastor of Salvation Worship Ministry David Ukety has just revealed the reason why Christians should not dance to Ghanian Patapaa One Corner dance song. He said the song was inspired by the Illuminati Order.
Patapaa with flag and sign of the Illuminati
He said the leader of the Illuminati told Patapaa to use that song as his stepping stone to riches, as he will steal the destiny or star of any body that dances to it.
This tallies with what Mercies of Christ Foundation chairman  Rev. Afrifa Alexander Kwabena said about the dance, he said that there is a clear indication in this song by Patapaa that; the song is about Satan and will waste any talent that dances to it”
Inside information has it that Patapaa just joined the Order with the aim of gaining riches, but they gave him a song instead, telling him that he needs to be famous first before becoming wealthy.
He has became famous, what he needs next is the cash, but to get that they told him that he needs sacrifices. Some say is human sacrifice others said is something else.
Whatever it is, it is still a rumor nothing is confirmed yet. 
But what has been confirmed is One corner dance has started killing people.
For example Two teenage boys met their death recently at Ntotroso, a mining community in the Asutifi North District of the Brong Ahafo Region while doing the popular ‘One Corner’ dance on a motorbike.
According to Ghana News Agency, the deceased were identified as Kwabena Fante, 17 and Nyarko Abronoma, 15.

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