How to take your phones with you for exams like JAMB,WAEC,NECO etc

We are Not Responsible For How you Use information Provided This post. WE encourage hardwork so this tips is meant for those of you who are out of School for a very long time not those who are fresh from Secondary School.

This are real and proven tricks and tips that you can use and get your phone through, that is you can use this tricks to take your phone with you and enter JAMB, WAEC, NECO or any other exam hall.

We are not in any way encouraging you to do exam malpractice “expo” because reading, studying, and preparing well for exams is always the best, However for those who are interested click HERE to like Us after that send us a direct message with your Email Id starting what you are for, either for Exam answers or Examination tricks, be specific tell us what you want example, How can I use my Phone to enter examination hall? etc.
Note: we can not reveal the tricks here why? Because you are not the only one reading this, others ones are too and it may include even examiners, teachers, and the examination authorities too. By providing your Email address or any other contacts. We will be making sure that you are a student

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