6 Ways to Spot A Nearby Ghost

Some believe in the supernatural some dont, some believe that ghost exist some don’t, some believe the ghost will harm them if if see them, so they try not to do a anything to see them.

What do you believe? Will a ghost harm you or spare you? Well whether you believe in ghost or the African juju or not one thing in this life is certain, going by one man’s laws, for everything there is equal and opposite reaction to it.

Foe the fact there is good there must be evil, if there bad things there must be good things too. That’s the laws, it’s nature. Even though eventually the good will over take the bad.


1. Your room gets Cold for no reason.

2. Your pets behave strangely, like your dog starts barking for no reason, your cat runs somewhere to hide.

3. Your doors open on their own, you might think it’s breeze but sometimes this indicates something much more.

4. You start hearing whispering from no where.

5. Foot steps as if someone is coming into your room and then no one comes in.

6. Strange smell coming from no where, like a burning candle, meanwhile you don’t use candles in your house.

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