JAMB and WAEC VS Nigerian students equals exam fever

As the West African Examination Council (WAEC) And Joint Admissions

and Matriculation Board JAMB exams draws near, Nigerian Students are

now in exam crazy mood which I term "Exam fever". JAMB and WAEC are

the two bodies charged with preparing Students all over the West coast

of Africa in the case of WAEC while JAMB is responsible for Nigeria,

and they do so by means of exams.

As the exams draws near the question now in the minds of Nigerians

are: Is our students studying? Can they really put more effort inorder

to better last year records? How many students will get admission if

they eventually pass both?

This are questions diffcult to answer considering the poor state of

naija education, I mean in a Country thats takes education of it's

citizens for granted things are bound to go wrong.

I look into my crystal ball and I know one thing for certain the

number of admission seekers far exceeds the capacity of Nigerian

Universities to take them in.

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