How To Get Real Baba Ijebu Lotto Keys

People have been hitting it big with  Baba Ijebu, they keep winning big money after another. Others keep wondering how this is possible because this one has pass luckiness, you can’t be lucky all time when it comes to Baba Ijebu, this has made some people to erroneously conclude that they are fetish, or such ones are involved in native medicine.
Well what you have to know is this guy is, I mean people who have constantly won big cash are privileged to have gotten what we call ‘keys’ this keys just like a normal key is the main thing to unlock hundred, millions and even billions of Naira, the total money you win depends on the amount you play with.
Unlike our normal keys, the Baba Ijebu lotto keys are just a combination of numbers that when played on a particular period of time before the key expire, makes you money.

How do this keys work?

Is simple really, the keys are combinations of numbers with an expiring date. This means you have to play it before it expires.
Some of this keys were prepared by the company itself as a manual to monitor and even minimize the number of winners. The company wants you to think that they select random numbers, it is not so the numbers are fixed.
The number is there just go to the person, that means the machine and tell him or her to print them out, then wait for the result.

There are various ways to get this keys

– Through the company
– Through careful record keeping
– Through a website
1. Through the company: Majority of the senior staff in Baba Ijebu company knows where the keys are. If you have them as a friend or relative you can ask them.
Company’s policy does not allow them to play so some of them to give out this keys to their relatives if he wins the money is shared.
2. Careful record keeping: Yes, since this numbers are not random, if you study winning numbers over a particular period of time usually 3 months, you’ll find a pattern, that pattern is the winning numbers.
This usually last for three more months, so you have 3 more months of winning.
3. Through website: There is a website that gives out this keys, it is freemium, that is free for the first key, then pay if you want another.
I had to take down the link, they are no longer accepting new users for now. When they start link may be back.

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