How To Easily Join Illuminati in Nigeria

The Illuminati in Nigeria has come to stay, though it is still at infancy, despite all the hyping that members and even non members have made about it. 
With what they have on ground, it is nothing as new members are still needed. They need new members that they will make rich and famous.
You can become one.
If you have been looking for how to join the Illuminati Order in Nigeria here is your golden opportunity.
If you expect to be a member, you are expected to work for it,  you must be ruthless, heartless and above all things submissive, this includes obedience to whatever you are told to do.
In Illuminati there is no difference from the normal ritual you know in Nigeria today, except perhaps the international scope to it. Illuminati is international, all other organized Satanic powers pale to this organization in comparison.
You can watch the video below to see live example.
Must have this qualities
• Ruthless : You need this, without this you can’t execute what will be required, as some may involve killing love ones.
• Heartless : No need to elaborate, when one is heartless he is capable of anything.
• Submissive: AKA obedience, this includes obeying all instructions regardless of the consequence.
Note: This qualities are in no order, also you need them all.
Here is how to join the Illuminati proper.
There is no physical location made available to the public, where you can walk in register and be certified as a member. However the Order has their way of recruitment, you don’t necessarily come to them, they come to you. Forget the people saying Lagos, Abuja, Enugu or Kano.
But before they do, you have to posses the above qualities, in addition you have learn and use their public symbols. The Other wants people who will be committed to them. Once one of their numerous agents spots you doing this,  you will be assessed and then invited if found worthy.
While doing that you can join this FB group, to increase your chances of being spotted.
Disclaimer: is not encouraging people to join the Order as this may result in disastrous consequences. We only share information.

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