How To Transfer & Share Airtime/Credit In Nigeria all Network Codes

In West Africa Nigeria especially, if you don’t own a mobile phone, then you must be a kid a small one to be called a child either that or you’re not ok upstairs.

With over 160 million people Nigeria is home for Telecom operators to invest and make good profits and a lot of money.

Such is the case in that part that the Telecom networks in Nigeria are having a field day doing business in the West African country.

Major Networks In Nigeria

There are about four major Telecom carriers in the country, excluding the small ones dotted here and there. They are MTN Ng, Globacom, Airtel and Etisalat. MTN is the number one network when it comes to subscribers base and amount of money made, followed by Glo and the rest in that order.

Transfer or share credits via MTN’s share & sale, Glo’s & Airtel Me2u, Etisalat Easy transfer

1. MTN share and sale

1. First you have to change your pin as your defult pin is 0000, you change it two ways you either use the sms type or the ordinary dialing.

Change MTN share & sale codes

Send your old pin space your new password space your new password again and send to 777. OR Dial star *601*Default Pin*New Pin*New Pin#.

e.g if your new pin is 6666 here’s the message format “0000 6666 6666” OR Dail *601*0000*6666*6666#

Transferring airtme via share n sale

Send “Transfer space your number space the amount space your password space your password again and send.” OR Dial *600*Beneficiary Number*Amount*PIN#. For instance, to send N100 dial: *600*08063567670*100*7779#. A notification will be sent to you that your transfer was successful.

A cumulative amount of N50000 can be transferred per day. A single maximum transfer of N6000 and a minimum transfer of N50.

2. Transferring GLO’S cards via Glo transfer

To use Me2U, it has to be requested by the customer via SMS. Activate the service by sending:Act to 131. The service will be activated within 24hrs. When activation has been done, you will receive a notification that service has been activated. The default Glo Me2U is 00000.

After getting the code change it *132*00000*New Pin*New Pin#and send. For instance, if you like change to 77777 dial*132*00000*77777*77777#and send. You will be notified.

You then transfer the airtime by *131*Glo Number*Amount*Password#andsend. The Glo number is the airtime beneficiary number. To input the beneficiary number, remove the first zero, that is, 805, 705, 807. instead of 0805, 0705, For instance, to transfer N100 to subscriber 08054554777, dial*131*8054554777*100*77799# and send.

3. Etisalat Transfer

Again you first have to change the password. The default pin on the service is 0000. Changing you pin can be done via USSD code. For instance, to change your pin dial *247*0000*66666# and send.

The next step is to transfer the money follow this steps:
Follow this format,” *223*PIN*Amount*Etisalat Number#. For instance, to transfer N100 to subscriber 08095237271 dial : *223*7779*200*08095737271#and send. For a transfer to be successful a minimum must be retained in the main account balance after deducting the amount you want to send.

4. Airtel Me2u transfer

As with others, you’ll have to change your pin first. Compose “Pin space your default pin(1234) New password and send.

To transfer is quiet easy To transfer credit send:2U[Space] Airtel Number[Space] Amount[Space]PINto432. You will be notify via SMS if the transfer is successful. The airtime beneficiary will also be notify will be given an alert. Note though that Airte charges N10 per a every transfer.

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