JAMB Syllabus for Government for Candidates

This Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination UTME Sylabus on
Government has the aim of preparing JAMB candidates for the Board's
examination. It is also designed to test their achievement of the
objectives of the course in Government.
These objectives are to:
i. Appreciate the meaning of government,
ii. Analyse the framework and specify the institutions of government,
iii. Explain the concept of citizenship and define the duties and
obligations of a citizen,
iv. Appreciate the process of political development;
v. Evaluate the political development and problems of governance in Nigeria;
vi. Asses the role of Nigeria as a member of the international
community and workings of internal organizations.

1. Basic concepts of government:
Jamb candidates should be able to
i. Identify the fundamental concepts in governance;
ii. Analyse various political processes
2. Forms of Government:
Again candidates for JAMB should be able to
i. Distinguish between different forms of government.
3. Arms of Government:
Candidates should be able to
i. Identify the duties and obligations of the various arms of
government and their agencies;
ii. Relate each arm to its function.
4. Structures of Government:
Candidates should be able to:
i. Compare the various political structures of governance.
5. Systems of Governance:
Candidates should know the various systems of governance.
6. Political Ideologies:
JAMB candidates should be able to
i. Differentiate between the major politcal ideologies;
ii. Contrast modes of production
7. Constitution
i. Be able to compare the nature of constitutions.
ii. Identify the principles of democratic government;
iii. Determine the application of these principles.
Also candidates should know about Legislation, Citizenship, Electoral
Process, Party Systems, Pressure Groups, Public Opinion and the Civil
service. As this will come out under Part I.
JAMB candidates should be to compare pre-colonial systems of
governance, Imperialist penetration, Process of Decolonization, Post
independence Constitutio
ns, evaluate the operations of the arms of governent and their
agencies, Read about Public Commissions Established by the 1979 and
Subsequent Constitutions, Political parties in the Post independence
period, the structure and Workings of Nigerian Federalism, public
Corporation and parastatals, Local Government, and the military in
Nigerian politics.
JAMB candidates should be able to identify major objectives of
Nigerian foreign policy, relations with African countries, Nigeria in
International organizations.
In International organization Jamb candidates should be able to
identify international organizations such as ECOWAS, OAU,
Commonwealth, UNO, OPEC, and access the role of these organizations in
the world affairs.

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