List of Ashawo Joint and Addresses in Owerri Imo State

For people in Owerri Imo state of Nigeria this are the palaces to visit if you want to see what it’s like in Owerri. Or out of curiosity.

List of Ashawo Joint and Addresses in Owerri Imo State

1. TipTop: located off Umezurike Street, near Omega Fire Ministry (apostle Suleiman’s church), You pay N100 gate fee.

2. Aku “U”: has two branches. The real functioning one is at no 14 Onummiri Street (the dying branch is at Lobo, beside one other as Blue House on number 28 Lobo). More like a hotel with rooms, not shanties.

3. Timaya: has three branches. The booming one is near Trendy’s eatery, on the untarred road where Data Tech is located. Gate fee is N100. A bit noisy.

Has two slow branches at Avu Mechanic Village and the other at No 1 Old Nekede Road
4. Club 22: just at the back of TipTop (they are all known as Azu NEPA). You will always see someone called oga Ebuka manning the gate for N50 to N100.

5. Skelewu: located on Umuguma Road and the delight for those in World Bank and environs.

People here collect between N700-1000 per shot (of course, they can collect even N500 or N1500 depending on the approach and condition). There are others at Ogbaku, Nwaorieubi, Akwakuma roundabout, Ihiagwa (Jives) etc.
For those who prefer picking them up and taking them home, you can come out to Cubana and 40:40 from 7:30pm to select any one displaying their wares. But of course, it will be far more expensive.

Note: This information is for everyone to be aware of his or her environment, know the places you should or shouldn’t go.

Submitted by Frank the O town guide.

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