How To Get Working R & S Lotto Winning Numbers

Playing and winning lotto is not easy, as a lot of things are involved getting the right combination of numbers that can win you money is the main challenge, true there is no automatic formula where you can say 2 plus 2 is 4, lotto winning numbers are a combination random generated numbers that when matched with what you’ve played it it’s exact you win.

The money is quite high depending on the amount you used to play with it could be as low as $1,000 or as high as $1m dollers, big amount in Nigeria and most African countries. People find getting numbers to play with hard, which is quite hard getting the wrong number combination is a sure way of losing.

I’ve managed to get hold of a video that shows an R & S representative I mean a representative that works where the winning numbers are written down, he was kidnapped and coerced any way possible including dancing to give out the evergreen numbers. This numbers that are written out are what this lotto companies calls “non-getter” which means they are recycled, the numbers don’t expire everyone that get and plays its is a winner.

If you manage to watch the videos and get the numbers, it will work especially in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and most African countries, if you’re in Europe and America you might as well try and watch it as you have nothing to lose if it works for you comment below.

Winning with this number depends on you getting the numbers, which you won’t get if you don’t pay attention to every details. You’ll be faced with those annoying ads or survey, nevertheless what ever you endure to get the video it is still worth it.

Warning! Don’t expect to become a millionaire with this, although becoming a millionaire is higher with this method, it is not guaranteed, So expect Thousands not millions.

Here is the Link for the video megafiles money

That it happy winning and don’t forgot to share your experience.

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