How To Download Whatsapp To Any Phone

How To Download Whatsapp To Any Phone

Whatsapp is a top chat Instant Messeging app in the world and the second in Africa the first being 2go. While 2go can be used in all types of phone be it Android, Java, Symbian even Pc Whatsapp can’t, the app is very limited especially to feature phones, although smartphones are fully supported (if you’re confused see what makes a phone a phone ). Feature Phone are mostly Java phones such as Nokia Asha 200, X1-05, xpressmusic, and other phones like LG and Samsung.

Many people have found it hard to use Whatsapp on their phones, it can’t be downloaded to some certain phones like s60, despite the make and the brand being listed on their website, hence the need for this tutorial.

Steps & Tips To download Whatsapp on Any Phone

1. First in order to download any it you’ll need to make your phone a “superphone” by rooting it, that is turning it to have and Android/Symbian functionality. When you root it can now accept Whatsapp application. See how to turn your phone to Android/Symbian.
2. After you’ve read it and must have turned your phone to a super phone next step is to visit and download and install the app. You are then good to go, congrats you’ve successfully convert your simple phone to download Africa’s fastest chat app Watsapp.

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