How To Improvise Sports Equipment and Supplies For Different Sports Locally

Many people in Africa cannot afford to purchase or provide all the standard physical education facilities especially schools, equipment and supplies needed in the school physical education programme. People the teacher in particular should not fold his or her arms but should rather device ways of supplementing the available facilities, equipment and supplies in the school. This can be done by improvisation, that’s using the services of many people like the students, and the community where necessary. Such improvised materials will help in increasing the number of the facilities, equipment and supplies available to the schools or community. Some improvisation procedures for selected facilities, equipment and supplies are as follows:

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1. Soccer, Hockey And Handball Goal Posts

These can be made out of bamboo stems especially the fresh steams. Bamboo stems are abundant in Africa, this material can be sourced easily and locally even North Africa has it. The bamboo could be shaped to the type of supplies being made.

2. Landing Pitches, Tracks

Sawdust can be collected from artisans workshops like carpenters. This is used in filling the high and long jump landing areas. Also the sawdust could be used in marking or lining the athletics track or sports pitches such as the hockey and handball courts.

3. Volleyball Courts

This can be constructed by a group of people using the tape. An improvised net made with the local twine in a craft class should be put across for use. Wooden or metal poles could be used as the net posts.

4. High Jump Stands And Cross Bar

These can be made with dry bamboo stems. The uprights should be graduated in centimeters and metres and a cross bar made of wood or smooth-thin bamboo can be used for jumping. Pegs are provided for holding the cross bar in place.

5. Javelin

This could be made with a strong wood or bamboo with the end appropriately sharpened. The length should be identical with that of the conventional javelin equipment.

6. Hockey Sticks, Bats

A strong bamboo with one end curved, could be smoothed for use, as a hockey stick. Also a wooden plank could be made into a handy table tennis bat.

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